Trying something new and maybe a little crazy. Can one have too many shields?

I’m sharing this just because I feel like it. And the journal category seems like the right place to do it. Hopefully this will be interesting to some, and maybe I’ll get some interesting feedback or food for thought as well.

First of all I’ll get this out of the way. I’m tired of talking about toxic people and tired of explaining what they are, just because that in and of itself is giving them too much energy. And then having or asking others to read about them is asking others to waste their energy in a sense. But… this gives the setting. So the plot will make sense.

I’m living with a toxic person at the moment. That gives me plenty of opportunity to test and try out different shields and other fields that may help in that environment. Here’s my definition of a toxic person boiled down: A person who does not produce their own self worth but instead goes about trying to confiscate self-worth from those who have done the work to gain it for themselves. They do this by lying to the “victim”, to others, and to themselves. The nature of the lie is always that it falsely lowers the victim’s value while falsely boosting their own value. The means of lying can be verbal, or in tone of voice, or in facial expression, or in an action that communicates a message.

K, that’s done. Moving on.

Lately I’ve started using Empath Protection, Chameleon Protection, Grounding and Mind Control, all mandalas. I don’t want to get too much into how each one helps because this could become longer than an essay. Mind Control helps me not to dwell on the things people have done or said. Grounding keeps me grounded in reality, making it harder for me to slip into any delusional narrative that a toxic person tries to pawn off on me. Chameleon makes them usually leave me alone. Empath keeps their energy from getting through to me.

So, they leave me alone more often, their energy doesn’t get through, their BS doesn’t get through (MC and Grounding). It’s a fairly comprehensive strategy. Still, I’ve noticed they still like to screw with me. It’s not working, but they still try. They can see that I have self worth. I’m not going to try to “fix” the problem by getting rid of it either. That’s not where this is going.

It’s nice to have a house that no one can break into, and that usually no one tries to break into, but in this metaphor, most of us would still aim to have a house that no one tries to break into and yet is still a valuable house, not a dump, right?

So I’ve started listening to Warrior Archetype. I don’t have the mandala yet. I can already tell that it’s going to put off that vibe that I’m not a target, that I’ll stand up for myself. And I know it’s going to piss off the sickos. And that’s fine. It may deter more misguided and unsuccessful attacks (which I’d still rather avoid), and it may bring new types of attack or anger. Time will tell.

But. There is one more thing. One Big Red button I haven’t pressed in a long time. I have this subliminal called Directional Reflective Shield. From Indigo Mind Labs. I don’t work for them in any way but I figured someone would ask, so that’s who makes it. It works crazily freakishly well. It weaponizes your aura. Not their words for what it does but mine. They probably wouldn’t approve. Whatever energy anyone sends at you ends up hitting them. It deters attacks. And it confuses the hell out of assailants.

The instructions say not to use it with any other kind of shield. I am anyways. As of right now. For the first time. I truly do not know what kind of results this will produce. Already I feel very different from when I used to listen to this sub. I think the transmute aspect of Empath Protection is why. Before, I felt an intensity of will and almost an anger sending out and away from me residual false accusations of various sorts whose energy I suppose was just laying around hanging out with me still.

But right now I feel very light and free. There’s a lot of lightness in my heart chakra area. Not bubbly or any crap like that. Just light, unburdened. It’s good.

So, tomorrow I get to put myself out into the world again as a walking magical science experiment. Much as I have done many times before. This time is different. The Warrior I can feel is intense. The Reflective Shield I know is powerful. Now, with the other fields in place… we shall see.

One other note. This is my first time using this sub with the Energetic Field Converter. I’ve used it with another sub from the same producers once before. From that experience I can say that other sub affected me far more with the converter than it used to in the past. So again, this should be interesting.


It’s a deep subject, and an interesting question, because I have often asked myself the question without really looking for the answer too much.

In my opinion, if it is too much, is that it is harmful.
But I imagine by “too much shield” you mean a large number of protections (which can possibly clash / conflict with each other). Or maybe I’m wrong.

Indeed I would like to have a multifunction shield that does everything, that protects me on the physical plane and on the Astra plane, e and may this same shield protect me not only from energies and emotions, but also from thoughts and entities.
Haha, I really feel like I’m asking too much.But it can act as an official request for the @Maitreya team.

At the moment and like most, I use a combination of different shields to protect myself from different things at different levels,but I try not to use a lot of it because I also want to leave room for other audios (energies) to work.

I think it’s possible that some shields will interfere with each other and thus sabotage each other, but I couldn’t say exactly which shield combinations to avoid.So in my opinion, having too (a lot) of shields isn’t necessarily a good thing, and it’s better to pick two or three and stick with it.

There is also a protection offered by spirituality zone, which installs 108 shields of light around you (I am talking about the advanced version which I was able to buy for $ 1 last month). maybe you can look at the description (on his site) and the comments on his youtube channel and see this protection can be part of your selection of top 3 shields (only if you decide to use a few, and not very many).And also, maybe you already know this audio from SZ.

Light shield by Spirituality zone


This is one of the best protections for people who are affected from psychic attacks, evil eyes, spells, curses and other negative energy from others.

