DM: Soul Contract Revocation

This field is created to remove a bunch of agreements that you gave before reincarnating - to people, other souls, entities, and others. The field will revoke the contracts and agreements that no longer serve you.

This field also can be used with your intention. For example, if you have some person in your life with who you cant split for a long time, even when you wanted to - Give intention to this field to revoke all the contracts and agreements with … ‘put his/hers name’ … And let yourself few minutes to feel how you are getting free from this.

The same thing you can do if you had contact with entities that you don’t want anymore to be around you, but other fields like ‘Remove Entities’ didn’t work. If something is staying still that means you made ‘a deal’ or contract which has to be destroyed so you can get your sovereignty.


This would be my next buy! :smiley: @Maitreya Would this be able to remove any monk or money contracts? To receive more money?


I do a lot of this type of work myself, and I have found one thing to be very common. Many times, beings on the other ends of these contracts are not so eager to let them go, and will often counter-argue that they are still valid & should remain. If these beings are dark polarized, they will use distraction, illusion, &/or deception to make you think it was revoked when it was not.

I have found that nothing is more effective to ensure this does not happen than verifying with Truth energies. @Maitreya, if this mandala does not include a verification step, please consider integrating your ‘Divine Truth’ mandala to ensure from the Divine perspective that:

It is true that no contracts are being hidden/withheld from review
It is true that all contracts in question should actually be revoked
It is true that all contracts in question successfully were revoked

In this way, there is no wriggle room for anyone to exploit - only the truth.


Give it intention if you know what are they.
The contacts that monks have gave are from the strongest and if you work with your intention will receive better results.

This is a great idea.
I have already put the truth and all illusions to fall in the FIELD INTEGRATION PRIMER which was downloaded from almost everyone who is working with our fields. This was the main reason to release it free as a gift, so people should have already large effects and changes in their consciousness in this sphere.

The beliefs you have put are good ones and later will include them in the field.
Thanks for your suggestion!


You are most welcome, they were hard earned.


I am sure in this :slight_smile:


Has anyone bought this mandala since its release? Any benefits in any area of life?


Soul Contract Revocation and Remove J Seals are high priorities to purchase these two and also Ancestral & DNA Blocks remover, are all high on the List of ‘to get’ Mandala’s.
Working with 3 different Ancestal Mandala’s along with 20 other ones at the same time is proving powerful and definitely a game changer over time. I Love Limit Breaker!! Yes SCR and RJS are definitely must haves.


Maitreya ,have these new additions been added to Soul Contract Revocation!?
I Plan on buying it SOON, and I hope they have coz its be sooo good to have these as additions:
It is true that no contracts are being hidden/withheld from review
It is true that all contracts in question should actually be revoked
It is true that all contracts in question successfully were revoked
thank you NOT Frank !! and Im shure they were hard lession learned and Earned. deeply appreciated. Respect to ALL.

It is possible to have hidden contracts in the subconscious, including those that are created with external protection so that they cannot be detected or removed (if you owe something to someone) and other similar situations. This field is programmed to constantly search for HIDDEN contracts, which are even difficult to detect by many people who work and clear such energy.

The worst-case scenarios where it is close to impossible to detect and remove contracts are when a person’s consciousness is divided into parts. These are very rare cases and usually involve very strange and unusual people. In 95% of cases, this would not be a problem for the field.

If the ‘FIELD INTEGRATION PRIMER’ is used, it can help clear these contracts faster, as well as many other things. I recommend using them together.


Dear Maitreya I want to thank you a thousand times and then some for you and your staff, for generating and creating this Magnificent and VERY POWERFUL DM!
Soul Contract Revocation: I got Four DM’s tonight; Soul Contract Revocation
Remove J Seals, Ancestral & DNA Blocks Remover and Overcoming Lonliness & Isolation. I also Have and ‘run’ the Field Intergration Primer, with all my DM’s, that and ,Limit Breaker!!
Normally I would not share such deep stuff on a website for many a reasons
heres is what I expereinced with Utilizing these 4 DM’s along with a slew of already incredibe DM’s I have:
Withing the first hour and a half :
Results of removal J seals and Soul Contract revocation so far early on first night usage

MY soul feels different ,more whole,more complete
MY crownship is returning
Fear of death being removed permenantly
Fear of Life removal
Setting you free to be freer
What goes with it is fear of not being loved and therefore rejected

I NO longer look for my soul in another person and with that comes down, all kinds of connected to this stuff.attachments, limits,belief,action as well…dissolve,fall away,dissapear
what a friggin’ relief.
Like as if they had my soul and thusly control it, what also comes with this is tremndous sense of real genuine authentic Pride and a “Re-calling” Back ,not only of MY Power but Powers !! Return of my Powers, like the whole "Circuit Panel is working now !! Lights on Charlie!! Wow!!
This is amazing, in one evening, only after a few hours…
Removing J Seals and Soul Contract Revocation

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Part II May 30th 2023
I Just did some processing with breaking/dissolving/removing/deleting any and all contracts and agreements with 4 relatives and 1 longtime friend tonight on the remove and/all contracts and agreeemtments things,made between me and these other souls!! I did each one separately and with nice time to do so,no rushing. I feel a weight off of me now there is such a feeling of Lightness and TOTAL friggin’ RELIEF!! Gosh what a relief
and relieving thing!! Understatement. So relieved ! (for both of us, both ways I feel and sense, it lifts the weights for all concerns,dang this amazing !!)

