Maitreya's Favorites!

I am sure like me you all also wonder what does Maitreya personally like and use? Can be fields, crystals, movies, music, supplements, etc. Advanced souls like Maitreya will have a good reason why and what they like and knowing this helps unevolved people like me.

So @Maitreya - if you are okay sharing, what are your fav Maitreya fields? I have a feeling one of them is Field Integration Primer. :pray:


I agree, it would be very interesting to know. But I want to know too…How can we be at their levels ? What is the way to go ? It is even possible ? lol :thinking: @Vega @Maitreya @Genius

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We want to learn so much on this forum

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Every little boy thinks he’ll never grow up to be as big and strong as his father, but in time they always do. Spiritual growth is like this, and with more incarnations comes more growth. Enjoy the process.


I’m pretty much on this journey, this desire to be the best version of myself to accomplish beautiful things in this. Created and working with my own energy fields :grin:.

I do what is necessary, let’s say I try as much as possible to give my body, my mind good vibrations on different aspects.
Food, water ,place of life , social relations, passion, artistic creations, going to places charged with good energy, meditation.

I give my body enough rest and care when it needs it.

I use primarily energy and other tools to cleanse all of the consuming energies that have allowed themselves over time within me in this lifetime.

The importance is to take into account several aspects. I realized some time ago that the energy fields were not enough if I wanted to regain good health. I have the best fields in my possession for the health (blueprint of life, Plasma protocol, eternity redux) to be on top but for that there are other things to respect and take into account such as food.

It seems to me that Maitreya said that vitamin deficiency may not promote lucid dreaming.
Being deficient in vitamins and minerals can slow down and disrupt the biological processes of our body, our adaptive and cognitive abilities, limit our spiritual evolution.

If it is your real will, you will be directed little by little in this direction even if sometimes you will take different routes but in the end you will head towards the desired and desired destination.

Listen to your intuition, your heart :slightly_smiling_face::heartbeat::compass:


Let me guess. It’s a magic trick. she disappears and then re-appears with the rabbit aka the creations.

but really, it’s probably something along the lines; Silencing/ dissolving the self, becoming the Self, perceiving the creation, then waking up -or more correctly sleeping again- to her self.

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Field Integration Primer


The Great Compassion Mantra (Nīlakaṇṭha Dhāraṇī)


Connect with Spiritual Guardians – Angels


Adaptive Shield


I always use it!