How to remove dark servitors and black magicians totally?

I feel like im haunted by an evil force to stop me from evolving and motivation and bring more problems this vile spirit, i believe some black magician sent it to me selfishly also, how can i remove a dark servitor better a black magicians curse? ive been through so much, earth has been ugly to me, and i get this, this is pure rage of innocence


DM: Saint Basil the Great’s Exorcism Prayers this can help

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i will do it, i bought it, and thanks still, such a complicated task to express, i feel ok so far, but i can’t sense that energy to vitalize me, but i will do basils prayers also


what is the best source to get rid of them ? because enemies keep sending me sigils of them to cause harm for selfish reasons i dont know

i’ve felt sensations and happiness through energy work such as fields or mantras or
whatever frequenecy there is, but nowadays i dont feel anything , it felt like a process which was decreasing in energy sensations within, im starting to wonder what happened? i barley have in faith in fields these days because they might automatically not work, i wish i could get rid of this bind! :9


You can use the soul contract revocation DM and give it a strong intention to find all the contracts and agreements you have given to the dark side, evil, and any being of the dark side, and revoke them all.

Alternatively, you can try the following approach:

  • Connect with your Higher Self, Guide, or Supreme Self and make the following declarations:

Note: I would recommend using the Higher Self mandala or Divine Invocation while you read it with full power and will.

  • I declare that I refuse to serve evil and dark side beings, the entire egregore of evil, I refuse to connect with their energies and laws and ask My Higher Self/Guide/Supreme self to give me the clear sense that it is my right, and to remove any fear of death, or that dark side beings can and have the ability to harm me in any way. My consent to this is now retracted in all lives, dimensions, between dimensions, all times, and all other places they are given in the Universe, All my energy be returned from these places fully purified, whole, and all separated parts and consciousnesses that are only mine to be cleansed from all this and to be returned to me and my soul.

  • I Retract any vows to evil/dark side beings. If I have performed magick/sorcery in any life or violated the free will of other beings, now renounce all the benefits I gained through these powers. give me the sensation needed to know that the Universe cares for me and provides me everything I need, without using the services of beings from the 4th and 5th dimensions.

  • I Request all illusions within me that evil/dark side beings are strong to be removed. All illusions and realities that make me believe that I can’t cope and that they will never leave me, never let me escape from them.

  • If I have ever attacked other beings in a past life, another dimension, or between dimensions, I ask my Higher Self/Guide/Supreme self to energetically target these people/beings and cleanse the suffering that I have caused them, to provide them with complete healing up to the soul level, and to receive the greatest benefits and blessings possible based on their experience.

  • I Release absolutely all implants, influences, and emotions that allow me to have holes in my aura and let dark side beings pierce through it.

  • My Higher Self/Guide/Supreme Self Remove all the reasons within me that allow and permit evil/dark side beings to attack/manipulate/influence me and Please destroy seals, implants, devices, imprints, energy, and anything that was placed by alien races, evil, dark side beings, that are placed in mind, body, aura, chakras or anywhere in the body on all levels, destroy them on all levels from the source without the right to come back.

  • My Higher Self/Guide/Supreme Self, release all soul fragments that don’t belong to me, clear them, and return them to their rightful owner. do the same for people to whom I have given my power or soul fragments: release them, clear them, and bring them back into my own energy field.

  • My Higher Self/Guide/Supreme Self, please find and destroy all chanting, servitors, ill intentions, morphic fields, fields, and any energy attempting to harm me. Break all bonds related to the owner of servitors. Cut all cords. Send all entities, demons, and other beings that are maintaining these influences into the Creator’s light without the right to return.

  • My Higher Self/Guide/Supreme Self, All my energy, soul fragments, and everything that belongs to me, to be extracted from the owner of servitors, cleared by the Creator’s light, and get back to me for my highest and best. Everything that belongs to the owner of servitors, All their energy, soul fragments, and everything that belongs to them to be back to them.

  • My Higher Self/Guide/Supreme Self sends me the healing that I need right now. (It will fill the gaps left after destroying the seals, implants, devices, etc.)