Chameleon Protection.

This is the Chameleon!

What I have told others and have tried to explain here on the Chameleon thread is that once you use this Mandala you are protected completely from any energy projections. That means it is YOU creating what you perceive as them still trying to mess with you! Read the description again and again and again. It protects against any energy attack or advance! Empath protection is replaced by such a powerful tool.

I am an extrovert, Alpha, if you have a problem lets figure it out, how you like them apples type of guy. I don’t take shit from anyone with a couple exceptions like my Father. Now… Even though I know I can handle most situations, people and environments without any tools I still use them for fun hahaha. But… with Chameleon as well as Multidimensional shield of light and Armor of Light from Dream I am untouchable on every level. Here is the kicker… even though I know this to be the truth I now see that it is me creating these things!

Check this out. A friend stated to me Bro… why do you where al that protection? I say meh, just incase my guardian’s are taking a nap or something lol. He says…well aren’t you attracting what you want by giving it more attention? AHAAAAAA!!!

So there is that part of the dynamic.

Since we are here and sharing. Who are these people that you live with? Family or others?

I suggest this practice if you are willing. While in a meditative calm state. Go back through your life and find any of the things that you can remember that have traumatized you or have made a negative impact on your life in your eyes. The moment you notice those events use the cancel command. Do this with each event, thought, occurrence that comes up. Stay in that moment and cancel cancel cancel until you feel that it has been dissolved.

I made a video on my Youtube of how to do this type of work check it out.

Shameless plug lol!

This is true mind control and with the added feature of cancel you can make things however you see fit!


I believe that the more the better and I do not believe I have a limit, I know a person who has spent more than 50 thousand on protections.


Good fence make good neighbours.


@Atreides Did you tried this?

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Great one. I have advanced version. It is set as my morning alarm. :100:
Also Charma cleanser is awesome :+1:


I tried the 21 shields version. It seemed powerful but I don’t have a lot of experience with it yet to be able to tell if it’s contributing towards my specific goals. For now I’m using Chameleon, Empath and Reflective. The combo seems perfect.

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The advanced version with 108 shields is in sale for 1 buck so might be worth checking it out. Can only recommend him.


I think Empath Protection is getting downplayed. I used Chameleon exclusively for a good while before getting empath. I agree that it blocks most things. People keep aiming at something that isn’t you. Or at other times not attacking because they think you aren’t what they want to attack, they can’t see you. And then of course dazing them. But Empath is like a forcefield. Together they are noticeably more powerful than Chameleon alone. I can feel my will pushing out (photons?) into the world around me. Which is a foundational form of psychic self defense.


I tried it and it’s strong.

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I decided to make an armoring stack to ground myself, in preparation for working with high vibrations/energy (in no particular order)

  • Energy Body repair (Sapien)
  • Knight/Warrior mindset (includes an energetic suit of Knight armor)
  • Multidimensional Shield of Light (Programmed_Intention)
  • 21 Powerful Shields (Spirituality Zone)
  • Armor of Light and Glory tag (Sapien)

Any other suggestions?


No. No suggestions.

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Already included. The stack i shared was for shielding specifically

Sapiens card system, there is one more shield.

But not clue why someone needs so many shields


some shield sometimes have different purpose.For example:

empath mandala: protect you from negative energy
chameleon mandala: making your aura looks like illusionary,preventing people to harm you cause they will imagine good things hahaha

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Hahah. You can be thankful for that. : )

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I’ve had many attacks thru my life, mostly from entities.

I have several shields, not sure if I need to add more, but I still get negative energy from my family [due to lockdowns l haven’t been able to test much in public]. Being in a wheelchair and involved in spirituality [while my parents are deeply religious] as well as healings, l get more negative attention.

Right now I have;

Chameleon - Maitreya
Divine Protection - Maitreya
108 Shields - Spirituality Zone
Shielding v1 - Sapien, but I created it using the pdf someone posted in the forum, not the actual tag
Eternity Redux - Sapien, not really sure how much protection there is in this. Never really got an answer how it compares to Shielding v2

I’m considering to get Sapien’s Armor of Glory audio, but I’m not sure if I need that. Also, Maitreya’s new Psychic Protection mandala, I’m not sure whether the shieldings I have cover this or not

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Personally, I haven’t seen much results from the Chameleon, 108 Shields, or the Shielding v1. Although, the Chameleon, alone, seems to be working good enough for a lot of people here or maybe I just haven’t noticed the effects. But I have an extremely negative family member and I still always ended up feeling drained of energy and angry whenever I’m with this person despite having these protections on me. And I still felt somewhat unsafe whenever I was outside.

So, I ended up buying the Shielding v2 since it has Empathetic Shielding and also the torus thing in there as well. And honestly, the day I put that pendant on, I felt less affected by this person’s negative energy, and I felt more safe outside as well.

Maybe you’re in a similar situation I’m in. So, if you have the funds to buy the Shielding v2, I think you should try it out. It seems to have worked for me. But I still do keep the Chameleon on me, just in case I might be missing something.