The fields we most need

I was thinking now that I’ve ordered one custom mandala, that I really want to order more for other issues I’m having. But there are also many in Maitreya’s store, gumroad, etc, which I want to grab.

I know Maitreya basically asks for all the information about you which you are willing to share when you order a custom, but I can’t help but feel that most people would probably be helped just as much by the right pre-made field.

The issue is that I often struggle to choose which field/mandala would actually be the most ideal for my personal issues when it comes time to purchase. I really put a lot of thought into it every time, and use my intuition of course! But I can’t help but think that if there were some kind of service on here to match a person’s issue to the right mandala for them, it would be really helpful, even if that service were paid.

At the moment, for example, I want to buy the optimizer, discipline, quiet mind; epic life, brain reset, shadow integration, and chameleon, in order to treat my personal issues of struggling with discipline and forming good habits, struggling with bad mental health, and struggling with self sabotage and self victimization and hopelessness.

What’s funny about those fields though, is that combined they come out to basically exactly the price of 1 custom mandala. So I’m a little torn on which to buy next. It’d be really cool if there were some kind of service, even if it was paid, where you were matched to the right field option for your issue.

For example, maybe my self sabotage issue stems from my self discipline issue and the discipline field would solve 80% of the issue by itself. Or maybe it’s entities and the chameleon field would solve 80% of the issue by itself. That sort of thing. Just wondering if there’d be any way to implement something like that.

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This is a very good idea, and when we have the opportunity, the forum administrators respond and assist people in choosing the fields that are most suitable for them. The forum itself is made for this, and many times, when we don’t respond, one of the members has done so in a suitable way.

A few months ago, we had a Top Contributors program with this purpose, but unfortunately, this project fell apart. If anyone with significant experience in the fields and a passion for spirituality wants to participate in the program, they can read this topic: ( Top contributor Program ) and connect with Genius for more information.

Unfortunately, I struggle with limited time and have many inquiries and tasks, and such a service, if undertaken, would likely exhaust me a lot. If there are people who would like to participate as Top Contributors, it would greatly benefit the entire forum and all the people in it. There are also great premium benefits for them. :slight_smile:


I would definitely like to contribute as well. Thank you for your response. I want to be careful with how I phrase posts like this, because I don’t want it to ever come across like I’m saying I’m not grateful for all that you/your team do here.

What I was requesting here is obviously logistically tough so I’m very willing to look into how I can help become part of the solution. I definitely would like to gain more spiritual experience going forward in various arenas, so it seems like a good opportunity.

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I believe there should be a type of free mandala that can scan your body and subconscious, providing guidance on the areas that would best contribute to achieving your goals.

For instance, let’s say you desire financial stability and meaningful relationships. You might intend to choose or invest in fields related to money or relationships.

However, the mandala would scan your being and offer you insight suggesting that you should first focus on healing your relationship with your father.

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Hey there, it’s a wonderful idea to have sort of a guide to lead you to what audios/mandalas that you need at the moment. If I may make a highly recommended suggestion for the issues that you mentioned: Try the Divinity Activation (either listen to the audio, or if you have the field emitter you can copy the audio or mandala to an USB drive or SD card and carry it with you). I haven’t found such a perfect field that helps with so many issues at once in quite a while. I’ve been wearing it on a SD card with the field emitter for about a week and I feel like a completely different person. I used to struggle with my mental health a lot because of past traumas and hurtful events that used to get triggered all the time when I was in people’s company. It was exhausting. Even when I was alone the negative thought loops would keep popping up over the most mundane things. I remember wishing that I could just find my brain’s off switch just to escape the torment. Now after using the field I finally have mental and emotional peace. There’s nothing to get triggered over. For the first time in my life I can honestly say that I’m completely at peace with my past and who I am. I can’t even begin to describe what a relief that is. Highly recommended! :blush:


Thanks for your suggestion and kind words. I love the people on this server. :slight_smile:

I actually own the divinity activation mandala already and can attest to what you’ve said. One day I may match it with the divinity intercession (is that what it’s called? I think so hahaha) mandala, but it’s one of my favorites I own. I also love that the art looks really similar to innate faith in God.

But honestly, as I’ve shared before on here, when I first bought that mandala, even before printing it out (just from looking at it and meditating on it) I had such a weird/positive experience where I hallucinated and felt that I shifted somehow, immediately after purchasing it. I honestly think it may be the most important one in the store for many people. I hope it doesn’t get overlooked for the flashier ones by people who need it.

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I think that the best way for a person to be guided towards a particular mandala is through their own intuition. Everyone has a focus and sees the things they need and strive for.

