Restore Etheric Body and Close Aura Gaps

This audio will restore your etheric body and close all aura gaps. It will make your aura super strong. With that the field will find all projections from others in you and will remove them. The “empty space” from removing the projections will be filled with unconditional love and after that you can choose what to feel and think by yourself, not by other people’s thoughts and emotions. After this clearing you will know for sure what is Yours and what is a projection from others.

Field will create an energetic shield for other people’s emotions and negative energy.



Braahhhhh …

The thumbnail keeps getting better and better every video ,

Keep it up maitreya …


That is what I need, we are speaking in the same language.

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Is it possible to do magic with your own aura ?! :sweat_smile:
Bravos for this masterpiece :clap::clap::clap:

can this field help those who do energy work and have problems with energy traces that are connected to their system?

Anyone else get a bit of itchy sensations from this field?


Me neither.


This is not something to worry about.

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@Maitreya can I use this everyday or this field is for weekly maintenance only?

You can use it the way you wish. :slight_smile:

Personally, I would recommend using this field daily for 30 days then switch to weekly if you want. :smiley:


This sounds good. Thank you :blush:

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Hi, I found this forum & creator through the sapienmed forum and was curious on if this audio would increase energy sensitivity or if it would affect how effective a dog tag/mandala is on me.

I don’t think it will increase the sensitivity to energy, I’ve used it for a while and it didn’t happen, it can improve the mandalas and tags effects.


One of the best ways to increase energetic sensitivity is to cleanse all unnecessary previous formulas out of your system. :+1:


For sure. I was just making sure this audio wouldn’t make my tags less effective

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And why would that happen? People worry too much about how this and that will affect your tags, just relax, nothing you do can harm them, even if your tags are broken in half they will regenerate.

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Yes, this is true, since I started using reverse frequency I have been more sensitive.

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Will this expand the energy body container?

Its not made for expanding, but more to make the aura stronger