Entities/mental illness


I tend to have deceased people keep coming in my mind and them invading my space and thoughts. I wanted to know if something like the mind guard mandala and help with this or the servitor? Its been 2 years and this hasnt stopped, any suggestions?

Have you tried saying “I do not consent deceased people coming in my mind and them invading my space and thoughts.” ? Sometimes this could be enough.

Also have you asked your angels to protect you from invaders? The angels need your permission in order to help you.

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Yes i’ve tried that. I had a deceased spirit that was extremely negative and keeps cancelling out my plans. I’m not sure what to do

You can share more if you want, so we can suggest something appropriate.

They do negative things and for some reason ive seen them destroy gods and goddesses that potentially couldve helped. I notice a thought or feeling that suddenly comes up and it ruins the whole plan. I can’t seem to retreive my own self and i’ve been losing energy and my own mental space. I was wondering if a custom field can be made or st least if overall for everyone if a schizophrenia mandala. Although this isnt schizophrenia perhaps it can still help.

I had issues with fallen angels, and because many of them claimed to be gods in our history, sometimes they need to be revoked personally. I would combine this Names for Soul Contract Revocation with Mind Guard. Also, word of caution do it slowly. Every time you revoke an agreement and use Soul Fragments Retrieval there is an instant change in your vibration, because you get back your missing piece so your physical body can experience a healing crisis.

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If you keep losing energy, this might be a spell or a curse with some evil eye sprinkled in there from what I’ve read. Have you tried spell and curse removal fields?

It could be a hex too but I don’t have a field at hand for removing such thing.

Also, have you asked for your angels to help you get rid of this problem?

It seems that they tend to come in aggressively and since im dealing with deceased people, ive seen one of them match themselves perfectly with light and dark.

I’ve tried this a couple times, its just going back to me being sensitive to energies so i can easily still spot them coming back.

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In that case, then the only last suggestion from me would be to say to your angels something on the line of “My angels, please help me get rid of this problem permanently” They surely know the answer and can guide you.

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Call to Help always works. Divine Invocation with the intention to ask the Creator to create protection and clear everything inside you, because this field asks God himself to step in.

Also, this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkKChJ6a4nQ to restore the connection.

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