DM: Empath Protection

This field is made especially for empaths and very sensitive people. It will create a protective bubble of light around you that will protect your aura and won’t allow other people and places, negative energies to enter into your energetical system.

Field also will transform the negative energy that you already received from others.

Range: 5cm

Inludes protection from black market.


For the protection from black market, does that include using it within your family? Can I purchase this and use it for me and my daughter. She’s only 6 but fairly empathic, tells me things like when other people are angry it makes her whole body hurt.


Your family can use it.


This does its job well. Like a forcefield keeping bad stuff out. Doesn’t seem to make me overly positive either like many shields of this type tend to. Loving it so far. Compliments Chameleon extremely well. And Mind Control very well too. I had someone try to talk me into something I didn’t want to do. With the shields, they weren’t bothering me, but MC was I believe what helped me to keep saying No to them. But it helps that they weren’t getting to me in the first place.

Shields up ≠ guilt-trip energy in.


I’ve always had a strange problem that I’ve been sucking up all sorts of physical symptoms from people close to me. All the diseases that my parents have, their physical symptoms, I also had. As if I had genetically inherited the diseases. Only my family doctor could never find anything. Sometimes it seemed to me as if I had partially withdrawn the illnesses from my parents and to alleviate their suffering. Must have been something that I did subconsciously myself. Because nothing could solve the problem, neither the Shield Dogtag from Sapien nor other protective methods, since it was not an attack on me if I unconsciously triggered it myself. It’s over since I got DM Empath Protection. All physical symptoms have disappeared. You could say the mandala also protects you from yourself.
The Chameleon Mandala is the best protection you can have from other things, but it doesn’t seem to protect you from yourself. Empath Protection closes this gap.


Perfection! This is the missing link thank you :pray:


WOW. This sounds like something I definitely need to look into. Thanks for sharing you thoughts. I’m glad it’s working so well for you!


Can you add some cloaking to this one so that narcissists won’t see you as a bubble of light they can snack on?

People really view positive energy as a vulnerability. So while this protects, it also draws some unique types of attacks that sick people only aim at those whom they view as naïve or gullible, which is how they see positivity. In my experience at least.

I like the positive state from this one, the transmute protects me from getting into other people’s lower states. But they do not need to see my positive energy. I don’t leave my curtains open so people can see what I have they can try to steal.

Put some tinted windows on all that light : )

Lest I sound otherwise, I humbly request, with gratitude for all you have done. Sincerely.


I bought this but forget to carry it on me, and I become more empathic these days and my heart chakra feel hurt when witnessing conflicts on the internet.
My question is do I need to always carry it or could I wear it for some days and leave it but still have the effect on me?

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Transmute the pain to love & compassion :slight_smile:
This is the only way empaths to survive. :grinning:

You have to carry it with you if you want to be always protected and to don’t perceive other people’s stuff.


Thank you Maitreya.


Hey, i often get bothered, if there is bad mood in the air. The day was really fine, but if someone with bad mood is around me, my world collapses easy. Then i often take it personally and think i did something from, feeling guilt. And i got to know today that it could be possible that my negative thoughts come from others. I’m feeling really fine when I’m alone, but sometimes when I’m around people, my mind begins to chatter hard. Even with very close and loved ones. But these toughts that arise, could be my own from the story. I think of my past, the drug abuse and way to much thoughts i don’t want to think. I don’t know what to do, this lowers my vibration very much. Do you think empath protection could be right for me? Is there a newer better one for that problem? If that is really the reason, i don’t know…I own the chameleon and the cosmic Shielding from in you’re favor, they work fantastic btw. But this problem occurs although often. Thanks

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From what you wrote it seems that you are triggered, and it could be an indicator that you might consider some inner work. Observe what kind of words/people affect you. People are mirrors of our inner world. They show us what we have to work on. I think you you have enough protection and you need to work from the inside instead of blocking the outside.

Being an empath is a gift. When you will deal with all your emotions then other people won’t be able to affect you, as their issues are no longer yours. Someone wise advised me once to work on my compassion. I had to google what is the difference between being empathetic and compassionate. That helped me a lot.

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Thank you for your advice!

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