DM: Cord Cutting v2

Cut all unhealthy, negative, or positive energetic cords and attachments with all living, non-living, and astral beings, objects, events, all places starting from Inner Earth, Earth, Solar System, and Universe.

Field can bring lightness to the physical body, emotional and mental state. Also, you can start to see people around you differently and maybe will need to change your environment.


Thank you for making my request

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Cuts positive cords?? Why did you decide to take it this way. No criticism just highly curious is all. What is the benefit of cutting positive cords?

It’s important to realize that this practice isn’t always about negative cords. We make so many connections in our lives that we can also become overloaded.

In the heart chakra, we can overflow with love, compassion, or spiritual partnership. We need to share our abundance.

Just as plants with wild branches extending in every direction sometimes need pruning to continue to grow, we need to tend our positive energy ties.

A cord may have nurtured an important part of our growth, but we need to trim its tight grip on our thoughts and identities in order to move forward in our lives. Often times, old cords naturally wither away or decay from your energetic exchanges without any conscious action from you.

We can cut energy cords that we have locked away for ourselves, sometimes selfishly, so that we extend these cords into other emotional bonds.

Cutting positive energy cords provides space for new experiences that can lead us down clearer paths on our spiritual journeys.


Well. I’m in. Thanks for requesting this.


I do feel lighter. I did not expect that to be so literal. A sensation of lightness in my mind. Hard to describe, reminds me of something I may have felt in a dream, or of that feeling you may rarely get when you are going to sleep and just beginning to dream but you’re still slightly conscious and you know what’s happening, that sensation of lightness.


To be clear, is this cutting ALL cords, or ALL that should be cut regardless of polarity? It is intelligent, or universally applied?

Is this like the Revision: Full Restart mandala in that it wipes out everything to create a blank slate for a fresh start?


So when you breakup with someone, this is the type of cords who hurt you ?

Yes, it wipes everything and makes a full restart.
If there is love / or nice and positive lessons between 2 souls, these connections will be built again. If not - well, we have to throw the garbage every day.

Yes, but not only. When we are having a relationship with someone we parts of our energy with him/her and from the other side is the same. So, when such a relationship ends people are feeling pain

  1. because of the connections and bonds and
    2nd because they love large amounts of energy for the other person.

In most cases, the person who gave MORE energy is the one who is suffering,
not the one who has received.


Who gave more what?

More energy


Niceee, how to measure the energy


I don’t think someone can measure the energy, but people who give a lot and don’t receive from the other person the same amounts are feeling it and their relationships start to fall apart. The Law of Giving and receiving is absolute and people who don’t follow it have large problems in time.


I would like more wisdom about that, thanks!!!

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The wisdom lies in the balance of everything.
If the balance is broken, the problems and sufferings start.


Just bought it,

Thanks, Maitreya Team!

This really is a must-have tool.

This allows you to all cords with any person, any emotion, senzation, addiction, negative thought forms, material object, bad habbit, negative entities (you name it)

The effect is almost instant.

Be careful, though. We are so accustomed to having all kinds of cords, that the matrix will desperately try and force you to reestablish these cords. So this is best used daily, until you really cut everything.


Does this make feeling of withdrawal and alienation from family and close ones? I suspect this one or perhaps another reason for it. Strictly speaking from personal experience only.

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When energy connections are severed, it can affect relationships, and in fact, that’s the goal. Typically, if there is genuine love between people and their souls, these connections quickly recover. If the relationships are based on other “benefits”, you might find that at a certain moment, a person you’ve known for years appears completely unfamiliar. If you want and value these connections, they will be recreated, but this gives you the opportunity to easily sever any kind of relationships that do not serve you in any way.


Thank you for the detailed reply and for clarifying😊