Sexual Energy Clearing and Cutting Cords

You and your partner exchange a lot of other stuff as well not just the beliefs, you exchange qualities and your other aspects as well.



Thank you!


From my own experience sexual energy is one of the most powerful. Can create a new life after all. Or destroy you if is used in abusive way.

I used this field in the same way as I take a shower after sex. I would call it energy hygiene. It had happened to me to being infected with dark energy. Physical intimacy makes you more open and vulnerable. If someone close to you is depressed and you are sensitive, energy exchange will affect you on every level.

On the other side, when your system is strong, you can use this energy with love, to bring someone comfort and relief. All depends on the intention.

I also used this field in one big meditation, when I wrote down names of my lovers, so I could say goodbye and forgive them, or myself if I felt guilty. So this field with setting intentions is extremely powerful.

Sometimes we feel guilty because we allowed someone to hurt us sexually, even if this is something, we should never feel in that case. But the key to healing is forgiving.


Women’s body are very beautiful to me, and sometimes sexual magnetism is so strong that later I have sexually thoughts in my head with that person. Especially in a slightly longer period of celibacy. Should I call this “dirty thoughts”? I don’t know this is right or wrong, natural or not, I don’t have reference, you know, taboo. Does that also create a cords with that person?

I’m curious. Very :smile:

its for everyone you are not alone :rofl: