New Release: Chakra Cleansing

This may or may not happen to evryone, but l suggest you use the grounding field as well as have good protection/shielding

I’m only having the mandala on my phone for around 20 minutes a day. and focusing my intention on where l need the energy to work on.

I’ve been on nofap for almost 2 years now and have been really good at not relapsing. Since getting Chakra Cleansing last Wednesday, l’ve had 3 nights of nocturnal emission/wet dreams and my dreams being invaded by entities causing me to have sexual acts in dreams. I know it’s entities because l have aphantasia and hardly have visual dreams or even remember what l did after l wake up, but these have been very visual and l can remember them even days later. I have been using the Sexual Energy Clearing and Cutting Cords audio for the past few days but hasn’t helped

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