Digital Mandala: Chameleon Protection

This is one of the best protections for people who are affected from psychic attacks, evil eyes, spells, curses and other negative energy from others. People who are against you will be put into illusion when they are trying to harm you and they won’t be able to do anything. Your field will be protected with shiny colorful protection just like chameleon and will affect people’s minds that are trying to do something like these negative energetical results to your bodies. These people won’t be harmed, but will be put in illusion for next hours.


I deal with a lot of racism in my day to day life. Will this protect me from that as well?
What are the practical applications say I’m out and about at a bar and someone wants to start something? Will they just go into trance?

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@Maitreya, I remember you talking about this in the Animal Kingdom thread, where you took on the aspect of the chameleon and noticed great psychic protection benefits from it. I’m glad to see you decided to make this more readily available to everyone!


The program is made to put beautiful illusions in the person’s mind (things he desires to have most in his life) and it will change the focus from you. He will be exactly like in transe and will forget for you + a few hours later he will be affected from this. So every person who tries to do some harm to you will fall into this “beautiful daydreaming”.
Even psychics with high skills and concentration can’t pass through this protection easily, because their mind is going constantly in other directions and spheres that are emotionally related to them.
I would say that this protection can be broken only from monks for example who don’t have any attachments, but … they would never try to do harm to others, so…


Quite a creative way to deal with bad people.
You don’t hurt them and, at the same time, you prevent them from hurting someone.


Muuuch much needed! That’s brilliant and amazing, thank you! :slight_smile:

It works.

Really well.

I went to a bar in the part of town with the most racist rednecks. Was left alone and even had someone open the door for me. If you got anything else of this nature please release.

This frees me up to use other subliminals/fields because I had the directional reflection shield on.

Thanks Maitreya.


I can dig it

Namaste… Bahaha


racism is a belief from matrix programming and it’s not your own
better sit with yourself and see what is happening inside
there is no such thing as “not wanted here”
if someone is on Earth - he is wanted to be here


Like I said… Namaste :stuck_out_tongue:
Maity Does this mandala stack for more potency?
Oh and you mentioned color at one point regarding the images. Best is color but B’W is still very effective yes? Why is that if you can explain some how.


This is something that can help many people who can easily become victims just because they are different and do not conform to the norm. And certainly women who have to be out alone in the evening or at night. Even children should be given something like that when I read in the newspaper what is happening so badly.
I would have liked to have had something like that in my school days.


That is amazing - I’m really happy for you!


You and I are on the same page here. I have two nieces in high school and I think their lives could get immeasurably better with automated protection like this.


This field also sounds like a must-have for those in customer service, who can and have dealt with both rational and irrational and altogether undeserved bouts of anger and violence.


So, I’m guessing it’s kind of like the Multidimensional shield from Programmed Intention or the Shielding Protection from Sapien, correct? Both of these are also used for protection against both psychic and physical attacks. I have both, but I don’t know if they work or not, honestly. I’ve never been in harm’s way, but I keep those two with them just in case.

So, I’m planning on buying this since someone here said it has protected them from physical harm, which is what I’m most worried about rather than psychic and energetic attacks.

Kind of like…sure

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Hi are you going to make an audio as well for this or only the digital file?

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Well, it seems like it’s the same concept. I just wanted confirmation. Doesn’t mean I’m not going to buy it because it offers the same protection. It’s the effectiveness of it I’m looking at. But I just hope it prevents physical harm from occurring to me and keeps danger away. That’s my biggest worry since I run into sketchy and shady people from time to time.

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Is this work if i use as a screenshot on mobile phone display?

No print out

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