We need to talk about the armor of the divine spark

We need to talk about this, divine spark armor is the best form of protection you could wish for while you’re alive and nothing even comes close. You don’t need a thousand different shields, you just need this one, in a world where we live full of conspiracies in parallel dimensions, astral beings, disembodied spirits, aliens and whatever, this can protect against all this, as it comes from the creator himself of all if it is done then it sadly means the total bankruptcy of the Maitreya shield fields lol, for us on the other hand this is great news. The divine spark armor is different from person to person, but it has the same purpose for all, to ensure absolute protection, its appearance can change depending on the person, in some people it manifests as a giant soap bubble that covers the whole body, too. it can be a blue flame that expands in case of attack, and that is one of the problems, it requires a deep connection with your divine spark/higher self so that this shield can be made and visualized, this shield starts from the solar plexus region, not everyone has such a connection so the field would have to do it automatically, if I had such a deep connection I wouldn’t even be asking for this field so that’s obvious. The divine spark armor is so powerful that it works even in the physical aspect, yes, I know this is going to sound absurd, but it’s almost like those tales your grandfather told you about people who cast spells and were impenetrable, not even shots could hit them, it doesn’t quite reach that level lol but it’s something that definitely provides some level of physical protection, a young man who had such armor was hit by a car, his leg was pressed into a pole, he totally despaired because with all sure the damage would be serious, but all he suffered was minor injuries, actually the pain was the worst of it and not the injuries themselves, there’s no way this is possible unless the shield worked for protection. Well, that’s my suggestion, instead of spending multiple shields, always worrying if you’re protected enough, never having one shield for all your purposes, why not invest in the best ever? If anyone is interested in knowing more, I can send the website of the person who gives these seminars, and also where the report of the young man’s accident is, but warning that, it is something from my country so you would need translators.


Precisely what I’ve been looking for…

So many shields, protections, cleanses, clearing - I am always confused which one to use :frowning:

If there is such a shield, please PM me the details. I want to get one for myself and my parents.

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist, it’s a paid and in-person seminar, this is far from you, and I don’t know any other way to get this shield, other than going through this seminar and having acceptance of your higher self, I’ve already researched many sources , but I didn’t find anyone who approached the topic from the same perspective, it’s a pretty unknown subject, no mandala, audio, or even some other distance seminar provides such benefit. In fact, if I remember correctly, there is a friend of the creator of this seminar, who also says he can do the same and remotely, but he would also be paid, depending on how willing you are.


Open to this for sure man! Like one fix lol

I can’t send you pm, I think this option may be disabled in your account.

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@Samurai @Firehand Opinions?

Interesting. Does the creator have a website for the seminar?

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yes, https://osaltociencia.blogspot.com/


I’d make the only shield you’d ever need and that makes all other shields obsolete the 8th shield in my stack of shields. I’m all for it.


can this be Added to the game of creative ideas thread ?


I will try


No need…

Adaptive shield + release and block AI mandala + smilodon = 90% of issues covered.

The other 10% would be entities or parasites that need to be transmuted using white light which maitreya could put in an audio which they for some reason still dont :unamused::unamused:

Oh and fyi : NEVER play sapiens journey to nibiru.


How come?

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They’ll implant you and ruin your life.

IF you allow it.

More? :joy:

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There is one - it’s called shadow integration.
(some of entity/shadow removal happens only if you unfold the kundalini in you which is a long journey)

Light prism is the result of white light. You can enhance every light spectrum with your mind or a servitor…

Dozens of fields or programs are made to transmute negative energies / shields and people are still requesting it…

(white is mostly for healing used to fill the gaps, violet, gold and blue are the one that works much better to remove or transform negative energies)

Try to build your aura as your own shield - you not gonna have problems with any “psychic attacks” anymore nor when people are throwing their own crap to you.


what does d.b stands for? :smiley:

So what are so many disobsession fields for? “useless by the way” The purpose of the fields is precisely that, to make things easier, it’s made so that beginners or average people are able to do advanced things, otherwise it doesn’t make any sense, if someone has already awakened their kundalini it makes no sense to use a field to remove entities, the person does it himself. I’m sick of being obsessed everyday, I’ve tried every field and it never ends, attack after attack, having too many fields is useless if none of them works, I stand by my point, the shield I suggested is the best it can be be created. I’m not answering everything directly to you, just arguing.

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Don’t need to awaken her just for it :smiley: thats “tamas” you just have to make your sattva strong by eating good foods, good lifestyle, and not watching shit movies, porn, shitty yt videos, eating junk, but doing exercise, yoga, meditation, eating good food such fruits, veggies.

As what you eat you support one of the gunas, if you eat sattvic food and do sattvic lifestyle sattva will be strong, but if you eat meat and poor quality junk food and watch shiity videos etc, you will support tamas, :smiley:

You never cant delete these powers (Tamas, Sattva, Rajas) within but have to learn to take control on them have to make one stronger than the other.

Tamas is the one that is lusty, wants sex, wants to eat junk food, just want to sit and do nothing, etc. :smiley:

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