Sexual Energy Clearing and Cutting Cords

During sex, you and your partner exchange energy and information. The more you are with this person, the more you absorb this energy. If your partner is having a bad day, negative thoughts, positive thoughts, admiration of love and so forth, there is an energetic transfer taking place.

Good, bad, positive, negative, whatever the moods and emotions are … you now hold a piece of them. You also hold a piece of them literally speaking as well as energetically.This field is created to clear your system from past partners completely by cutting cords with them.

If you are having a relationship at this moment can be used too, without cords cutting, but with clearing to the energetical bonds between two. It will fill both partners with unconditional love, peace and respect for each other.

Field will work mostly with your second and fourth chakra. It’s possible after a few listens to this to get less emotional about the past and let it go easily. For the present, the effect will be more clear and a nice relationship.

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Immediate effects. Thank you, this is so powerful!



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Does this work with masturbation as well, or only two-partner sex?


Clears everything sexual, so masturbation clearing also will be done.


thanks, i’ll be using this daily!


well, hopefully not “daily” but i’m sure you get what I mean


:joy: :joy: :joy:

possible effect it’s to lose interest in those things with these clearings :slight_smile:


This is the second synchronicity from this site and the Y.T channel this week…I have been cutting cords non stop all week!! Amazing. Thank you Maitreya for all the beautiful work you do for humanity


Yeah, mai on fire <3


@Maitreya How long do you recommend listening to this field to achieve full cleansing?
Thank you

Depends from person to person.
Average person on age 40 had 5-6 partners.
For this it will take around a week.

If someone had trauma with sexual experience i recommend to listen it until he/she feels free.


I’ve never had partner. My past is years with porn and because of that, a lot problems with me in the present. I am using this field together with Brahmacarya mandala and I feel that some things related to sexuality have gone away from me. I feel much better. Even my depression has decreased. I am grateful for your work and I am glad that can use your fields. Thank you.


I have also been getting rid of the sexual and the old and now I feel calm in all aspects, although it hurts but it is a long-term benefit …
Thanks Mai :smiley: <3


Oh! Now I know why I suddenly stopped and went full on a no-fap journey.


Great to hear that!
You will get faster results with everything else. :slight_smile:


can you explain in more detail please.

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Dear Mai, can you please tell me if one can be sexually active with the current partner while listening to sexual cord cutting energy field ?

How long will it take to cut sexual cords if one had 6 or more sexual partners before?

please help me with reply, thanks

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I can’t tell how much time it will take, because this depends from:

  1. how strong is the connection
  2. if the person who is listening to/using this field is ready to release those energies from him/her

if the person is ready and wants to clear all those cords it can happen from 1 listening
anyway, I am suggesting this field be used for at least 2 weeks.

During this time the person can experience some stuck energies or forgotten memories pop up and to need a little awareness, so he can release them on 100%.

Yes. When you continue the relationship the cords will build again. Also, if you don’t want those cords to be cut you can give your intention for this.

I have seen when I cut cords with people that the relationships after that get more light / more innocent I would say. And the opposite: if someone is toxic to you (he can be a good person in life for others), he can go away from you.

Both situations are great and things get clear.

And the last thing about this field. When you cut cords with your EX’s, on a subconscious level they will feel that and they can call you back. So, take this into your mind.


@Maitreya, @Genius,

I have some questions.

Can you transfer belief systems by having sex?

Is it true ex-partners can hold you back in life because of cords (thoughts on unconscious level). So that you can’t make a quantum jump to a new reality?

Will this help to cut cords permanent with my ex? And detach from her. Even if she wants me back? I DO NEVER WANT HER BACK :smile:

What is the difference between bindings and cords?

And is this field cutting all kinds of cords like magnetic, energetic, etheric cords?

I feel my ex is still contacting me unconsciously. She still in my dreams after years. And I think she is holding me back to live the life I want in some way. Especially finding a new girlfriend…

And when you imagine having sex with someone, you are creating cords right? So this one will remove those cords to?