DM: Diamond Golden Crown

The Golden Crown Diamond is a sacred diamond of electromagnetic energy that surrounds the head. When this Diamond is resonated (through breath, meditation, crystals etc), the Diamond’s resonance activates the Pineal Gland, ignites the MCC and hence opening of the Pineal Glands ‘Stargate’ portal into our Dimensions. The 6 energy centres that form the points of the Golden Crown Diamond are: Crown Chakra, Third Eye, Causal Chakra, Side (Ear) Chakras and the Alta Major.

Upon awakening of the Pineal Gland/MCC, we become direct conduits of our Soul Star 5th Dimensional Light presence through us and awaken our awareness into a higher state of consciousness. We move beyond the limitation of our physical senses and move into a heightened state of awareness where we can ‘see’ beyond the visible light spectrum, ‘hear’ the sounds of creation greater than our physical ears can hear and also smell / taste / touch from a place of heightened intuition.

Through awakening of the Pineal Gland/MCC, you are no longer bound by physical laws, thus astral travel and lucid dreaming are natural states of beingness. Creativity, imagination and manifestation are also heightened with a fully awake and activated Pineal Gland/MCC.

Through creative visualisation in meditation or lucid dreaming you become the master of your Soul Evolution and a co-creator of your reality. Finally, the awakening of your Pineal Gland/MCC opens the communication pathway with your Primordial Cells providing a fertile ground for the activation & attunement of your DNA.



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What’s MCC?

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Master Crystal Cell


One day…

One field at a time…

Ughhhh I waaanttttt.

Don’t let my falling apart stop you from doing such revolutionary work for humanity, though, Maitreya <3 I’ll catch up eventually!

Eagerly and excitedly keeping a look out for people’s testimonials as per usual, this last batch really is revolutionary stuff IMO.

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Thanks, @Maitreya. Got it!


Hm, after the J-Seals have been eliminated nothing can stand in the way of advancement with this field. :heart_eyes: :+1:


This one can replace the pineal + astral and lucid dreaming audios?

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yeah, very possible to dont need the others


@Maitreya , Is it useful and necessary to use energy fields that work on these Energy Center ( Causal Chakra, Side (Ear) Chakras and the Alta Major ), To support and assist in the activation of the diamond golden crown ?! Or this DM is already working sufficiently on all these energy centers that compose it, so that we do not need to use other energy fields to speed the process activation of Gold diamond crown.


^^^ I too am very interested in this question


This includes everything.


But it certainly doesn’t hurt if you have them too. :wink:

when i use this my 3rd eye start to pulsing and in my ears i hear grrrrrr sound constantly and strong pressure on ears like they are opening after all this years :heart_eyes:


I am very interested in this answer

any thought about this ?

I didn’t understand the question.
This mandala covers all the things that Takyon mentored.
No need to use other stuff to activate them.
Of course, clear and balanced chakras is a must always.