Any solution?


I tend to be bothered by spirits (people who passed away) as they keep coming in my mind all day and do negative talk and things. It’s a bunch of them (20+) and they’ve also tried possessing me or taking over. Also, for some reason all my plans get cancelled out, for instance if I’ve got an idea, it will already have a block on it, so I’m stuck.

I’ve tried all of the mandalas but none have worked. I have 8 of them in the mandala box manager. Any advise on what can be done or how to approach this? Or am I dealing with some sort of schizophrenia (which I don’t think so)

Have you tried these mandalas to send them to the light?

And Also try to connect with God

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And there could also be a possibility that you have some mental condition/illness, so listen to the Blueprint of Mental Health.
and go to a doctor.
And by the way, God could help you with both mental entities.


Thank you for the help. Other than the new one, I’ve tried to the mandalas/videos.

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Have you tried this

Also try Praying

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This field was designed to banish entities. It has very powerful exorcism. DM: Saint Basil the Great’s Exorcism Prayers

What have you got? Maybe you don’t need more, just a different way how to use them.

Can you see those beings? Sometimes, psychic awakening can be horrendous, and you feel like you are balancing on the edge of the madness.


I’ve tried that too. Everything available except for some I currently don’t use to prevent overload. yes, I can see the beings. What do you mean by just a different way of using them?

@Polaris In some cases is it a good idea to engage actively with the Mandalas?
Talking to them, feel the energy?
You meant that or you just mean a combination

Open the mandala and tune in to the energy. Feel this exorcism. Then, look at those beings and tell them that they need to leave now. You do not wish to have their presence in your life, and you revoke every contract with them. You command them to leave you.
You can use the energy directly from the mandala.

Pretty much. I believe in the power of your words. When you declare that you don’t agree with a strong intention, it usually helps. Depending on the level of the entity. Then you need to step in your power and remember that you come from the Source/the Creator, so your force is unlimited.

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They maybe just asking for your help. Maybe you have the potential to be a psychic. Recklessly performing an exorcism is not an option. It may be better for you to try to accept and control this ability, not to resist it.

As the saying goes, "Men fear ghosts 30%, and ghosts fear men seven times.

This would work. Many souls are just trapped in the astral and can’t go back for many reasons, so they ask psychics to help them. But from what Nav said, they tried to possess him, so they aren’t good.

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Is this the same as transmute entities to white light? The wallpapers are different so I felt it could be different.

Is there a reason mandalas don’t work?

Those are two different fields.

Contracts that you’ve made in your past lives or your family has with them. So they can own you this way or another. Try exorcism.
You can play this audio and see how you feel.
You can also try this technique Self-Declaration: Overcoming Black Magic and More with Higher Self mandala for the most optimal results. Or even combine Declaration with exorcism field and HS mandala.