DM: The Field Optimizer

DM: The Field Optimizer

Sometimes we’re not sure what field is best to use, and this often results in carrying/listening to many different fields. This can be a problem, though, because using too many fields at the same time can make each of them less effective - and it can also result in energy overload. Imagine having too many programs running at the same time on a computer - this makes each of the programs run much slower, while also affecting the overall performance of the computer. Wouldn’t it be great if there was something that knew exactly what fields we should be using at each moment, and at the same time, prevented energy overload?

The Field Optimizer is a smart field that works by doing exactly this, when carried along with your other mandalas or the Mandala Manager - and it will also work if you are using the audio fields. The Optimizer determines exactly which fields will benefit you in the best way possible, at every moment, giving priority to those fields and activating them at the perfect level of intensity, while also making sure that you don’t overload your system by grounding any excess energy.

How does the Optimizer know what’s best for you at every moment? It’s not really the mandala doing the work, but your Higher Self. The Optimizer creates a connection to your Higher Self, who knows exactly what you need at every moment, and which fields would benefit you for your highest good. Through this connection, your other fields/mandalas are activated, at the perfect percentage of intensity - and it continues this method of optimization by “updating” and self-correcting, every second. This means the mandalas that are running, and the level at which they are running, will automatically change throughout the day - depending on what’s best for you at that specific moment.

For example, say you are carrying 5 mandalas: Ego Detachment, The Art of Utilization, Breaking Bad, Four Promises, and Charismatic Aura. When you are at home, maybe the Optimizer decides that it’s the best time for you to have the effects of Four Promises and Ego Detachment. So it activates Four Promises at 50% and Ego Detachment at 50%. Later that day, when you go out, it automatically updates by activating 50% Breaking Bad, 30% Four Promises, and 20% The Art of Utilization.

Since there are many factors that will change throughout your day, this is why the Optimizer changes with you - depending on who you are interacting with, where you are, your current mental and energetic state, and what your goals and intentions are at each moment. Because it works directly with your Higher Self, it knows what’s best for you at every moment. You can use the Field Optimizer by carrying it alongside your other mandalas, alongside the Mandala Manager, or alongside a Field Storage item. You can use it with as many fields as you want, and it will simply activate only the ones which will benefit you, at that time - there is no risk of using too many fields with the Optimizer.


This is probably the field that many of us needed always!! thanks @Maitreya


Okay… now she just made it toooooo easy hahahaha. Ugh I’m glad I have unlimited funds :stuck_out_tongue: even if the fact is not true the intent is :slight_smile: Its all mind…


Wow, that was quick :star_struck:. I just saw someone made a request for this DM.


Yeah if something makes sense to her and the team it will come fast. This field will benefit many in their journey and should have been made long ago by one of the creators out there. Now I can carry every mandala know to creation and turn into pure light in no time hahahahaha


Lol exactly what I was thinking…started printing every mandala I have!!

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I’m right behind you… no sexual hahaha

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I would say that this makes the Manager less useful but I can still say it has use. If you do it right you can use both of them together and not have to carry but 2 items.


Would this also work with other creators’ products like say Sapien tags, etc?


Higher self connection is the key. The field is the medium for the work. I want to guess it will work.

Just a guess


The same we thought of Field Storage Creator …


it does say field optimizer… hmmmm maybe we over thinking lol

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I’m about to find out…lol!


Seem like a great field :grinning:


Okey so, carry all of the 10+ Mandalas and the field optimizer with me without getting energy overload! Sounds good :smiling_imp:


My request :slight_smile:


yes it was designed so you can have all your mandalas stored in Mandala Manager, so all you need to carry with you is the Manager and the Optimizer and let it do the rest.


Yes it will work with all types of fields, including tags/pendants (from other creators) and even audios.


Okay, this is the final piece to allow for full optimization and automation of all fields. This is amazing

Here’s how:

  1. Buy the Mandala Manager & The Field Optimizer
  2. Program all your mandalas, Sapien dogtags, crystals, runestones, tensor rings, etc. into your Manager - do not leave anything out
  3. Use the free 12-hour Field Storage Creator to turn audio fields in physical objects, then program those into your Mandala Manager as well (one at a time!)
  4. Tell the Mandala Manager to activate everything
  5. Let the Field Optimizer give you what you need when you need it

Congratulations, all of your stacks are now fully automated and you never need to think about them ever again. Welcome to ideal energies always available on autopilot.



Actually, using the method I described above, you won’t have to carry around anything.

The Mandala Manager will establish an energetic cord between itself & you after using it for a few weeks. Once that cord is in place, all of the energies will still be delivered, even if mandala manager is out of the standard 30cm range.

That would include the energies of The Field Optimizer mandala as well. You won’t have to carry around anything.