So I did some experimenting with this and came to interesting conclusions.

First, this field only transmutes what surfaces into reality.

Meaning negative entities hide in you while you wear it, afraid to be transmuted, but as soon as you take it off they surface again.

Second, some entities try to bypass the patreon protection, even if you are one they try to alter it subconsciously to make it seem like youre not a patreon.

Third, it doesnt affect creatures, parasites or spirits etc.

Literally a sexually parasitic creature and this field doesnt affect it at all.

I guess its not negative per se but I still hate this filth lol

So if possible can we get an upgraded version with also inner resistance dissolver, no protection but maybe add some intelligence so it scans your entire system so nothing can hide in you also?

Like find and transmute and also target creatures parasites negative ETs etc ?


Just jump into a black hole?!

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You give entities too much power
They are powerless if you don’t do so


How to do that? Do we just ignore them and pretend that they aren’t around us?

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But you also have a field that says transmute negative entities?

If its a high level one it can trick the field and stop being negative, like neutral

it literally hides in me when I wear it and surfaces when I stop wearing it

So maybe an upgrade where it scans your whole system for ANYTHING inhabiting you and transmutes it to light ?

Even good beings, parasites etc., even ETs etc

So then we can know what is us and what isnt lol

With inner resistance dissolver ofc

No, they are around - seeing them or not, hearing them or not.
Just know that you are more powerful than them and they can’t do anything to you if you don’t allow them. The evil always uses fear to find a-holes to enter.

Stay in your center and power and don’t give it to anyone whatever tricks and manipulations they try to use.

Entities also can send you their thoughts or increase some of your emotions and if you attach to this and don’t recognize that these are not yours - you are attaching to their game.
Trust yourself more.

Have no emotions of guilt, shame, or wondering when you deal with entities. Know that you don’t support this and have no mercy with their games.


Cuz there arent beings that violate free will and force possess people?


Fallen forces with AI domination on humanity for example

You cant do anything about it and they do violate will

Or the ETs with mass bioweapons?
the fk is having no guilt gonna do lol

Just the patreon one needs a little upgrade where it also scans your system so nothing can hide in you , find it and transmute it.

just replace negative entity with anything in your system (also no protection on entity removing fields obviously lol)


The root cause of your problem is your deeply rooted fear…

Fear is what stops you and makes you weak…

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lol bro

im talking high level entity

or even ETs

not being afraid wont do shit when for example a reptillian is in front of you and rips your head off clean

All im saying is intelligently end the entities


Lol… These statements alone shows how powerless you feel from the inside and always looking for something extranal to fix it…

I repeat if you know who you are… then nothing can do anything without your will… you just need to realise that… But you have fear inside of you that stopes you and shows a lot images and shit… As to what they can n you cant etc… N you are not able to escape from this trap… Hance need something from the external to help you… You can do this… If you focus on your root and 3rd chakra… N most importantly work on heart chakra… Thats the main center of all…

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Go into the woods and say to a tiger how you are powerful and it cant violate your will

go ahead

Theres “entities”

and theres ENTITIES.

Second category being predatory , fallen and free will violating

You cant say to a soldier how he shouldnt use a gun cuz he doesnt need external things

The more weapons the better :smiley:


These words coming from the fear inside of you…

I say again… If you truly know who you are, you can send any shit to light/void. You have no idea how powerful your mind is… N what you can do with it…

You even can mind control of that Tiger, or if you know who you are and look into the eyes of Tiger… It will go away… Just by looking in your eyes it will go away… But if you show fear to it … It will cut you in pieces…

Same for all entities in the universe…

If you are aware of your true self… Nothing can do anything… But for it you have to reach there have to realise/remember of your true self… Which is nothing… But all.

I know these words just will bypass your core… N wont reach there … But I feel you can do all that you want alone… just stay away from shit beings and things… Meditate n reach there… No feilds will help you thats the lessons you have to learn n to grow from there…


@Maitreya @Genius @Vega

This doesnt do anything for creature like beings like demonic spawn or even basic parasites lol

Any chance for a v2 but targetted to ALL inhabiting entities or attached beings?

Not necesarily negative but everything lol

Also no protection cuz some beings bypass it making you think you have it illegally

and ofc inner resistance dissolver

Can I order a custom like this then it gets released free for all?

Transmute anything in your system or attached to you into white light, with added intelligence to the field (incase it doesnt work the field will find another way) and inner resistance dissolver so it works no matter what?

Also no commands for the field, you cant give it intentions or tell it to stop etc, it will work no matter what as long as its on you.

and no protection


What do you mean to remove all? It can’t remove your guardian angels :smiley:
Fields that can remove beings and other stuff which don’t serve your own good can be created of course.

guardian angels dont possess or inhabit or are attached to people lol

Angels dont do such things, or any guide really

this field isnt made well because define negative?

It can be a being that decides its neutral and nondual and it literally bypasses the field lol

So just a smart field with inner resistance dissolver in it, it takes no commands, no on/off, no protection.

Whoever wears the field the field will scan the person for their true self, on a soul and genetic level, then remove/transmute/de-pattern ANYTHING in the person that isnt the natural state.

entities, parasites, implants, connections with beings that arent part of your soul path etc.

Literally that simple lol

i’ll pay for it, check pm

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Even IF the person accepts them, or calls them, or likes etc

Forcefully removed. Even if being “helped”.

Because any actually good being wont be inhabiting or attached to you, they will simply help from outside or give advice

It’s not possible for any field or energy work to be more powerful than a person’s free will.
I would suggest you a field that finds and removes the causes that make you want and accept those beings inside/around you. When you are having a constant problem with some sphere, it’s better to be made a field that removes the causes, not just the effects.

This is like going into the sea with a bucket and trying to empty it.
It will never happen.

When you are feeling ready to work and remove the source of the problem with attracting to you entities and other stuff, we can make it.

For other things, yeah, they can be removed.

Hope that makes sense.


Or you know

born possessed, some parasites are over 20+ years in me

Witcher doesnt work, this field here doesnt affect parasites cuz they arent “negative”

Literally this, as a custom.

Inner resistance dissolver, forced removal/transmutation, no commands or intentions or telling the field what to do. its smart, it doesnt take any commands.

Its my free wil to request this, no?

no protection most importantly, some beings mess with subconscious memory