DM: The Field Broadcaster

On its own, the Field Broadcaster emits a high vibration field with a (15 meters) radius that clears an environment of all non-beneficial energies, neutralizes EMF and includes the Bomb of Love field - benefitting everybody who comes within the radius of the field and raising their vibration. Everybody within the field will feel peace, balance and harmony.

The Field Broadcaster is also an amplifier, in that it will also emit the field of any mandala or item you place on top of it. This allows you to receive the fields of your mandalas without carrying them, as long as you are within the diffuser field. Note that only you will be affected by the additional fields that are emitted by placing mandalas or items on top - unless it is a field specifically for environmental clearing, lifting the vibration of a space, or a field like “Attract Customers” (which makes this field especially beneficial for business owners) as everybody who comes within the fields emitted from the Broadcaster will never want to leave!

You can create an energetic grid/network in your home or business with this field, affecting everything within that grid - place a copy of the mandala in 4 corners, and an energetic connection between the 4 mandalas will be created. By placing another mandala/item of your choice onto just one of the Broadcaster mandalas, that field will connect to the rest and be emitted throughout the entire grid.


Designed this one :slight_smile:


Again, awesome idea!! Can this be used with crystals too?


yes it will amplify the energy/essence of any item placed on it


Here is what I am thinking!!

Idea 1:

  • Use Storage object to create an item with the Healing Chamber
  • Place it on this Field Broadcaster mandala on the four corners below my bed (may be even 1 mandala is good enough as the radius is 50 feet)

And then I have my own healing chamber!!

Idea 2:

  • Program all my mandalas to Mandala Manager
  • Make sure to include Field Optimizer in the stack of mandalas
  • Keep a few Field Broadcaster mandalas around the room to create a grid
  • Place the programmed Mandala Manager on one of the Field Broadcasters

Now all over my room, my mandalas are reaching me wherever I am…!!


Good idea for the Healing Chamber field. There will be a Deep Sleep DM soon, that you can place under your bed which helps you fall asleep and I’ve asked Maitreya to include the Healing Chamber field as part of that DM as well. But until then, you could definitely use the storage object.

Idea #2 will work as well, that’s how I plan on using it too :slight_smile:


:pray: :pray:


These type of fields inspire me so much. Environmental influence is one of my favorite things in the energy game. I am going to have hundreds of these printed in color and laminate them. I am going to put drop one everywhere I go.



Need clarification on the grid setup. If I place mandalas out of the range of effect will they still connect and create the grid?

Example: 200 feet apart


that’s the idea, to expand the range by using the grid feature, yes. but @Maitreya can confirm

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I mean I can just put then every 40 feet but if the field is intelligent enough with intent it could be done. I have tools from Twisted Sage that is connected to a grid around the world so yeah.


same here, the quantum grid pyramids actually are what gave me the idea for the grid feature of this field


Will be cool to have fields like frequency extractor and crystal kingdom active everywhere on my property. There are many possible applications with this one.


This is an amazing idea. I have some questions.

  1. “Place a copy of the mandala in 4 corners” - meaning only one room or you can place mandalas in 4 corners of an entire apartment/house.

  2. “Note that only you will be affected by the additional fields that are emitted by placing mandalas or items on top” - if I want to buy this mandala for my parents, how can I make the additional fields work for them? My father has lung cancer, I have an idea how to help him with this mandala, but he will not be able to buy it himself, because he is very conservative and does not use bank cards or any other electronic means of payment

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  1. should work for an entire apartment/house, that was the idea of the grid feature, so you can basically expand the radius even more (we just need Maitreya to confirm that)

  2. if you’re using it for family, then any fields you use with it should work for them anyway - since all the fields work for loved ones, family members, anybody related to you


Thanks for the reply. Yes, I remember that Maitreya allows sharing fields with family members. But it is confusing that the description says “only for you”.


Having one of these on you at all times makes you a beacon of love and high vibration! This alone is worth buying it!


yes carrying one on you affects your field, your environment and everybody around you :slight_smile:


When take this will try add in the manager palosanto to see if gets a good permanent effect.


It seems I’m using it wrong.
maybe I misunderstood the translation. I understand that if you put a stack of mandalas on it, they will all broadcast at 15 meters. for example, I put a stack in a bag and 15 meters away from it I benefit from the fields. or necessarily in 4 corners?
I was hoping that it would be possible not to carry objects with me.