DM: Restore All Bodies

This field has been created to restore one’s energy bodies completely. It will close all cracks and holes through which your energy leaks out or negative influences and entities can enter. It will restore your mental, emotional and physical balance and will create a beneficial environment within your energy system and body so you feel well on all levels and enjoy better health, well-being, abundance, joy & laughter, increased wealth, and many other benefits.


can it help with twin flame connection ?

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I’m not sure how you’re connecting this energy field with the twin flame connection? And what exactly is it supposed to help with? Perhaps if you ask a clearer question, I’ll be able to give you an appropriate answer.

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Curious what the difference is between this one and the Book of Alchemical Quintessence. Seems really helpful though.

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Are the mandalas/field still active through venly? For those that purchased mandalas on the venly platform.

@Maitreya why this one has two files for download with the same image? Is there any difference between them?


Thanks :heart_eyes:

Wholeness DM also help :heart_eyes:
i don’t know if he is my twin flame or not but i stop thinking about him


Yes, they are.

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No, they are the same.

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if i combine this with Chakra cleansing

do i still need this ?

114 Chakra Cleansing - Restore Energy Flow

or the Chakra fury mandala ???

You might add Chakra (Fury is the most advanced one); it will create synergy with this field. However, Restore All Bodies might be enough as chakras belong to the energy system. I would start with this and see if you need anything more than that.

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how is this different from the Book of Alchemical Quintessence fields,
i bought this instead of the Book thinking this is version 2 of the field, correct me if im wrong, thank you

The Book of Alchemical Quintessence has blueprints. This is a more advanced approach than Restore All Bodies. Same goal, but let’s say the Book is a Pro version while Restore is Basic, so the program has fewer components.

Price is always adequate to the complexity. So you might have two similar fields, but “Pro” could have required more work from Maitreya, and even more time to create it.

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I already have The book of Alchemical Quintessence, and I bought Restore all Bodies a couple of hours ago😱
Could I change the buy, to another DM instead?

There is a difference between the two fields.
‘Restore all Bodies’ is for the restoration of the bodies in an external sphere. For example, if someone has energetically attacked you, if someone has managed to manipulate you and has breached your bodies. The intrusion of entities into a person is precisely due to holes and cracked bodies through which they can easily pass. When a person has completely restored bodies, it is much more difficult for this to happen.

‘The Book of Alchemical Quintessence’ is more for the inner world. This field is necessary when a person has some major internal problems on a mental, emotional level - for example, obsessive thoughts, excessive emotionality, a feeling of helplessness, stress, aggression, sadness, etc.

In addition, it includes many high vibrations of various positive energies and frequencies that instantly uplift a person internally.

It depends on what kind of problem one is trying to solve, but if a person has various internal and external problems, it is good to combine the two fields together.


Thank you, what a relief :pray::100:


Appreciate the explanations

Thank you :+1:

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