In case someone would like more assistance in this area, they can look at these mandalas:

Sometimes we’re not sure what field is best to use, and this often results in carrying/listening to many different fields. This can be a problem, though, because using too many fields at the same time can make each of them less effective - and it can also result in energy overload. Imagine having too many programs running at the same time on a computer - this makes each of the programs run much slower, while also affecting the overall performance of the computer. Wouldn’t it be great if there was something that knew exactly what fields we should be using at each moment, and at the same time, prevented energy overload?

The Field Optimizer is a smart field that works by doing exactly this, when carried along with your other mandalas or the Mandala Manager - and it will also work if you are using the audio fields. The Optimizer determines exactly which fields will benefit you in the best way possible, at every moment, giving priority to those fields and activating them at the perfect level of intensity, while also making sure that you don’t overload your system by grounding any excess energy.

How does the Optimizer know what’s best for you at every moment? It’s not really the mandala doing the work, but your Higher Self. The Optimizer creates a connection to your Higher Self, who knows exactly what you need at every moment, and which fields would benefit you for your highest good. Through this connection, your other fields/mandalas are activated, at the perfect percentage of intensity - and it continues this method of optimization by “updating” and self-correcting, every second. This means the mandalas that are running, and the level at which they are running, will automatically change throughout the day - depending on what’s best for you at that specific moment.

For example, say you are carrying 5 mandalas: Ego Detachment, The Art of Utilization, Breaking Bad, Four Promises, and Charismatic Aura. When you are at home, maybe the Optimizer decides that it’s the best time for you to have the effects of Four Promises and Ego Detachment. So it activates Four Promises at 50% and Ego Detachment at 50%. Later that day, when you go out, it automatically updates by activating 50% Breaking Bad, 30% Four Promises, and 20% The Art of Utilization.

Since there are many factors that will change throughout your day, this is why the Optimizer changes with you - depending on who you are interacting with, where you are, your current mental and energetic state, and what your goals and intentions are at each moment. Because it works directly with your Higher Self, it knows what’s best for you at every moment. You can use the Field Optimizer by carrying it alongside your other mandalas, alongside the Mandala Manager, or alongside a Field Storage item. You can use it with as many fields as you want, and it will simply activate only the ones which will benefit you, at that time - there is no risk of using too many fields with the Optimizer.

This field helps improve every area of your life by helping you find solutions to any problem/issue in your life, while also releasing negative beliefs and subconscious blockages that are causing those problems, and while working on an energetic level to clear any negative interference/suppressive energies. This field is like a telepathic life coach that has the ability to help you realize clearly, exactly what you need to do, to achieve your goals. If you have been feeling “stuck” in life, this field can greatly help you break free.

The areas of your life that this field can help improve includes:

Relationship problems

Addictions and compulsive behavior

Loneliness or loss of a loved one

Feeling stalled/held back in your job, career, etc

Feeling depression, anxiety, etc

This field works in three ways:

It identifies the exact causes of your stress, problems, and anything in your life that is stopping you from achieving your goals - on a conscious, subconscious, and energetic level. It determines what will make the greatest positive change and prioritizes that.

It gives you the best solutions for those problems - you will start to know, “hear” or “see” the solutions for those problems; you will realize exactly what needs to be done (the fastest, easiest, and most effortless solutions)

It starts working on your behalf, clearing all conscious, subconscious, and energetic limitations, blockages, and interference - while also increasing your ability to find solutions, and increasing your inner strength, vitality, and confidence to take action.

This field has inbuilt high intelligence and is able to work with your higher self and your subconscious, so it can give you the exact frequencies you need right now based on the situations and experiences in your life at this moment. You get what you need right now, even if you don’t know exactly what you need.

This is like an exercise for living without expectations and trusting the universe.

It will bring you amazing, unexpected things.

When the box is opened (activation words: open the box) the energy knows what the user wants and needs on a deeper level, even if he/she s not expecting it at all, and it brings the experience to them.

Each time one activates the DM with a more concrete intention (when opening the box the user tells what they want) the field brings to the user’s mind unexpected things in a very powerful way - ideas, energies, people to help you, a message from a song or a movie, etc.


Powerful, super detailed ideas when you need inspiration and creativity, innovative and unexpected solutions to problems.

States of being and feelings that are new and surprising to you. The box will find what is best for the user at that moment. It will bring happiness, joy, relaxation, peace.

Unexpected points of view, enlightenment, vision of endless possibilities expanding the mind.

Unexpected motivational thoughts to accomplish any task.

The unexpected feeling of already having what you dream, a preview of already having that, and feeling if that is what you really wanted or it’s just an ego illusion and is not worth your efforts and energy.

Clarity of the mind, deep feelings.

The field will give you anything that is within the limits of safety and intelligent application of energy, that helps the person to grow and be better in every way. It will also help you see that great unexpected things can come to you and help you enjoy life more.

Because it gets to know the user in the deepest ways possible (the more the user wears it the more it knows the user) and will know how to kick in the best and faster ways to get the best-unexpected results.