The creation of mutants

Toss a coin to your witcher,

O’ valley of plenty, O’ valley of plenty…

This here, in collaboration with Maitreya, is an attempt to create our own little army here of witchers. (videogame/series type).

But not just witchers.

If you have played the videogames or have seen the netflix series, you’ll know there’s a whole bunch of characters.

Witchers, mages, elves, warriors, you name it.

So the idea here is to brainstorm together, to create fields that would ultimately “mutate” one to the characters.

For now lets keep it simple.

We will focus on 3 characters for now.

1.The witcher.

Main focus should be ;

-Physically superior (focus, stamina, strength, reflexes, etc.)

-Knowledge about entities, supernatural phenomena, the veils between worlds, how to fight and eliminate entities, monsters and all kinds of beings.

-Knowledge about magic, potions, chants for power/protection etc.
(Maybe we can even make our own magic words that when chanted creates a specific outcome, from offensive attacks to shields etc)

2.The mage.

Main focus should be ;

-Highly intelligent, a wide knowledge base of all forms of magic, from light to dark to astral teleportation , time travel, clairvoyance, remote viewing etc.

-Expert at contracts, the ability to summon and work with entities, from angelic to devas to ETs.

-Master healer. Knowledge about healing works, how to remote heal, how to physically heal, you get the gist.

3.The elf.

Main focus should be ;

-Connecting with the elven realm, nature and the nature spirits.

-A wide knowledge base about elven magic, channeling nature’s different energies for healing, cleansing and protecting.

-The ability to communicate with animals, plants, trees etc.

-Prophetic abilities, dream magic, clairvoyance, etc.

Comment your ideas about what fields should be made to mutate.

From biological mutations to quantum channeling supernatural abilities, you name it.

Keep in mind the above are very basic ideas, the point is to really delve deep into the biological and quantum fields on how to best create these mutations.

More character suggestions always welcome.


I was just going to comment on your suggestion in the mandala thread. I think this is a brilliant idea. I was going to suggest Ciri as a more feminine counterpart to Geralt, or even Yennifer. So basically the same abilities as Geralt with a more feminine or regal flair


That would be copying the personality or the archetypes.

While fun it wouldnt really be effective.

The idea is to literally mutate and have the abilities here in the 3d world.

So geralts main abilities are physically superior, very knowledgeable about monsters, history and and magic.

So the idea would be to mutate to geralt but effective in our world, not a mythical one.

So its not really masculine or feminine but rather looking for ways to have those abilities here in our world, and look for more effective ways.

So instead of “be like geralt”, it should be what genes can we mutate to have those abilities.

What fields, quantum based, even freshly designed like the astral katana from maitreya.

In the games/series geralt uses a shield to block attacks.

We have the adaptive shield.

So something can be worked on, maybe a magic phrase that we design that would trigger something like that shield for a duration, drawing energy from the quantum field so it doesnt deplete you.

Etc etc

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Ciri actually has very different powers than Geralt which I was too lazy to type out, but here’s a few abilities from an article that I think would work well with your mutation idea:
Ciri is pretty much a goddess in hibernation.
She is a “Source,” meaning that she is a natural producer of magical energy. She is a font of energy that could change the world or destroy it.
Ciri is known as the Lady of Space and Time and going anywhere in the blink of an eye is half of why she’s called as such. This essentially gave Ciri the capability to open a portal anywhere and travel instantaneously. Additionally, it seems this power for her is quite limitless as she’s also able to travel to different worlds or even different dimensions.
In addition to space, Ciri can also control another dimension of the universe which is time. It’s not clear whether she’s used it to full effect but Ciri has apparently tapped into her time manipulation capabilities especially in combat. This is more noticeable once you get to control her where one of her special attacks or abilities involves slowing the flow of time for someone else.
This essentially makes Ciri move faster. It’s a nice substitute for witcher reflexes or a better replacement for it altogether.

