Fields Suggestions v2

Hey everyone!

We’re excited to announce that we’re opening up a new discussion for field suggestions.

Currently, I’m working on a professional series and exploring other intriguing areas that we’ll be launching soon. Meanwhile, we’re eager to collect fresh ideas for future projects.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!


Okay so hear me out as I see there is no new patreon exclusive for a while and there is a previously created field on mantra like The Gayatri Mantra, The Great Compassion Mantra and Diamond Mantra and so on I think this should continue and maybe there should be a field for “Mahamrityunjay Mantra” as well.


Mahamrityunjay Mantra: How do they help

Just like the Gayatri mantras, the Mahamrityunjay mantra is a very important and powerful mantra for Hindus. This strong mantra is dedicated to lord shiva, and chanting this religiously reduces the fear of illness and death. The existence of the mahamrityunjay mantra was first discovered through the Rig Veda and was brought to mankind by Rishi Markandeya.

This mantra is believed to have very special powers which keep the mental health good and maintain emotional and physical balance. Chanting this mantra also grants a form of immortality, which in other words increases lifespan, and decreases the chances of untimely death.


I would like a NZT 48 V2.
I feel it works to some extend but it could be more effective and closer to the movie.


One field for reversing gray hair.
One field to optimize functioning, different to brain from book of health, this would be like a turbo or booster to energize it and make it more effective.
Maybe optimizing neural neutwork and different regions.


This is easy field but useful to be made, perhaps:
Gemstone fields: Diamond, Emerald, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Rose quartz, Hemimorphite, Aquamarine, etc.

Plant Fields energy (maybe Vega can make it, because Plants/animals are her field speciality): Rose, Jasmine, Orchid, Chrysanthemum, etc.


field that give the benefits of 10,000 steps per day


Eat Right
A field that allows us to understand our body’s nutritional needs completely and leads us towards choices aligned with those needs. This coupled with removal of addiction to suffering that sometimes leads to unhealthy food choices, emotional perfection to avoid being swayed by momentary emotional fluctuation, subconscious protection from multiple information channels that causes indecisiveness, trust in body intelligence, dynamism to take health aligned actions.

Personal Karma Consultation

A field through which we can understand the complete understanding of our karma generated at all levels through each action.

( something that could be done through Higher Self as well but could be useful for ppl for whom that connection isn’t solid)


A Angelic field Mandala, or an Angel Mandala series.
So you can choose which one, that
resonates with you.


Moving On
Fast and easy understanding of why this person came into our life and the lessons that it was meant to learn. Acceptance and forgiveness for both parties. Emotional processing, not suppressing. Breaking patterns, so no more similar people would come into life, thanks to understanding the lesson. Letting go. An optimistic attitude that good experiences will come. Openness instead of feeling rejected or ghosted. Ability to create space for new to come.

I guess this would be in high demand. We are repeating patterns and attracting the same toxic people because we didn’t learn the lesson the first time. So the Universe is sending more people like this, so we can finally understand something about us and process some emotions from childhood. So many people are trapped in this circle. Understanding is the key. You can’t properly let go until you understand why. Maybe this could be useful not only for romantic relationships but also in every aspect of life.



A field that makes you invisible to others

can be activated/deactivated by command

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A Sports series.
To be good amateur field to develop or professionally in different sports
Improve our physical abilities, mindset, skills.
Football(soccer), Tennis, Basketball, Rugby, Track and fields, etc.


Make It unhappen

What we focus on, what we think about, comes to fruition. Whether it’s good or bad.

A mandala ensures that what you fear or think of in a negative light never comes to pass.


A field to develop or improve our psychic abilities.


Please Maitreya and team make more series of Saints for prayers, etc, the max you can.

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A Mandala for ideal breathing, with supported oxygen all together


A Mandala for Heart Coherence, and strong Heart Rate Variability


Automated Trataka

Trataka is a meditation technique which involves focusing the eyes (and, in turn, the mind) through intent but relaxed gazing at either a candle flame or small object (like a grain of rice). This practice makes the eyes clear and bright. It balances the nervous system, relieving nervous tension. It improves the memory and helps to develop good concentration and strong willpower.

Warrior Monk

  • Energy boost in the form of the Three treasures - Jing (essence) - Qi (energy) - Shen (spirit)
  • Increased speed and reflexes
  • Elite flexibility and agility
  • Boost Fast twitch muscle fibers in the whole body by 1000%
  • superhuman strong spine and bones, ligaments, tendons
  • You get amazing at martial arts and sword fighting skills, only used for self-defense. (installed into your subconscious. You need to practice them to really see the results and how fast and easy you can start to use them).

An Addiction Mandala, which works on the owners of the Mandala different addictions.
And at the same time, the person heals from all the damage they caused and finally frees them.


A Mandala that creates EZ Water 4th phase of Water, wich is superhydrating.

A Mandala is based on L E Emann Biocircuits which enhance the flow and balance of the body’s natural energy.