36 Strand DNA Activation

Your DNA contains the master plan of the Divine capabilities for your life and your purpose on Earth. With 36 Strand DNA Activation, you will be empowered to realize your highest potential as a divine being by unlocking yourself to all dimensions of the universe; with deeper levels of understanding after this activation.
Light travels through every cell in your body. The light of the 36 strand activation will bring forth irrefutable clearing of your genetic blueprint and the welcoming energies will also clear karma manifested physically through your inherited bloodline.
This light will flow through your physical, psychological, emotional, and behavioral composition, re-coding and clearing the memory of your genetic characteristics straight down the ancestral line. This activation will also remove any dysfunctional traits and your DNA is re-coded to clear the negative genetic patterning. Living cells containing DNA produce their own electromagnetic activity. Our physical body is already Light, it will now vibrate at a higher level after your 36 Strand DNA Activation.
36 Strand DNA Activation Includes:
– Removal of genetic dis-ease blueprint
– Removal of the genetic blueprint of dysfunction
– Removal of the genetic blueprint of fears that have placed limitations on your growth and development
– Removal of genetic blueprint inhibiting prosperity and abundance
Benefits of 36 Strand Activation:
• Loving and more compassionate relationships
• Accelerated growth and development
• Awakening to your true spiritual destiny
• Stronger Immune System
• Lucid dreaming
• Accelerated manifestation
• Accelerated healing, detoxification & purification
• New creativity and talents surfacing
• Expanded memory
• Increased brain capacity


I felt a shiver at my back (then coolness) when I first started the music. I think the only thing I can do in this turmoil of pandemic is to cultivate hard and know what I am as soon as possible. This track is super useful for ascending. Thank you so much, Maitreya Field!


Just played this one, and I also noticed a sensation on my back. What is it with the back? If anyone care to explain :smiley:


Thank yo :heart_eyes:

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First time playing this, I got an image in my mind of dirt being vibrated off of my DNA.
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Im waiting till tonight to dive into this one.

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Will activating the 36 strands completely heal the physical body from birth conditions such as cerebral palsy, MS, etc??? I’ve been doing research into DNA activation for a while but can’t find an answer to my question.

All other benefits of 36 strands are awesome, l’m truly grateful for this audio!!


@Maitreya , I cannot find the Mandala of this field on your site. please suggest a mandala version.

I’m trying this and I’m feeling very well and happy :slight_smile:


Why come I have never heard of the 36 strands until now?


I don’t like the music.

Maybe because there is always a first time to everything, and this first time must start somewhere, in your case in this case, this is where your first time must begin. it seems to me that there must also exist the 48 DNA strands… further in evolution surely it is possible to discover a lot more amazing new things than we can imagine yet.

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Dr Manhattan doesn’t need any activation anyways.

You can say that. My kundalini is already activated. I’ve been ascending for a while already.


I do not think it is necessary, once activated it will work permanently and perhaps even accept it as normal, for something it is an activation.
Perhaps it could then be combined with the new DNA sapiens to heal any possible damage from the new strands. :slight_smile:

Thanks :pray::blush:

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Will this activation become permanent? And if so, about how long should we listen to this? for example 3x per day for 1 month?
Thank you @Maitreya :slight_smile:

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Wow, Maitreya on :fire: :fire: :fire:. Thanks for this! What happened again during your mountain meditation a couple of months ago? :star_struck: