Universal clearing

For all of the following, destroy and uncreate across all time, no-time, timelines, space, dimensions, realities & realms, now and forever. Permanently release these energies, and correct these imbalances, effortlessly, safely and securely, now, and replace any empty spaces with unconditional love and neutral energy.

  • clear all post traumatic energies, including psychic trauma, physical and sexual traumas

  • clear all offensive energies, including curses, entities, cording, post-hypnotic suggestions, saboteurs, implants, energy weapons

  • clear all mental energies, including will-to-die energies, broadcast messages, despair anchors, images, black boxes

  • clear all addictive heart energies, including attractor fields, heart walls

  • clear all emotional energies, including pre-natal trapped emotions, pre-conception trapped emotions, inherited trapped emotions, heart wall emotions

This field is very strong and works on all possible levels and even on your past and future lives. First week you can have a healing crisis or “crazy emotional stages”. Eat more alive food, drink more pure water and don’t forget to ground yourself.

After this process finishes you will feel like a new person who will own all his power. It’s possible to clear some diseases as most of them are because of trapped information inside the energy system. Your abilities to manifest and live in pure joy will become everyday life as you will connect to your true self that is not covered from all the programming layers, traumas, energy implants, entities and other stuff that don’t serve for your highest and best.

Average person have to listen to the field from 1 to 3 months, depending how much he has worked on himself to reap all the benefits from the field. You can use field while you sleep.


great topic :heart_eyes:

Even Better fields to come in future!
And great audio :slight_smile:


if I am using trauma field this will replace that correct? no need to use both?

It should replace it

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thanks, probably replaces release all negative energy gumroad field as well no?


This one is much stronger and can replace trauma release. Here many things are cleared. :slight_smile:



Field designer here - this field was inspired by The Body Code and The Emotion Code by Bradley Nelson with also some inspiration from Access Consciousness.

This field is different from the Eternal Cleaner - the Eternal Cleaner field focuses on clearing and releasing toxins (physical and energetic). While this field does clear toxic energy and helps clear blockages, it focuses mostly on correcting the blockages and imbalances in your body that have been created from trauma and outside sources such as entities/implants (this is not referring to physical implants, but a type of energetic attachment). It helps with clearing many things that may be affecting your physical and mental health, as well.

For those concerned about it clearing “attractor fields”, this is not referring to fields that you are using to attract wealth or a specific goal. This is referring to non-beneficial energetic fields that get stuck to your aura/field, which often keep you stuck attracting the things you don’t want to attract (or prevent your from attracting the things that you do want to attract).


Thanks @MrNobody

Can you also throw some light on what fields this replaces?

If this plus Eternal Cleaner fields are used, can I skip the rest of the clearing fields in the basic clearing playlist.

Also, does this replace the chakra (114) and energy blockage related fields?


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I’ll have to see whaat @Maitreya thinks about that, as I didn’t design any of the other clearing/blockage fields (besides trauma/incident clearing). I don’t think it would replace the 114 chakra field. The only fields I would say that it may replace, are “removing thought forms & parasites” and “etheric spells & curses” and “removing negativity entity and bad spirits” but again, Maitreya will need to confirm this.


Also curious

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Is this a book or website? I liked the idea of Emotion Code, just wish I could muscle test properly

It is an entire modality/set of tools and techniques. However, the main technique used from it here is the clearing technique. In this case, it’s the “destroy and uncreate across all time, no-time, timelines, space, dimensions, realities now” command. I will be creating a channel soon focused primary on clearing techniques and audios, designed to help with clearing specific blockages and issues. When that’s available, I will have more in-depth explanations of how those clearings work. But for this field, I’d say if you feel drawn to it, like it will benefit you in some way, then you should probably get it. (clearing blockages and using fields like this will actually help you with the muscle testing, btw - it’s also helpful to make sure you are hydrated and that your polarity isn’t reversed).

Here’s a link about common problems with muscle testing and correcting polarity reversal:


thanks for design this goodness :yum:


I recognized this immediately! Thank you for requesting this - I asked Sapien to make an Emotion Code field but didn’t get anywhere, so I’m very glad to see that you worked with Maitreya to make this happen!



I was hoping that SOMEONE would make this type of all-in-one field for energetic/traumatic/etc… And finally, someone makes this field. Planning on buying this one when I save up.


Does this also contain the new subconscious beliefs clearing that has just been released?

No, they are different.


Excellent. I’ve bought both and can already feel clear changes