Query regarding shields

I had some experiences today, where people have been verbally aggressive towards me and this is despite using Geralttt and Chameleon protection. If there is some lesson HS wants us to learn, does protection switch off at those times?
The hostility sparked my warrior/ let’s kill these people thoughts (not using any warrior archetype fields) which seems pretty extreme.
What could I have done differently for field combination to avoid these kind of interactions?


There’s no one around except for you.
Everyone around you is a reflection of yourself.

Identify the target of your inner aggression.

Likely, the primary person it’s directed at will turn out to be you yourself.

By dealing with your inner aggression, you’ll solve the problem of external aggression.


Thank you for the pill.

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What a beautiful insight. Thank you so much for sharing.

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Extrapolating very far, we can use consciousness downloader to create a 5 friend/ 5 mentor atmosphere within us and sub connector to make it readily available?

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Sorry but I have been attacked in several forums or apps after positing polite posts.
Sometimes these bad interactions happens by no reasons or at least it’s not related to us being the ones to blame, and the best thing is forget, release and move on even though sometimes is tough.


If we have fungus on the walls, can we just paint over them? Why not? However, this will not solve the problem with the fungus; it will merely cover it up, and the issue will continue to manifest itself.

So, we should first address our inner wounds, dissolve feelings of hatred, aggression, fears, and shame, etc. Doing so will naturally elevate our vibration.


Nothing ever happens without a reason. Absolutely everything has a cause.

In the span of one lifetime, it may seem as though some events are without reason, but looking across the last ten lifetimes, it becomes clear that there is a reason for everything.

From the perspective of personal evolution, it can be understood that everything in life is ultimately just.


I have exercised this way of operation with my parents. In your experience what is the indication of the internal wound being dissolved?- one not observing the wound and it’s aftermath within parents or observing it and remaining unimpacted by it?

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My signs of healing:

  1. When you don’t bring your consciousness back to past periods and relive old emotions over and over.

  2. When you feel love and gratitude towards your parents and truly feel the flow of love.

  3. When you can look at your childhood photos, tell your younger self “I love you,” feel the flow of love, and no tears come out.

  4. When there are no people in your surroundings whom you hate or hold a grudge against.

  5. When external events don’t trigger you much.

Regarding parents:

You can’t fix your parents or impose your will on them. You can’t change or replace them. You can’t become more than they are. You can’t become a mother to your own mother because that disrupts the flow of ancestral energy, which always moves from older to younger.

The souls of your parents chose each other as partners, and your soul chose them as your parents. This is exactly the experience you needed. You need to accept this experience. That is, don’t run from it, claiming everything is wrong and should be different; acknowledge it, agree with the price you’ve paid for it, and give it its place.

You shouldn’t take sides because both your mother and father are equally important to you. However, we often take a side, usually our mother’s, because she is more important to us in our early years. But by disparaging our father, we reject a part of ourselves since we are made up of 50% of our father’s energies.

When you start to “save” one of your parents, you enter into a game of being superior and trying to solve their relationship issues, but you can’t do this because they are higher-order figures. That is, you can’t teach your teachers.

You can agree with your parents’ fates and not interfere. The stance should be: "Parents, whatever happens between you, you will always be in my heart, and you will always be my mom and dad together.

“Dear parents, whatever your love and fate, I accept you as you are. I won’t intrude into your life."

And this will give your parents relief.

When you step out of your parents’ dynamics and stories, you create a future for yourself, and then healthy relationships can emerge.


Thank you for your gift of clarity, wisdom, eloquence, generosity, patience and guidance. :pray:


I didnt post clearly, of course everything has a reason but I meant in the context of “every around is a reflex of ourselves.”
I made a simple post in newspaper, polite and some insulted me
That was not random but a just troll.
And I was not the only case in that newspaper, that happens with other persons, it’s common on the internet.
A couple a man hit randlomly several women in a train station in Barcelona.
The reason was the man (with a previous criminal record)own actions,
I don’t think that was related to the women’s inner aggresion or something like that.


Aggressors always find their victims, and victims always find their aggressors. They are attracted to each other vibrationally.

I’m sure that a woman has experienced such situations more than once in her life.

Furthermore, we only see the situation from one side. We don’t know the nature of these people’s relationships over the past millions of years. And the absolute majority of people with whom we have/had serious conflicts and confrontations are familiar from past lifetimes.

But it seems to us, for example, that if a person fatally hits a child at a pedestrian crossing, they are solely to blame, without considering that perhaps these individuals have merely exchanged roles through evolution, to undergo a specific experience.


We came here many times to break patterns, do things differently and evolve. Or repeat the same mistakes over and over again. The choice is ours.

There is no protection that will block your life lessons. If someone triggers you, then it’s something inside you that needs attention. You trigger people, too, hurting them without even knowing this.


Keep in mind that sometimes it’s not solely your fault, and it’s not always necessary to blame yourself. In most cases, this is true even if one has karmic lessons; these fields can be nullified at that moment, but this is an extremely rare occurrence.

Also, know that not all beings are human, and if someone tries to provoke you with aggression or other similar methods, simply return the ball to them without any worry and without reacting internally as if it is against you.

There’s an old saying: “I shine so brightly that the demons of others cannot bear me.”

So, sometimes when a person shines, attempts are made to drag them back down.

Imagine in such moments that you are a rolling ball, and whatever is sent your way cannot stick to you. It rolls off and falls away, without you giving any energy or resources to any provocateurs.


This is very helpful. I have been in a peacekeeper and therapist mode for my parents all my life. This is helping me to lengthen the pause between observation and intervention and step back or act accordingly.