Top contributor Program


We’re extremely grateful to our forum contributors who are passionate to help other forum members and love to share the knowledge they have, we are really thankful for your amazing contribution and as an act of showing a bit of gratitude to our contributors. Today we are launching a top contributor program for our great contributors. :tada: :sparkles:

When you become a Top contributor, you’ll get exclusive program perks, like special badges :medal_sports: in the forum, access to a private group of Top contributors, and a freebie from our library every month. :confetti_ball:

Program Eligibility:

To reach the top contributor status, you must be an active user for at least three months. During that time, you should:

  • Demonstrate MaitreyaFields product expertise and a passion for helping others
  • Provide high-quality answers
  • Be friendly and respectful to all community members

Once you fulfill all these requirements we’ll be in touch to invite you into our top contributor program.

Please note choosing a member to join our program is ultimately our decision.

Program Perks:

Achieve status by helping others and become eligible for program perks.

:white_check_mark: A Gold Top contributor badge in the forum

:white_check_mark: A Freebie from our library every month

:white_check_mark: Access to a private group of Top contributors to meet and learn from one another

:white_check_mark: Eligibility for beta testing opportunities

:white_check_mark: Additional opportunities to contribute and connect with us

We really hope that together we can build a community where everyone feels safe and sound. Thank you for everything you do. :sparkles:


Nice…good luck everyone


I can dig it


Let’s not make this a competition :laughing::kissing_heart::heart: