DM: The Field Emitter (Digital Mandala Manager)

It will work on any energy work, but you need to check with other creators if they have any restrictions on their work.

What’s the proper command to emit an audio for equivalent of a single playback?

“Play this audio file once a day for the equivalent of a single playback”? Will this be equivalent energy?

Because with many instructions to play them back 2-3 times a day, don’t want to overdo it.

The energy of playing audio is different than when you put this into folder with the Field Emitter. Listening is active, while in the folder it changes into passive. So you can keep it on for a few hours easily. Set the time.

@Polaris @Maitreya

So, does The Field Emitter work with subliminal audio and affirmations in a text document?

The Field Emitter works best with:

1.- Subliminal Audios

2.- Text Affirmations

3.- Both

Thank you.


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Hi please can i know if with MM2 and emitter “headphones to aura”(i have only 1 file audio by maitreya and the rest are all DM) isn’t needed anymore?Thank you
@Maitreya @Polaris @Vega

This is beneficial only when you play audio, and you want to use headphones. If you keep them in your folder, then you don’t need this mandala.

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@Polaris Is there any importance on the name of the Emitter mandala for its operation and the connections with Manager and Optimizer?

Mine is called The_Emitter_Field.

We recommend keeping names in their original form, so it looks fine. You can name your folders as you like.

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The other mandalas do not have the bottom dash. That’s why I’m wondering.
The “Limit_breaker” mandala also contains the bottom dash.

Is it the same thing on your side?

Yes it is


Some of fields have this “_”

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And how did you remove the negative effects? I had reverse results from it and have been trying to get rid of it for years now get it from (quadible integrity golden ratio face) i am using revision for last 20 days any advice?


I want to clarify this to myself, so you got reverse results from the golden ratio face for your gender?

Yes my face and skull bones are changing not in the way I want and now my face and skull are unsymmetric I don’t know what happened to my subconscious mind I didn’t use any sub for years but still there is something wrong with my mind and it get triggered by a lot of things that give me immediate results (reverse one)whenever I listen to music(any music) or have a sexual activity or sexual thought and I can feel my bones changing
I get the same sensation from the QI field when I do those things
I found out there is many get bad reverse results from that field you can find some on Reddit
This is the filed

I used this field, I used as it is instructed so use as long as you feel the pain and then the field stops automatically when it has done with the changes. My face looks very masculine, no problems with my skull, I didn’t feel any sensations with my skull just my face felt hella achy when using this field.

This is really odd that you get that kind of sensations. Could you link to the reddit page where people are getting negative results from this QI field?

I highly recommend you to use this field DM: Revision - Full Restart It wipes everything giving you a clean slate, seems like there is something negative oriented going on, this should wipe that stuff.

Revision helped to some point, but I used so many different energy tools, for so many years that I felt relief after I used Contract Revocation + Soul Fragments Retrieval.
You give your consent by listening to audio, so it’s an agreement. If the creator works with demons or deities they get access to you.

In your case I would also work with Subconscious Connector to remove everything

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Which one? Revision?

Field Emitter

Hi! Can you expand on how this is not working for you? I use this along Mandalas Manager V2 and find it very effective

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I had put some audio field from other creator for anxiety, stress and well being and didn’t get results and didnt notice the energy
I have the field optimier along other fields, of course that could impact on the fields in the digital mandala but anyway I remember I could have disabled the field emitter because I did with some fields.
So tonight I gave the order to activate it and put some affirmations for relax and antistress and it seemed to work fine, I relaxes and got relief for stress.
I will keep testing it.
Sorry, I will delete the comment as it can create confussion

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