DM: Adaptive Shield

This field will create an extra shielding layer around your aura. Аnytime that anything got through that shield, the shield will record its frequency and become immune to further attacks of the same type by vibrating the exact same frequency but as an inverted wave so that it would cancel out the attack. The shield is made to be very adaptive and to memorize everything that touches it.

Other benefits the shield has: We used again here the egregor of illusions which will make this shield invisible and the information which is memorized by the shield, won’t be registered from the outer world, so it doesn’t attract more attacks to you.


Super excited. I can even afford this today. Thank you thank you thank you!


Guess I’ll be adding this to the library as well!


Here is a very early and initial review. I didn’t think I’d notice anything this soon but I am.

First I went and hung out outside for a little while. A couple of guys walked past me, no big deal. But they had a wide path to chose from and chose to walk pretty close to me which I’ve experienced in the past as guys trying to exert dominance or intimidate.

I was beginning to take it personally, beginning to get a little bit angry like a fight or flight response, but the fight side of it. Then less than a second of that and it felt like something just grabbed me and adjusted my whole self, aura, perceptions, subconscious and said “no, that has nothing to do with you”. And it all just stopped, I went completely into an independent state of being, no strings attached. Not literally like hands grabbing me, but that’s the best way I can describe it.

So it was like having a very fast and powerful autocorrect working on my aura and subconscious and perceptions.

Other than that, I’m mainly spending time by myself right now. And again, I didn’t think I’d really notice this field doing anything while I’m alone but I do. I feel a lot more at peace, and I feel a lot more “myself”. I feel like my energy is higher too. Like my energy must have been somewhat consumed or wrapped up in constantly fighting off some outer influence.

It seems like we are living in an ambient energetic environment of something that is attempting to coerce us into not being our true selves but rather conformed parts of some conglomerate whole that isn’t really there for our best good.



I was already sold but this confirms the reason I wanted the field.

There is much more going on than many can even comprehend and its not just others that you can see around you doing things to us. I thank you for your quick assessment… Buying NOW :slight_smile:


Unexpected based on the description, but sounds very desirable (especially the perceptions part!). Thanks for sharing!

More and more this is fading away. Trust me.


I’d like to believe that. You don’t realize how loud the background noise is from the lower astral or whatever we might call it until you turn it off.

Just went out to buy a couple of things. Some guy I’ve already had an encounter with before tried to mess with me, tried to intimidate. Not projecting too much here in saying that, I’ve seen his pattern of behavior before with him in particular directly.

Crazy mix of things happened there. I responded to him as calm and coolly as ice. This I think is part of what Chameleon does for me, part of the camouflage making my automatic behavior always make me seem to fit in no matter the environment.

Also was no lack of confidence in my voice. No people-pleasing smile or attempt to supplicate. Here I identify the Helm of Awe.

To wrap it all up, I was 0% effected by the whole thing. Even with the above, and I know it’s already a lot of shielding, I would still feel at least a little bit bothered by something and have to shake it off. Nothing. Here I’m thinking is the Adaptive Shield showing up. I’m starting to think of it as an anti-reality shifter. Like when people try to make you share in their reality. You’re just like, no thanks.

Or I can even see it as being a real-time etheric cord preventer. Just no new unwanted etheric cords being formed while with this Adaptive Shield.

After that dealt with a woman who acted like I was into her. You know the difference between someone flirting and someone flirting so strongly that they are more or less assuming that you must be into them. Usually that makes me feel at least a little ick. But I was untouched. Excellent.

Oh, I have to add. With the guy. A few seconds later I heard him say out loud to no one in particular in a happy voice, “I don’t even remember what I came here for”. Yeah, he got Chameleoned.


I’m glad these tools are working well for you man, really. :smiley: :+1:





I there is audsiaudsi something else i was wondering. since it is a shield that adapts after each attack so that it can block it the next time by producing by producing frequencies that are contrary to the attackproducing frequencies that are contrary to the attack So that means that we would first have to take the attacks at least once before the adaptive shield is able to protect us effectively ?!



I could speak better to this in a week or a few days from now. For now I can say this. I had two instances today of a male trying to intimidate me. The first was more probably my own projection. The second was less probably a projection from me. In the first instance I felt the negative reaction in me to what I perceived was happening for a second or less before I felt the shield make me immune. In the second instance I received none of the negative energy for any amount of time at all.

The second example was with a female as mentioned above. In that case I seemed completely immune to the negative energy of someone imposing upon me their perception of who I am attracted to as if they could make it become my perception. There did not appear to be a moment of having to “take the hit” before gaining immunity. It may be that she was emanating this energy towards me before I noticed it but the shield already in that time picked up the frequency and began cancelling it out.


Something I found interesting. Went and hung out outside a little while ago. A few people passed me. Now, I’m wearing multiple shields. No one so much as glanced at me. Which is not how things usually go for me for whatever reason, I’d love to be ignored but my aura seems to ping off of people or something. So everyone acted like I wasn’t there. Excellent. But funny thing… this cat came out of nowhere and sat not too far from me, usually cats around here are very avoidant of people. And it just stared at me the entire time I was out there. Not exactly a twilight zone worthy story but it was a little strange.


Very relevant, thank you very much for these analyzes with your experiences of this energy field.

Besides, I am often asked, why do I need so much shield? Normally the answer should be obvious to me lol, but even if I tell myself that it is to protect myself from all sorts of things, I tell myself that my mind could have trouble managing so many shields, each more and more powerful than the other (even if in reality I also use very many powerful fields, without doubting the capacities and potential of my mind, but with the shields, I see them as big sheets of junk / metallic that I carry around me, a bit like the warriors of ancient’s weird that I make this image to myself, but hey 🤷).


Some shields feel that way to me. But not these. Adaptive feels like the lightest and most effective shield of any I’ve used. 5 stars in both categories. Helm of Awe could feel a little heavy but only a little. It’s not shutting down your emotions like some shields I’ve tried. But you do put your energy forward with it. It’s one I’d use even if I were to never meet another person again. I simply feel like it’s a healthier way to be, sort of proactive with your pineal.


That cat was thinking…what in the world is up with that dude’s energy?!?


One way to address this concern would be to combine the Field Optimizer mandala with all of your shields.

Now, shield management has been automated through the Higher Self and your mind can rest easy knowing that all shielding will always be at exactly the state it needs to be for your best good to be experienced.


I have an idea about this mandala. What I think would be so cool is to have a mandala like this but the opposite. Use the same concept except it clears our negative energy from us. Wouldn’t that be amazing! Search and neutralize. :slightly_smiling_face:


Just don’t change my favorite mandala please.

Are you using this one?

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Yes, I agree. A new mandala would do the trick.

Yes, I have it. It works amazingly. I love it.


Bought it today. Out of curiousity, why are there two identical files in the purchase?

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Mistake. :slight_smile:
This mandala was a great “hit” for protection.
The problem with the protections is that they can become too many and as they stop the outer world to “hurt you” or more good said - to affect you,
they also stop your radiance which makes manifestations harder to do.
This protection was made invisible and I didn’t see this problem like the others.


Thanks for advise, you will plan to modify it or best just dont use if want to manifest?