DM: The Field Optimizer

lets say my max limit is using 10 mandalas - but then i have 20 mandalas in my mandala manager and optimizer, since optimizer is wise, i can expect that there will be always 10 that are active, but what if i play an audio stack that is 4 hours long ,
can i expect the optimizer to lower the active mandala at that time to give space for the 4 hours of audio stacks,

im really confused on how the optimizer turns on or turns off the field, does it turn off field inside the folder/usb or does it remove the energy of a field in our aura when it want to change the active field?

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The Optimizer works for your Higher Self, so if one day your capacity is 3 fields, this is what you get. If you can have 15 safely and it’s for your highest good and aligned with what your HS wants, you’ll get 15. The Emitter will stop emitting fields.


what about the part when im about to play as an example 4hour audio fields stack,

can i just say to the optimizer to" focus on the audio fields" that im playing and be 100% sure that im recieving the 100% effect of the field

my question actually came from this comment

I would create a new folder with a new MM + the Emitter and add this audio with instructions to play audios at a certain time. Your HS might switch this off if this is not for your highest good when you have the Optimizer.
I keep a few folders without the Optimizer when I am working on something, and I need this full-on :smiley:


Hi. I feel like I have to ask about this.

I have bought a lot of fields over the years - about 70. When I look at it all, I feel like I still need everything because I haven’t solved my basic problems. I can’t estimate how many fields I can safely wear and for how long to achieve full results. That’s why I deleted and changed fields many times, overloaded myself many times, over and over again. It ended up that despite the passage of time and the use of fields, not much has changed in me and my life. Impatience, too many fields, wrong field choices? I don’t know. That’s one of the reasons why I recently bought a personal scanning and a custom mandala.

Field optimizer seems like it should solve these problems, but I’m still not sure if carrying for example, 23 fields (that’s what I have with field emitter and optimizer at this moment) is a good idea. Will it slow down the work of fields and results? Maybe I should use all the fields I have and let the field optimizer take care of the rest. Maybe I should remove everything and just use custom mandala. Maybe I should just select a few fields? Maybe the problem is too little time for the field to work? Maybe the problem is in my mind and my thoughts about me and my world, maybe my lack of spiritual knowledge?

I would like to add that I have Quantum Booster, Limit breaker, Nervous System Balance, Raise Light Quotient and Grounding in hopes that I can process all the fields.

I need advice on how to have a real impact on my life.


I’ve been there, too. With a strong emphasis on being impatient. If you want to change too many times at the same time, then you might get zero improvement.

The Optimizer is like a remote control for your Higher Self. So your HS is going to decide what and when. You might have different ideas for what is for your highest good.

Try this for a month. You are probably at the stage that it might stress you. Only custom with


Nothing more than that. Then, the hardest part. Let go and relax. Just do your stuff. And check in a month how you feel. It’s challenging. But sometimes, taking a step back is getting you closer.


Yes, very stressful. When I read this, I immediately think like what about this mandala, what about this one, and maybe this one will also be useful. I negotiate with myself what I can get rid of and what I can’t. Very difficult to do.

Actually, I think it’s hard for me to imagine a reality in which I no longer use Maitreya Fields at all. Maitreya Fields are addictive :rofl:, or maybe it’s because I find them so helpful fo me?

Maybe it’s just a matter of my wrong perception that I have poor results… Sometimes I think that the expectations I have for people, the world and even the results from the fields are to blame for everything. If I think about it a little longer, I really like Brahmacharya v2 field. I’ve been using it for a long time. Even though I didn’t achieve full results, I think. This field completely changed my perception of women and more. It’s like a 180-degree turn. From seeing women as purely sexual objects to seeing them as beings who feel, deserve love, respect and the best of everything. I have to have this field, I feel great with it. :smiley:

Thank you for your the advice, I will try.


One thing I did when I felt kind of along these lines was I used the art of letting go and meditated with it to let go of expectations surrounding what the results of mandala is supposed to look like and asked Fohat to dissolve anxieties surrounding this.


Actually, we want people to get their power back and awaken their gifts so they won’t need fields :slight_smile:

Follow your intuition, but also believe in your own power. Fields are just tools to activate you.

I use this a lot. Especially when I feel overwhelmed or stuck.


Thank you @NatiNati and @Polaris :heart:

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Can I have more than ten?

I feel you. Had the same feeling, but i can tell you after one or two days you forget the fields you thought you need.

Used 30 fields and wanted to reduce them, it was like craving and not being able to make decisions. Then i dropped all and focused on the god connection fields. Added in you’re favor, chameleon protection and a few others.

Now i have fifteen fields… It’s still much, but there are fields wich are a must have for me…

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It’s all because I would like to change so many things about myself. I noticed that I wanted to change not for myself, but for other people. To live better with them. It seems to me that everything I lacked in childhood, for example love, attention, understanding, closeness, I look for in other people. I look for everything I need outside, not inside, within myself. I recently realized this.

I finally managed to follow Polaris’s advice. I only added Brahmacharya field. So now I have a total of 6 fields and an emitter.


How is it going man?

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I can say that I feel like I’m releasing something. I feel a lot of sadness. It’s the middle of the day and I want to cry for no apparent reason. So with a limited number of fields, my custom mandala is stronger for me.


That’s a good sign, i think. Releasing :slight_smile:

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Can you create a topic for this, please, because we’ve drifted away. And we will discuss this in details.


Thanks, I had no idea this was around. Just got it.


You’re so welcome! :blush:


Hello everyone !

First I printed a paper version of the Optimizer mandala so that it could manage my energy pendants, nft mandalas and other Mandalas from various creators.

Secondly, I have an SD card in which I have created several folders on each theme that I want to improve and work on. In each folder there is a copy of “Emitter” and “Optimizer” + the specific energies to carry out the desired energy work.

My questions are:

  • does it cause a problem if there are several copies of “Emitter” and “Optimizer” on an sd cart + one in printed paper “optimizer”?

  • does this all work well this way?

If you have other proposals and suggestions I will be delighted to receive them

Thanks :pray: