Restore Source Connection

This field is designed to remove the obstacles in a person that prevent them from connecting with the Divine and their own creative power as a Creator.

The field is tuned to pass through all levels and clear these obstacles, at the 3D level, Higher Self, 5D, at the soul level, and Monad.

The reduction and interruption of the connection can be due to many factors, but some of them are:

  • Strong subconscious beliefs and energies related to anger towards the Universe/God. These may have been created in past lives.
  • Attacks on you by entities. This includes all kinds of magic, attacks against you on other levels, spells, curses, and others.
  • Substances that a person has taken in 3D that have distorted their connection.
  • Long-term problems with entities and demons.
  • Participation in occult practices, groups, and the use of black magic.
  • When consciousness is stolen by other beings and deliberate brainwashing through shock techniques.

There may be other manifestations of this, but these are the most common.

The field will clear and restore your sacred connection and build defenses for the future, so that external influences cannot touch your evolutionary and divine growth.


Will there na mandala in the future?

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Litterly the best field ever


I thought it was an audio on YouTube, but actually, this field is so important that it might be better to make it a digital mandala too. I’ll do it these days and release it free in the store.


Yeah i lwt also go of all my goals and focus on feel the connection and love from the Creator. Don’t know how i can go further otherwise. This and divine invocation


I used the YouTube version when i was travelling to Hong kong, got heavy flu sickness afterwards. My intuition says this field is detoxing me heavily to restore my connection to source

Then i googled about Hong Kong’s drinking water, 100% of the population drinks fluoridated water. I can’t imagine all the food and drinks that i had was with fluoride.

The people looked like zombies and behaved really separated, if i smile out of kindness or be in love, all i get is fluoridated stare of separation…Hong Kong sucks


When I visited my home country, I had to take anti-allergy tablets all the time because I had such a strong skin reaction to the water. Europe is also bad when it comes to tap water.
You can feel the difference in the vibrations between different countries. The more this country suffered in the past, the harder it is for you to stay there if you are energy-sensitive.

Another thing that disconnected people from the Source was taking jabs. I observed my family and other people I’ve met and how they reacted, and many of them lost their faith in God, and felt like do not belong anywhere anymore. I think this field could help those people a lot.


Definitely, i will play this in my home TV for everyone to hear.

I guess we make the difference to others by acting as nodes of light to spread the goodies . But sometimes it’s kinda taxing when they themselves don’t want to change even after getting the goodies of unconditional love,our unconditional presence or other fields of self acceptance,self love and ect but they return to their normal self detrimental ways afterwards. They are not reflecting upon it…and it makes us think it’s better to mind our own business and let the universe and their own soul dictate their journey…Earth is definitely complicated :pray:t3:


I AM REALLY looking forward to this in DM format, to save, print,apply. keeping an eye out for when it becomes available in DM. Happy New year 2024 everyone. Love n’ Light. K.


Please do ! :heart: :heart:

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I have the Divine Invocation Pendant from Etsy, along with a slew of Virtue Pendants and I can honestly say they are plenty powerful,effect and well worth every penny,too! Love Maitreya Fields work. Looking forward to having this one in DM, carrying in my pocket while I wear the Diving Invocation Pendant and more. Gosh this stuff is a-mazing !! To say the least !!


Can we have a DM for this field please ?


Maitreya will make this DM soon :slight_smile:


I found this DM Divine Connection
It could be a great complement of this


We just posted to our Patreon and social media :slight_smile:


Amazing! Thank you
The mandala is as strong as the audio? Or is it boosted? I like meditating to sound :slight_smile:

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Why is this so unseen? Has someone experiences with it? It seems super helpful.

I think an excellent conscious god connection and charging life with gods presence stack is restore source connection, divine connection, divine invocation, comprehensive resistance dissolver and faith in god mandalas. Will give it a try, I’m so excited :heart:

Divine Invocation !

Same strength. You can use audio :slight_smile:
I used Divine Invocation many times. Highly recommend. As a result, I do not even bother to fight with dark beings anymore. I just focus on the Light inside me, they got blinded, and I move on to something more important.