DM: The Field Emitter (Digital Mandala Manager)

We don’t need to listen audios in the folder if The Field Emitter is there?

No, but from my own personal experience, working with the field - listening to audio + meditating, brought me faster results than passive (just in the folder).


@Polaris How do remove the entities that you have contracts with, past (lives), present and in the future, thank you for your time.

Read this carefully and check what resonates with you the most:

@Polaris thank you for all the helpful information.

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I already have a folder running on google drive which Mandala manager v2 and optimizer with multiple other mandalas for quite a few months now. Just bought this Emitter Mandala though. My question is:

  1. Whether I should add this mandala to that folder straight up while MMv2 is already running and activate the emitter and then add the audios, affirmations etc that I want or delete the whole folder and start from scratch with MMv2 first then Emitter then other mandalas n audios etc?
  2. Like I said the folder that I’ll be adding to is stored in cloud (Google drive) which is virtual, will it work this way as long as Mandala Manager v2 is present in there too or should this only be stored in a physical harddrive which is near you?

You can add the Emitter and the Manager will connect with it. The Manager will overtake the Emitter.

Google Drive is fine. It can be Dropbox or any storage of your choice.

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Got it, will add the emitter to the already running folder with manager. Thank you very much for answering my questions and helping me clear my doubts. Have a great one!

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