How do you use the Field Emitter DM?

I am so excited about this one, i have been wanting something like this for months.

  1. Does it have the same charging method as Mandala Manager, that you should charge for 3 hours?
  2. Should you always have it on top of a Flash drive?
  3. Will the Field Emitter mandala not break, if I have them together in my pants pocket. Or should i make a real small copy and make it stick on the Flashdrive?

Well it’s not a released field yet, it was only a request. Not sure if Maitreya will make this or not.

But I think you misunderstood the idea. The .jpg file itself (the digital mandala image) goes on the flash drive, as in, actually loaded onto the drive - not physically on the drive. In that sense, it amplifies the other fields (mandalas or audio) that are also loaded/saved onto the drive.


It`s actually released on the the store, bought it yesterday :grinning:
Thank you, for your assistance!
Already put some audio in some maps, do i need to activate it, or is automatic?

It’s automatic.

@Genius @Vega You should move this to the thread

You changed the name of this post, it originally said the Field Emitter - which is different from the Broadcaster. the Broadcaster doesn’t use a flash drive in any way.

With the Field Broadcaster you simply place your other mandalas on top of it. It doesn’t store fields, and it doesn’t have to charge up. It’s instant and is only active while there are mandalas on top of it

I changed the name

Oh I see. They were referring to this which I posted in the mandala suggestions:

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Yep and what they bought was the field broadcaster or they are from the future


right… their questions were regarding the post I made about the “emitter” though, hence the questions about using a flash drive. so I think they thought the Broadcaster was the same thing as my post about the emitter. just my guess, bit of some confusion there lol

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From the above link, it seems that the Field emitter actually is available for sale. You may want to change the name back to the correct field.


This looks very interesting, too bad I just bought the Mandala Manager a few days ago. Somehow I like this one more, I don’t have to wait 3 hours, but I don’t need both. I will be happy to read the experiences.


I also have FIELD OPTIMIZER. But this one I LIKE MORE.

I want to buy it. It is a game changer.

NO LAMINATED photos. DO NOT PRINT PHOTOS. No more waiting to print.

The girl who printed the photos saw them and was scared hahaha.

I really like this idea, store in usb and carry in my pocket.



This is the most awesome, convenient mandala ever! I bought it this morning and put it on one of those super tiny usb drives along with almost all of Maitreya’s audios and mandalas. I had to take a lot of screenshots on my PC to remember everything I put on it. I’ve been carrying it around with me the whole day, activating mandalas and audios as I need them. It’s working great. I activated the domino effect mandala and started feeling really grateful. I activated the limit breaker mandala and have had great energy all day. I also activated the remove negative cellular memory a few minutes ago and got great release symptoms.
This is honestly the greatest thing since sliced bread! :heart_eyes::bread:


Rather than saving everything on a USB, why not make a folder on your smartphone, put this mandala in there along with all your audios, mandalas, etc?? Every one has their phone with them all the time anyways. No need to worry about taking an extra USB everywhere.

This is what l used to do with Filip’s ATsManifestation


To answer the previous questions about using this field:

To use it is simple - include the Field Emitter jpg file on any flash drive or memory card. On the same drive (preferably in the same folder) you can include any other mandalas or audio fields you want. I recommend if you have a lot of fields, you include the Field Optimizer as well.

“Does it have the same charging method as Mandala Manager?” no, there is no charging required. The fields become active as soon as they are saved on the drive along with the Field Emitter DM

“Should you always have it on top of a flash drive?” The file itself should be saved on the flash drive or memory card - there is no need to print out a physical mandala.

“Can it be used on a phone instead of memory card?” Yes, it can be used on any device that stores memory including your smartphone.


It’s too early to tell but … does it work for audios and mandalas from other creators as well?

Or only with audios and mandalas of Maitreya ?.

I want to use it in a usb memory, can I put it in the root or do I have to create a special folder ?.

I have mandalas and audios from Maitreya and also FIELD OPTIMIZER. In a USB memory FIELD OPTIMIZER works also with audios ?.




Yes you can put it anywhere on the drive - no need to create a special folder.
Yes it works with both audios and mandalas.

The original intention was for it to work with everything, including files from other creators. I assume it does, because the description in the store includes my original description which says “it works with all fields, subliminals, affirmations and images”


@MrNobody Could this work with fields stored in the internal storage of a mobile phone?

yes, any kind of storage device