Removing Negative Entities, Bad spirits, Black boxes, Тhought Forms

This video will remove the negative energy from you, stray spirits, fallen spirits, negative entities, bad spirits, black boxes (that don’t serve you), thought forms that attract those entitys to you.

And also will raise your vibrational state and fill you with the unconditional love from the Creator.


Get the Samurai mandala and cut those entities in pieces.

(free on patreon)


Samurai Mandala, free on Patreon or buy on gumroad/website.

It has an astral katana that can be used to kill negative entities.

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My dear the mandala already is shared here in the forum
Why do you send me else where :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What is a Black Box?


Black boxes are a fusion of beliefs, emotions, energies, intentions, etc. which are not yours, but you accepted them somewhere by someone. The acceptance can even happen if you join a group of people that are working together in a similar sphere.

I can give an example of the monks who are lied in some monasteries and they are used by beings from other dimensions like batteries, to suck their energy and to put implants in them which are not destroyed even after death and other reincarnations.

Also, I don’t know how familiar are people in the forum with astral beings, entities, and demons, but I will drop something that can lead to shock. When a person has such black boxes, agreements, and other contracts with other beings (even if he doesn’t know on a conscious level - these beings can steal/take the consciousness of the person.

The consciousness of people is very valuable for such beings and they are making constant worthless feelings in people and putting them in illusions and disinformation, so they can continue to make their plans and use people like cows.

The fears and all negative emotions that people have against themselves are mental illusions and lies that were implanted in some way in them, in their parents, in their grandparents, etc.

I love when I have the opportunity to say this again and again with the hope that when someone is reading it, his mind will make a CLICK and really feel and integrate it:

You are WHOLE AND PERFECT the way you are,
now at this moment, and forever.
You, who is reading this post
You are infinity and love,
Remember this, you already know it deep down inside yourself
Allow yourself to feel it
And let go of all mental lies that are trying to lie to you that you have some imperfections you should fix
You don’t have what to fix, as you are already everything
The role you are playing is not who you are

(This post contains a small download :wink: )


Thank you :pray:

I sometimes feel very grounded, happy and light when I read your posts. I was wondering if I am imagining things, but I am not!


From your suggestion in the Copier field thread, I’ll use this “removing negative entities” field for 1-2 months. Although I refuse to believe in a threat that originates externally, I’ll follow your advice. Whatever outcome that comes from it, I’ll see it as perfect.

I remember learning that the physical body is like a sensing device for awareness to experience the physical universe. In a way, all of the input of the senses encounters awareness somewhere deep inside. This information comes as a realization that:

The physical universe is not outside of us (awareness) but is inside us (awareness).

Each moment we experience the universe is like an output of a camera on a screen. The physical world rebuilds itself afresh every second, and although everything seems to be the same as the previous second, it is utterly unique. Looking at it this way, it is a miracle that we are experiencing this instant. God presents us with each perfect moment and supplies us with a unique experience based on our thoughts and points of view.

This revelation thoroughly disrobes me from fear. I’ll enjoy every precious moment like an exciting movie God has written for me. All the suffering, the awakening, and the liberation are like distinctive flavors of a marvelous adventure.

I want to quote the Buddha:

“It is lovely in the beginning,
It is lovely in the middle,
and it is lovely in the end.”
– Buddha

Thank you, @Maitreya for your amazing creations. They support me a lot in my adventure. :slight_smile:


Is there DM for this field ?.

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This field is only on YouTube and Patreon. No DM


Be very careful with killing entities at all. One time I went to a healer who (unknown to me) killed the entities (and told me only later) and this pissed off the rest of the entities that were still alive so much they kept trying to summon demons.

Now eventually this backfired and the summoned demons killed the entities instead… but it could’ve gone worse.

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I agree; you never know what is attached to porn.