Greek God Testosterone (The Golden Era Testosterone)

Testosterone booster instruct your body to get your levels high beyond the limit. While the Hormone Healer would balance them to your optimal level, so they would not go beyond that limit. So using both means whatever would go too much, would be instructed to reduce.
That’s why I think it would be better to choose one. If you want T super high then stop the Hormone Healer and see how you feel when you exceed the optimal level.

It will instruct your body to produce it. Your body follows the instructions at its own pace.

You might consider to read the description of those two fields, and check how you feel about it.

At some stage, your body will be able to maintain the correct level without using fields. Unless this is Greek God Testosterone, then you need to use it occasionally, as it goes beyond your natural state.

Another thing that comes to my mind is sexual trauma, which can store blockages in reproductive parts both in men and women and affect hormones and their mental well-being. It could be suppressed for the whole life. I would go with this field for a while, too. Anyone who had an intimate moment could benefit from that.

Check what resonates with you the most and follow your intuition.