DM: The Field Emitter (Digital Mandala Manager)

DM: Field Emitter (Digital Mandala Manager)

This is a unique mandala that can be placed on a flash drive or memory card with your other mandalas or audio fields. It will broadcast all the fields stored on that memory card or drive, in a 15cm radius. This is similar to a digital form of the Mandala Manager, and can accept commands (verbal or thought) to turn on/off specific mandalas or audio fields when you want. It will also work with the Field Optimizer, as well as subliminals, images or affirmation files (emitting the frequency of those files as a field).


Designed this one! :slight_smile:

To use it is simple - include the Field Emitter jpg file on any flash drive or memory card. On the same drive (preferably in the same folder) you can include any other mandalas or audio fields you want. I recommend if you have a lot of fields, you include the Field Optimizer as well.

“Does it have the same charging method as Mandala Manager?” no, there is no charging required. The fields become active as soon as they are saved on the drive along with the Field Emitter DM

“Does it have to be printed out?" The file itself should be saved on the flash drive or memory card - there is no need to print out a physical mandala.

“Can it be used on a phone instead of memory card?” Yes, it can be used on any device that stores memory including your smartphone. EDIT: maybe hold off on this until the field is updated to only work with certain folders


excellent, curious to see how effective it is


I understand correctly, you take a small USB stick, put all your mandalas and audios in a folder, hang it on a chain around your neck and you never have to listen to audios again, print out mandalas, laminate etc. :open_mouth: :star_struck:

And if there are new interesting mandalas or audios you only need them on the USB stick or whatever you use as storage. Wow No more constant loading of storage items. What time you save there. I can only say absolutely brilliant.

Are there any restrictions on how many mandalas and audios you can use there?


That’s correct. Technically there’s no limit to how many you can use - but having too many can weaken results or make it take longer to get the results you want. This is why I recommend also using the Field Optimizer, it will activate the ones based on your intentions/goals at the best times for you.


Yes, I absolutely agree with you. The more mandalas you have and audios you hear, the more important the Field Optimizer Mandala becomes. Especially when you are no longer dependent on the time you can listen to audios. :grinning:


Play of of filips tech huh! We shall see how it holds up. Filip mastered this technology and was taught by a very advanced guy.

I’ll give it a run since it will allow commands and what not.


Yes in a way, however Filip is known to use planetary energies, solomon keys, sigils, servitors and spells. Nothing against him or his tech, I actually have a lot of his products. Maitreya’s method of energy programming is much different though, and from what I understand uses pure Source energy. (I actually emailed Filip about his Audio Talisman converter and he wouldn’t give me any information as to how it works, or even if it uses servitors or spells, unfortunately)

So I think they both have their place - I think this one may work best with Maitreya’s fields though


Good day! let me clarify - will the mandala work only with those fields that are in one folder with it, or with all that are on this disk in other folders? and will interact with images … is it with mandalas? otherwise, if you use it on your phone, there are many different images - photos, wallpapers …


is it possible to connect the usb stick in the mandala manager?

if an environmental audio field/mandala is placed in the usb stick
will it broadcast as far as 15 cm only ??


Maitreya will maybe be able to make it so it only affects files within the same folder. For now, maybe just use one drive or memory card which is dedicated to using your fields.


Not sure what you mean with the first question, but as for environmental fields I think they will be broadcasted whatever the radius of that specific field is.


first question is about taking advantage of the energetic cord of the mandala manager so im always connected to the Field emitter 24/7 since its range si only 15cm

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I’m not sure if this one has the energetic cord feature like the Mandala Manager does. I suppose you could put the Mandala Manager file on the drive with the Field Emitter, and that way you would be remotely “connected” to all your mandalas and fields without even needing to carry the drive with you. but Maitreya will have to confirm that


thank you @MrNobody

last one for now
since you designed this one… about this part

i can put images of my material goals, also affirmation via Notepad, then this one can act as a 'Vision board" ??


Yes, at least, that’s the idea. But for that I would try using it in combination with maybe the Subconscious Connector field. That field allows you to give your subconscious commands to install new beliefs. So you could tell it to install the belief that you already have those things (the images) and then just let it run.


This field is fantastic! It replaces the Mandalas Manager for me. What I love the most is that I no longer need to wait 3 hours when adding fields. (This easily adds up to many hours when I have multiple copies of the Manager.) It is now instantaneous.

Another advantage over the Manager is that this works directly with the original field files, and doesn’t need to create energetic cords. It also works with audio files. No more programming audio files into a storage item and then programming them into the Manager.

Love, love, love it!


Buy Field Optimizer and Warrior Presence. I also bought some Maitreya Gumroad audios.

D.M. Field Emitter will be my next purchase.

Don’t wait, don’t print, don’t load items every 48 hours.

I love this idea.



for digital mandalas with commands inside the usb stick, just call its name then say activation sentence/word/phrase ??


yes that’s correct