So in summary:
Become immensely powerful by tapping into your god/goddess potential.
Create portals to other places/dimensions.
Have the ability to slow down or speed up time for yourself and others.


Maybe these gene mutations would work?

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The mage should have this DM: Diamond Golden Crown

The Witcher should have these 36 Strand DNA Activation and Dm: Mutant Soldier

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All 3 has something like SM’s Exalted State and Ambrosia mixed together

The field induces a state of bliss via the complicated process that is part of a normal kundalini experience. It vibrates the 3rd, 4th and lateral ventricles and resounds through all the fluid filled spaces, like the waves in a pond when you throw a rock in, so this vibration outward releases many of the brain’s nuerotransmitters at once and all with a touch of divinity as well.

And then… there’s a smart eternity field to bring the body, mind, spirit to full harmony. The smart eternity field compresses energy around the pineal gland to produce a piezo electric bases effect that also produces ‘the nectar of immortality’ as it has been described before, this neurochemical/hormonal combination is usually felt as a sweet substance or salty at the back of the tongue/throat, that will drip along with the smart field throughout your body.

2 - 3 times at most.

Original Eternity field base benefits

  • Reduction in telomere cap degradation,
  • Age recapture to around 20
  • Physical Protection(Damage Avoidance)
  • Enhanced Healing
  • Positive Mood Enhancement:
  • External Energy sources to draw from to enhance the speed and function
  • and also an active viral combat system (flu family of viruses)

In the ancient Greek myths, ambrosia is the food or drink of the Greek gods, often depicted as conferring longevity or immortality upon whoever consumed it.

Also both Awakening the God Within

I think the most effective way of doing this would be to have 3 mandalas for each character, and then have audio files for mutations/upgrades/attunements etc.

The most important part would be the mandalas.

What fields should be put into them?

For example, physical upgrades for the witcher dont need to be in the mandala.

For that we can have audio files that mutate bones, vision , muscles reflexes etc.

I think these three should be in the witcher mandala, as a basic. (more later, ideas?)

-A weapon, to use against entities, beings etc.
-A shield, for protection.
-Regeneration/healing. Both physical and energetic.

And from there we can think of audios for the physical attributes.

Knowledge about entities can be downloaded like the language downloader, etc.


Sounds good.

Maybe Fearlessness and/or Stoicism could be added as well?

We already have mandalas for that.

New ideas.

You wont need fearlessness if you have a weapon and a shield.


witcher also use magic via hand signs ( like the telekinetic shockwave geralt uses in the show)

Maybe we could somehow integrate something like that


May I suggest, not necessarily mutant based but lets call it ,

“The mutants paradise*

an audio field that can be looped 24/7, which would work on the following;

-Clear every single foreign and junk energies from your entire energy system. (including parasites, thoughtforms, projections and entities).
-Rapid full body regeneration/healing.
-Restore, strenghten and heal the nervous system (blueprint included).
-Will strenghten the energy body (not expanding, but literally strenghten it and make it more dense. (like a workout)
-Will create a shield around your aura that will block out outside matrix junk.
-A pleasant environment where you can also mindfully meditate to the field if desired.

Pretty much after a long day of being a witcher, you can retreat to this field to heal and recover.


Since we have some basic ideas, heres my suggestion for the witcher mandala ;

Geralt of Rivia

1.Will infuse your aura and energy body with an energetic dense armor (like Geralt is wearing), with the following functions :

-Will remove and block out projections, thoughts and emotions from other people, beings, etc aswell as removing any entity, spirits or alien energy works you may not be aware of.
(literally removing everything that isnt yours, for maximum self-awareness).

-Adaptive shield.

2.Will give you a sword you can unsheathe by command, with the following functions :

  • Will clear your energy system and environment of any negative energy, entities or parasites. (physical parasites included).
    -Can be used for astral combat, including higher level beings, with the purpose of literal murder.

