Bhramcharya V2

This field is for those who are addicted to sexual pleasure and pornographic media and want to get rid of this addiction and want to use the ‘precious energy’ into something that the body can benefit from instead of wasting it for no reason.

This field will give the following benefits:

  • Sexual Energy From The Root Chakra And The Lower Dantian Will Go Upward To The 7th Chakra Through The Sushumna Nadi
  • Will Charge All Your 7 Chakras
  • Will Remove Sexual Thoughts And Thought-forms
  • Will Remove Cords With Actors You Used To Masturbate
  • Will Make Porn Videos And Masturbation Unappealing
  • Will Remove All Sexual Desires & Hidden Sexual Urges
  • Will Remove All Stored Experiences Of Watching Porn Videos And Nude Pictures
  • Will Remove All Sexual Thoughts About Women
  • If You See Nude Pictures Or Porn Videos Then It Will Raise Your Vibration And Will Remove The Urge To See Porn And Masturbate ( Keep In Mind If You Tried To Forcefully Watch Porn And Masturbate Then It May Give Pain Or Shock In Your Head As It Will Go Against Your Mind. )
  • Your ‘Sattva’ Guna Will Be Strong And Will Dominate
  • Will Use Sexual Energy For Body Healing
  • Will Use Sexual Energy For Creativity
  • Will Use Sexual Energy For Confidence

All Version of Bhramcharya V2 Includes: “Inner Resistance Dissolver” and “Brain Reset”, Brain Reset will auto stop if there is no damage.

Please keep in mind using this mandala constantly for a long period of “one year” will make a permanent change in your body, your body will start to automatically absorb the energy and the sperm won’t come you will be able to do sex but won’t be able to have babies and the reversal will take up to 1 year or more if you decided to have babies.


Need mandala verision bro

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Oh wait bad idea lol

Today will have 3 similar mandalas for that with some different effects. People who want this to be permanent can use it.


Nice avatar btw lol


sexual pleasure next mai :heart:

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Mandala should be the memory whipe, cord and thought forum part cuz 24/7 sexual transmutation isn’t good


Btw check dm when you have time I’ve done some stuff also add dopamine pathway and neurons restructure part to destroy all pathway created by porn or sexual addiction. Add mind control/brainwash programming that will create hatred towards sexual addiction and porn so one can’t watch porn even if he wants. More like creation of fear from that just like fear of death in people (same formula as emotional perfection)

pornophobia fear of watching porn

A different mandala should be made on that lol that will be even stronger than the V2 audio to kill porn addiction. For serious dudes who really don’t want to jack off avarage joes beware of it


Alright, will check it soon





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You could name this mandala version 3 btw lol
Also add losing desire towards beautiful women and their obsession so there will be no simping over them cuz some people are sexually obsessed towards women


You gonna share those juicy customs with us right? :smiling_imp:

Hi @Maitreya

Thank you very much for this :hugs: :star_struck: :heart:

This field sounds like to put you in full monk mode.
Will it only heal porn and masturbation addiction or also remove the desire for normal healthy sex with real women?

If this is for full monk mode, would it be possible to make a variation of this field that only removes all the porn and masturbation stuff but keeps the healthy sexual desire directed towards real women?

I can imagine that many guys here, me included, still want to have healthy sexual partnership :wink:


PS: Please do not remove the V1 version as the V1 has the prolactin removal in it, in case of relapse.


I think it just removes the existing thoughts and desires.

Mainly because most desires are more dopamine/porn based, rather than raw primal/sacral chakra based.

I dont think any field can shut off the primal urge.

But this is more like a general cleansing, you would be surprised how many of our “desires” is just dopamine.

Was hit by this thought yesterday when looking at the stars wondering why creation even exists lol,

If we take away/shut off dopamine from humanity, what is left then?

Anyway back to this gold, feels good.


Thank you very much @Maitreya !
One thing that could perhaps be useful to add would be something like: Heal all kinds of sexual trauma, Dissolve and heal sexual blockages, Dissolve all sexual insecurities.


This audio gives puts me at a certain peace, unlike the V1 which just made me more horny and aggressive lmao


Yep, the #1 reason why porn is so bad and masturbation so dangerous is because of the extremely negative impact on the the dopamine system and dopamine brain rewiring.

The lost energy and semen can be restored very fast and the prolactin is back to normal after one week, but the frying of the dopamine receptors is the major and long term damage.

I agree about the dopamine importance for humanity. Without the dopamine triggers we would most likely not survive in the physical world as we would simply forget to eat, drink and sleep :thinking:


The plus versions of this new field on Gumroad are available as Digital Mandalas and have a ton of additional promising effects :slightly_smiling_face: :partying_face: :star_struck:


Thank you