Cutting Negative Cords With Other People on All Levels / All Bodies

Cutting Negative Cords With Other People on All Levels / All Bodies

You are an energetic being. So when you make a connection with someone, you form an energetic bond. Often these connections, or cords, are wonderful. You may know the feeling of being completely in sync with your partner, a sibling, or closest friends. But there are some connections that you’d prefer to break. Sometimes, even when you create physical distance from someone, you still feel energetically tied to them. That’s where cutting cords can help you.

Cutting cords removes negative connections you have to other people. As you make a practice of severing these unwanted attachments, you’ll begin to feel lighter, healthier, and more like yourself. It’s time to call your energy home! Let’s get started.

What Is Cord Cutting

Cutting cords is the process of severing negative connections that keep you energetically tied to another person. Negative cords can be formed with anyone, even people you love. Here are some examples of cords you may want to cut:

  • people you want completely out of your life
  • social media followers who have attached to you without your knowledge
  • loved ones who are sources of drama
  • those in your life who are needy, envious, or have bad intentions toward you

It’s important to note that cord cutting is all about breaking NEGATIVE ties. Bonds of pure love can never be broken, so it’s safe to cut cords of attachment even with people you deeply care for. You’ll still be connected, just in a healthier way. Think of cord cutting as a way to set energetic boundaries for yourself.

How To Identify Cords of Attachment

So how do you know if you have a cord with someone that needs to be cut? Here are some signs to look for:

  • They emotionally drain you
  • When you think of them, they contact you out of nowhere, or
  • They pop into your head for no reason
  • You fear running into them, or feel the need to avoid them
  • The person is at top of mind right now, as you’re reading up on cord cutting – trust your intuition!

When it comes to the people you know, the need to cut cords is usually pretty obvious. But it’s totally possible to have picked up cords that you’re not even aware of. With this said, it’s not necessary to know where all of your cords are coming from. Cord cutting is all about intention. So if you simply focus on cleaning up any/all negative ties, that’s enough.


Does it serve to cut ties with entities that are obsessing you?




Often when you try to sever a connection with a person that person senses it and chases after you to re-establish the connection, like a parasite that won’t be removed. Does this field have any protection against this? How not to make the person touch themselves over the cut connection or simply forget about you?


Can I cut the cable for other people? If there’s a person who has a toxic relationship but can’t get rid of it, can I use this field to cut the cord between those two people?


Sapien’s Smart Cord Cutter gives them some “double” of you. So they think they have you. So you can opt for that. Sometimes I do. But on the other hand, I don’t always prefer it. Because then they project on you like they have you. Which doesn’t necessarily hurt you but neither does watching them attempt to maintain the connection. Just lets you know it’s working. A matter of preference. Right now my preference has gone back around to Maitreya’s. Let them try, lets me know I’ve succeeded.


3 times, this field felt like cold shower and peaceful :innocent:

This should remove other people’s jealousy and bad intentions too. Very much needed to burn all those negatives.

Thank you


I can’t find mandala version
The link from youtube is empty

There you go :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks. I already purchased it
But I was looking for the 1-st version. Not V2

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1st version is available only on YouTube. Not every field is on all platforms. Some are only on Gumroad and not in the Store. Some are only on YouTube.

In the video description on YouTube, there is a link to a boosted version. That is, there was enhanced audio, which was supposed to become a mandala, theoretically.
But this link is empty.

We will correct the description. Thank you for pointing out :slightly_smiling_face:


Feels really good this one. Daily field…

Does this permanently cut cords with someone when I set the intention while listening?

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If made from real love, it will clear the cord, not destroy it. This field is made to cut negative cords. If this will not work, then this should end connection:


Ok. Clear. Thanks for your reply.

But will it cut the negative cords permanently? If yes, by intention or automatically?

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If you know the name, go with intention. Power of your words and declaration will help the field to work better and faster. Any field, not just this. Fields are energy, when you direct your focus, you direct this energy. Of course, they will work without this too, targeting all negative cords that you might not be aware of. But if you know the name, use it and safe yourself time :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for your helpful explanation.

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As an act of my own free will I choose to release and detach all vibrations and frequencies that do not serve my highest good. I responsibly cut all cords from past lovers and declare and command their energy to no longer have access to the sacred parts of my being. I release and
send back their energy to them with the purest intent of becoming whole again as well, as I call back my energy from their sacred space. II pray, ask, hope, & wish this to happen not out of spite but for inner healing and inner peace to be in me as I boldly face this journey of me embracing
the light within my soul. I forgive therefore l am forgiven I love therefore I receive love I wish all well therefore all is well with me.