Process of death ; When you attack a high level entity with the blade, it will create a little portal, that will draw the entity in and teleport it to a void, gone forever.

Command to activate it ; You have to clench your LEFT hand while thinking/saying “Activate witcher blade”.

Command to de-activate it ; You have to clench your right hand while thinking/saying
“de-activate witcher blade”

Why clench? Because you dont want to accidentally unsheathe it (even subconsciously) and create karmic consequences and to also not draw attention from entities walking around with a blade that can kill them. (very important!)


Will give you the ability to heal yourself, the following way ;

It will put your body in a healing mode, speeding up the natural healing process 50 times, while drawing in massive energy from the source of chi itself, to prevent exhaustion.

Command word to activate and de-activate ;

Close left eye and say : Activate healing.
Close right eye and say : De-activate healing.

4.Dealing with humans.

The ability to push back any annoying person, can be from drunks to street junkies or just angry people etc,

Command words,

Touch belly/solar chakra and say mentally (while looking at your target) : Leave now

Similar to the gtfo mandala, but slightly different,

First it will work on creating HUGE tension and anxiety in the person, not fear (!), but a literal tension. So uncomfortable the person will barely be able to talk/walk. (incase they do attack they wont be able to fight properly).

Also inducing the desire for target to leave as fast as possible.

The tension will stop once target is out of sight.

Good luck making this LOL!

(And yes the hand signs are the most important part, because geralt also does signs etc).

(Command words can be changed to a made up one to sound more magical)


The mage mandala.

1.Will infuse your energy body with a magical robe (white and black) , with the following functions ;

-Remove and block others projections, for maximum self-awareness.
-Adaptive shield.
-Remote viewing protection.

2.Download and install everything related to magic, spells, potions, chants, entities/deities etc along with the proper how-to work with magic and deities etc

3.Activation of astral vision and a connection to the etheric realm (similar to what the Pietersite crystal does) + conceptual communication mastery.

4.Full immunity against spells, curses, black magic etc.

Now the commands:

-Activate full astral invisibility at will.
-Ability to channel A LOT of energy, to supercharge magical/energy works.
-The ability to enter a full zen state, absolute mindfulness for meditational purposes.
-Be able to connect to different realms of beings, the angelic, elven, dragon, devic, etc.
-Command to channel white light to clear any environment you’re in from negative junk energy and entities, lost spirits or fragments etc.
-The ability to fully block the shared reality of others at will.


Vesemir’s lab.

This would include three mandalas ;

The “Ok lets play” mandala.

This mandala is to be used in extreme cases only, when there are beings that dont play nice.

When worn, it will do the following :

It will first create a link to ALL discarnate ghosts, spirits, demons, parasites, 4D tricksters etc in a 20 meter radius and those who have a link with you, and actually PREVENT them from leaving.

Secondly, the field will start to depattern the beings one by one, wiping them out forever.
Literal quantum cleaning.

The regenerator

This mandala when worn, will work on full body healing and regeneration, at an EXTREME rate.
It will draw in energy from zero point and use it to heal you very fast.


This mandala when worn, will firstly clean your mind and increase mindfulness.

Secondly, it will be like a knowledge downloader, but for all sorts of entities.

Simply wear the mandala and ask it to provide information about the entity/being you wish to know info about.


Check :upside_down_face:
Will check also the others field you guys have wrote. :slight_smile:


Oooh, I should make one!


Scarlet witch :

  • Destroy Psychic Attack
  • Destroy Demons
  • Destroy Dark Entities
  • Destroy Dark Energy
  • Destroy Black magic
  • Destroy Dark Hipnose
  • Destroy Curses, Spells, Hexes, evil eye
  • removal Any kind of possession possible from all kinds of Entities
  • create a strong protection


Is this possible?

With added “forcing” so nothing can sabotage the process, not even subconscious or ego.



However, there’s another way just use the “send it to light” Mandala and use your intention to the beings around you to send them to the light.