The abouve invocation is Brilliant!! thank you “Genius” I WILL using this invocation declaration of independence right along with a FULL ON Reciepe of Soul Contract Revocation, Removing J Seals, Soul Fragment retrieval and more! I have all of these and more,thankfully. I will Be purchasing soon,additionally IN Your Favor, Limitless Good Karma Booster, Remove Archon Control, Obstacles Destroyer & Comprehensive Resistance Dissolver right along with The Divine Invocation Pendant ( ESTY store) The person who requested help , do you know how lucky and fortune you are to have people respond to you and that quite soon to help you in a GOOD way and not to misled and the fact that you are already predispoed to being open for such help. We are indeed some fortunate lucky souls to be here utilizing this great works for Humanity and that is no lie, sinerely K -Man. thank you Genius for this lay-out Man. WOW. deeply appreciated and can benefit MANY!!


This thread has all fields that are for removal.

WOW! It works super strong.


Servitors are initially thought forms that are powered by the energy of the person who creates them. Over time, they can be trained and might even acquire their own independent consciousness. However, this doesn’t mean that they are “alive”. Anything that is not created, so to speak, “naturally, by the Universe” can be easily destroyed because it doesn’t carry life.

It’s a different topic, but in the Universe, there is a major regulation and dismantling of souls that have been created but have violated many laws and are such great evil that they cannot be left to roam freely here and there.

Use this field: DM: Removing Thought Forms and Parasites - MaitreyaFields with the intention to destroy all foreign thought forms that are in your field and have no place or permission to exist there.

As you probably know, we are not religious in the sense of religion, but we often use prayers that are directed toward the Unified Consciousness, the Universal Consciousness, or whatever one calls it. Use your connection with God and pray to resolve the issues in you that allow you to receive such attacks.

Also, you can complain to the Universe if you believe the attacks are unduly directed at you - i.e., you didn’t start it. :slight_smile: It’s not allowed for such powers to be used for personal gains, or harm to other beings, and from time to time, such magicians might have their powers completely taken away from them by higher realms.


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it started all from school i have two simian crease lines but a bit more detailed then one single line, and when i was a kid showed to other kids and and said thats a sign of the devil and that shocked me, and from that on things went downhall i made pacts and dark rituals and at the end of it all, can you believe it that it already planned for me? for a mystic reason or something, im not that popular, probably unknown or infamous depeding on my status, and so nowadays after i used energy to heal i cleared many toxins within but somehow energetic sensitivity has been diminished, kinda concern maybe somebody binded it, and they keep showing popping posting goetia sigils in my inbox for obvious harmfun reasons

i truly wish of hope for me, Maitreya … i am so lost right now, my cat is dying, i feel for her, can’t sleep for two days straight, my motivation is rapid down hill, and i keep recieving sigils of the goetia to intentionally harm me on inbox, energetic sensitivity dosen’t work anymore, in other terms they stole whats mine and i suffer the burden state, but may it be no more please, im 32 years old never had an actual good life due to bad manipulative descisions since youngage, i just wish Maitreya would create a pure field where it works automatically , in which destyors whatever is blocking it from essance, such as chains, thorns, anguish moist, these are just some to explain how it feels, please create a field …that works for everyone universally, like if im bein ripped from my prana and all my chakras chained i wish this field would remove and heal those things go away, and i’ll finally get my state of energy sensitivity, because it brings me quality in spends of my entire time, if you want i send you a picture of me Maitreya and telll afterwards how much it would be for paymoment, in terms to cure me totally from all curses beyondly, i can be a unique figure, i don’t waste my life sad, its time for me to feel happy but in the real thing

Maeitreya what i truly fear is this…some black magician/s stole away the essance of my energetic sensitivity prime, nowadays i can’t feel anything, numbness, please help me if you can manage, thanks

Did you try the self-statements?

Wow, this is super strong. I started feeling extremely hot/ burning up sensation and burped tons while midway through this

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I’d like to mention, if you feel fear or thoughts of stopping the process, don’t give up. These may come from the dark side to deter you while you declare the statements.

since three years ago i’ve had energy healing done by myself to cure a harsh black magic in which jumped back to him finally, and for no reason they do this, at the same time for a reason, but im not a bad individual, a bad individual knows already about your problems and cause more, i’m just expresssing a cent of what i’ve been through, please Maitreya is there something that could ultimately rest and rejuvinate my body and brain. open chakras fully and all energy flow starts to work, with this way i will have an acomplishment through motivation, because inside i still feel empty within, lost a grief, plus all the hexes they caused, please help me

could ever be a field when someones sensitivity have been gone
i wish with this field it re creates new subconciousness at the same time while finally healing the entire system, because fields or other energy work are not workin for me so far , i need to remove the bind of this, but how? :frowning:

@siv999 There’s no need to cross-post your issue in multiple threads. It’s much better to ask it in one thread so as not to split the discussion/answers over several threads.

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