I AM no longer tied to them I feel ,and they are no longer tied to me ,and therefore they are not weighted by feeling responsible for me nor do I any longer feel responsible for them. One Soul that I cleared tonight is already in the spirit world and the other 4 are here in their physical bodies here on Earth:-) doesn’t matter the clearing, cleaning, removal is just that the cleaning, clearing and removal.
Maitreya Fields DM’s are worth every dog gone penny, I declare they are just that, worth.
Souls Contract Revocation and Removing J Seals are true game changers if there ever were such thing as game changers and there is, these are some of them,for shure!!

I also purchased and got several DM’s over the last 6 weeks and even as recent as earlier tonight
Restore all bodys
Remove religious deception
Remove thought forms and parasites
Remove Negative Energy from the Body & Aura
Overcoming Lonliness & Isolation to Build Meaningful Connection’s
Nervous System Balance
Making the Impossible Possible
Empath Protection
Chakra Cleasing
Chakra Fury 114 Cleansing
Raise Light Quotient

Christ Consciousness activate DNA
Spiritual Guardians
DNA Repair- Telemere Extension
Anti-Virus with immunity Boost
Take Back Your Whole Power

Money Amplifier
Win the Lottery
Fast Manifestation Luck and Abundance
Attract Wealth Fast Manifestation
Abundance and Wealth 1000 Install subconscious Beliefs and Feeling
Fifthe Dimension Connection
Unconditional Love for Baby in the Womb for Ourselves in the Past

Parents Love

Ultimate Compassion
Vibration Rasier ( had it before !)
I Love this stuff
Oh BTW Limit Breaker and Earthing & Grounding are imperative if you wind up using or are deliberately planning on using more than a few Mandala’s at a time.
Like someelse said in their journal here, even the FREE Mandala’s are POWERFUL.
IVE got several more Mandala’s along the way I 'd like to purchase down the road including
weight loss related, adrenal,cortisol levels, DIvinity Activation especially. but for now I’m defintely stocked Up. :slight_smile: Thank you Maitreay & Staff !!!


i did soul contract revocation for very random person in my work place and felt like my soul is spinning


Hi, what do you mean by your soul is spinning?

I think the day I used this mandala was the most important day for all my versions in the Universe. I can’t believe I spent hundreds on fields while this one should be no1. I had it in my mind but always postponed it, and I’ve found more exciting fields. They made me believe I don’t need it.
Thank you to the people who encouraged me to do it. :heart: I needed a bit of push, kick my ass, and find myself on the edge to do this step.
All I can say - if you think you don’t need it, trust me, you do! To do this step when some beings think they own you - it’s hard, it’s challenging, it’s scary.
If I had to name the most important field of them all, it would be this.
Since I’ve done it all other fields started to integrate quickly because nothing is stopping them. I feel like brand new, and every day is better and better. I react differently, I feel like I have access to my own powers.
What is most important is that you set yourself free in every dimension and timeline. You can give back all profits you’ve gained by using black magic (I did it accidentally in this lifetime and always regret it). I know I did bad things in my past lives (that are happening now anyway), and the person you’ve hurt will receive healing.
I could talk all day about benefits. I think I could write a whole book about the importance of this field. Thank you @Maitreya, for creating this. Actually, all my versions should thank you for this because the impact of this field is beyond my human understanding.


Once you use this once for a single day is there any reason to keep using this? This field will permanently cancel the contracts right?

So unless there’s new contracts then one doesn’t need to keep using this if I understand correctly.

It works on all realities, so it might take time for you to clear all contracts. The stronger the entity behind the contract, the more likely it is for them to avoid revocation unless you know their name; then, it’s instant.

So, I would suggest keeping it for a while and allowing the field to track them down. I meditated with this mandala many times.
I had versions of myself that used black magic, benefited from it, and fought back because they wanted to keep it.
This field is as powerful as you decide it to be. It’s like the special agent that you send through the Universe with a mission.


Thanks for that warning (why isn’t it on the store page?)… in my own opinion its probably each reality is on their own (unless they request help). Wouldn’t it be a little bit rude to interfere with their free will? Is there some reason why this is desirable?

Are all the fields working on all realities or just this one?

None of our fields will work instantly. You need to use them for a while. For some people, results can be quick, a week or two; another person will need months of constant use.

I had this dilemma when I started to travel, and one of the versions asked me to kill them. It has been an act of mercy but I spent weeks analyzing my decision.
This is you. You have a full right to interfere when your version is going to the dark side. You are being of Light, made from Source. When they go dark, it affects your reality, whether you are aware of it or not. It is poison.
They can make contracts with demons that will be tied to all versions. “I give you all, every essence of my being.” Demons are masters in finding loopholes. When I started using Soul Contract Revocation, I was attacked by my versions. So I blocked access to black magic any version of me. You have as much power as you believe you have.

Not all of them. It will be in the description if they work on the universal level. You can create the ripple effect anyway by creating a better reality for yourself.

Did you mean “if they work on the multiversal level”? If it’s one universe then it’s only working on that one reality, right?

In other words if the field doesn’t mention which reality/universe it’s working on , is it safe to assume it’s only working on the current reality?

Can you elaborate on this? How exactly do other realities’ versions of you affect the current reality’s you?

In my experience, it seems like different realities have isolated energy bodies (except for the past). Otherwise I would be getting very frequent healings without asking for it whenever a parallel version of me did a healing on themselves.

What kind of travel? Astral travel? I thought you can’t kill someone’s physical body with an astral projection. At least not according to any material I’ve ever read.