Divine Invocation / Energetically Programmed Audio

This is a very powerful potion of divine energies which releases any negative energy from your mind and body. This field leaves you in a state of pure bliss and a positive attitude. A sense of renewal is felt in just a few minutes. This field gives you an opportunity to get rid of anything that may have been haunting you emotionally and spiritually.

The field evokes the living God (The Pure Consciousness of the Universe that is infinite, omnipresent, manifesting power of the Universe, out of which everything that we call dynamic energy or force has evolved. It can manifest in any shape or form. It is the consciousness manifesting as motion, as gravitation, as magnetism, etc. It also manifests as the actions of the body and as a thought force. It is the Supreme Spirit, whom we are asking for protection and freedom from all sorrow and suffering. It is a prayer that adores the great Creator and Liberator, who out of love and compassion manifests, to protect us, in an earthly form. It has the power to transport one’s mind in the state of causeless love and limitless joy. The calmness that the field can give is to be experienced, not spoken about. Here is the key with which any door to spiritual treasure could be opened. A tool that can be used to achieve all desires. The nectar that can set one free!

In order to achieve the best results, keep your house and office free of clutter, keep your body clean by taking daily showers and let the Divine take charge of your life.

Digital Mandala: Divine Invocation - MaitreyaFields


I gotta say, I’m surprised to see this…I’m curious, what made you decide to release this $100+ mandala as a free audio on YouTube?


Thanks Maitreya for this!


Thank you very much Maitreya for this powerful energy field of vert great value :hugs::yellow_heart: :pray::sunny:.


I just listened to this for the first time.
It feels quite warm and somehow uplifting and like an emotional cleaner.

The music is a very nice gentle cyberbunk ambience and super to loop.

Actually, now after 4 loops, I have to say it is quite addictive in a positive way :hugs:

That’s all I can say for now and I am at my 7th loop now… :melting_face: :smiling_face:

I am yet not sure about this, but ‘feeling of what you want to manifest’ while listening to this – the field seems to act like a booster?
It is definitely easier to get into states of positive and joyful feelings with this.

I mean it is even “hidden in plain sight” within the description that this helps with manifestation… :sweat_smile:

That feeling alone should manifest a ton of positive stuff.



Many people need it. :slight_smile:

Yeah, this field is raising instantly the vibration and mood, so it can be used for manifestations or just good mood.


Bumping this up…

@Maitreya is this different/better than Awakening God, Christ Consciousness and Buddha audios?

This one doesn’t seem to work for me.

Edit: maybe it is but I just am not aware of it. The descriptions says feel bliss in minutes. I have looped it for hours and not felt anything that resembles that. I am interested to hear other peoples experiences with it.

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Something working under the surface maybe until it all hits you at once when it reaches the surface of your conscious mind. Soul Restoration did me that way. Listened for hours like this isn’t doing anything then Bam.


Definitely one of the best camps ever, extremely helpful for banishing negative mental states and low vibration, I have never seen one as useful as this for this. Don’t expect that you will be the happiest person in the world using this, maybe that’s why you might not notice results, the fields don’t work exactly the same way for everyone. It definitely eliminates lingering issues that bother you, relatives who have harmed you in the past or random people, frustrations, etc. enough also reconnects you with your higher self/divine spark, if you want to see results I recommend using distance fields booster along with this audio for several hours a day, if you want more results use it more often or buy the mandala, and don’t just wait happiness, focus on how you acted and reacted with things, what thoughts were circling your mind and what circling now after starting this field. I use it throughout my sleep period.


I listen to this on YT 2-4x at the end of my daily playlist and just after 4 days, I am filled with bliss and positivity and fortunate events in my life. My outlook in life is so optimistic without even trying. This really works for me along with your Digital Mandalas. Thanks for this free audio @Maitreya! :+1:


Thanks for your feedback! Glad you are experiencing the bliss state! :raised_hands: :pray:


Hey guys a little ‘for me big’ result i want to share.

Used this field for few weeks in the past and had no results. Today i had a little crisis, overwhelmed from don’t know what to do or want with my life… With thoughts like ahh it sucks, i don’t get it, can i please don’t wake up tomorrow. Felt like shit.

So after trying the bluprint of emotional state i go t a hint from somewhere. This and i looped it till now, took a short nap and now I’m miraculous fine. Even i still don’t know the direction of my life, but i feel so much better. I used the connector to accept and integrate this as fast as pssible and prayed to the creator to please free from from everything that causes this suffering. Top field :slight_smile:


Clarity will come when you are calm :pray::blush: