Digital Mandala Manager V2

This is the second version of the Mandala Manager and it has been improved significantly. The old one is discontinued. You no longer have to wait before the field detects the mandalas you are using with it, that happens instantaneously. It can also work digitally and no longer requires you to print out mandalas.

This field creates energetic cords between you and the mandalas you own, enabling you to command them even when they’re not physically with you, eliminating the need to carry all your mandalas.

This Mandala can be used both digitally or with printed-out mandalas. To use it digitally-put it in a folder on your device with the other DMs you would like to use. Open it and look at it say ACTIVATE. This will create an energetic connection between you and the folder that contains it.

In the same manner with printed-out mandalas-stack the ones, you would like to work them on top of each other and put the Digital Mandala Manager on top and say ACTIVATE while looking at it.

When you have done that you can give commands to the Manager regarding how to transmit the fields to you. You can:

  1. Increase and decrease the range of action-widen it to cover the whole room or make it small.

  2. Turn on or off specific mandalas.

  3. Schedule when you want specific mandalas to have an effect on you and when to cease their activity. (For example, you can tell it to emit a sleep improvement mandala at night and stop it in the morning, etc)

You send the desired commands to the Mandala Manager by directing your mind and sending an intention to it.


Wow!! This one is awesome!!! Thanks!


so i checked my gumroad library , and found out that the mandala manager is updated with “v2”

does that mean if we have printed mandala manager, we need to create a new one??

edit : also same image as the original one??

for printed, does that mean, no need to carry the mandala manager around, just keep the stack with mandala manager on top somewhere?

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Does this new version have the same command as the old one, to destroy the cords made, if one wishes so? Thinking of trying the MM-digitally on phone.

Does the cords need to be destroyed from the old one?

The field that was in that image was updated with new features and now the image that you have has the new effects. No need to reprint or do anything.


Yes, the new mandala will connect you to the printed mandalas if you leave your home the same as the Mandala Manager Box does. No need to carry it with you.

No need to do anything with the old one, it no longer exists, it has been replaced with the new one. For you its automatic.


Last week I printed the previous MANDALAS MANAGER (I still don’t use it) and today in my Gumroad I have version 2.

Do I have to print the new image?

Or can I use the one I printed last week? Does it update automatically?

Can I put it on a USB stick and take it with me?

Can I add audios, dogtags, etc. or does it only work with mandalas?

Thank you.

If i have the old, will this automatically replace the old one?
Or do i have to buy the new one?

I had an old version and I missed this thread. Now it makes sense why I feel connected to the mandala even if is in the next room. My understanding is it’s like an upgrade for your phone. You don’t need to buy a new one, your phone is downloading new features.


Will it work on Morphic audio fields also, and for Sapien NFTs, and Mandalas from Subtle energy Science(SES) for example?

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I’ve never seen any product in Maitreya Store that would say ‘It works only on fields made by me’ so I’m pretty sure will work. You need to find a way to convert audio into DM to be able to put it on Manager Mandala.

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You don’t have to buy it again, the old contains a new field now.


@Vega @Genius @Maitreya

using a pc i created a folder, place mandalas on it including the manager, then view files as LARGE so i can see all the images of mandalas, then i say ACTIVATE while focusing on the manager then close the folder.

question now is, what if i shutdown the computer, unplug the cord, will the connection still be present, or only works when computer is ON

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I also got a question;
Let’s say there’s like 100 mandalas in a folder, and then one says activate, with the mandalas manager inside the folder.

  1. It makes a connection with the folder itself, right? Meaning that more mandalas can be put there without activation a second time for the same folder?
  2. After activation, no fields are active inside the folder? And I can then choose to activate the desired ones?
  3. Does all 100 mandalas need to be visible upon saying activation? Or is it the Mandalas manager itself that needs to be open? Edit: re-read the description and for the last question, it became clear that the mandala manager itself (open in the folder) needs to be visible.

Yes! you don’t need to worry about it once you activate it, it will start working right away and will still work even if the PC is OFF.

However, I would recommend opening the mandala manager image to say the activation word.

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Yes, you can deactivate the one which you want and later on, activate it whenever you desire.


sorry for lots of question, just want to be sure i use this correectly,

for printed version

lets say i have a stack of 10 mandalas with manager on top

if i want to remove some mandala and replace with something else, i can just remove it from the stack , change it and say activate to manager ?

since the energy increaser+ 3 treasures mandala has a range of 5m, in order to reduce it to 30cm, i ll just say to the manager, "mandala manager reduce the range of energy increaser to 30CM ???

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But… what will happen with the energetic cord of the mandala that you removed?

If we remove mandalas, we must first remove the energy cord?

Or just remove and add a new mandala?

The cord only exists if you keep the mandala in the stack/folder with the Mandala Manager. If you take it out of there, there is no cord anymore.