Recommendation if I have let’s say $1000 to spend on fields

Hey Maitreya can you let me know what would be the best fields if I have $1000 to spend on fields. My goal is Love Relationships, Health, Looks and Wealth.
I own these DMs up till now. Please recommend some fields


Ancestral line rearrangement




Attraction for him

Beautiful cloak

Comprehensive resistance dissolver

Connection with higher self

Disconnect from harmful places

Deep sleep

Divinity activation


Increase IQ and EQ

Kings presence

In you favor

Adrenaline control (Emotional Stability)

Empath protection

Energy balancer


Flight or fight

Forex trader


Healing chamber

Infinitely repeater

Jealousy protection

Limit breaker

Limitless good karma booster

Mandala manager

Mind master

Money amplifier

Overcoming loneliness

Permanent result integrator

Release effects of pornography

Release guilt

Remove thought forms and parasites

Return to sender

Restore etheric body and close aura gaps

Saint basil

Self love and acceptance

Sleep protection

The field Optimizer

The fractal partner

The art of letting go

The butterfly effect

Unconditional love to the baby in the womb

Unplug from egregor


Maybe a custom scan would be beneficial?

A subscription to the Witcher might be useful, they could be asked to work through your things and make choices?

From available fields:
Health: book of health, book of alchemical quintessence
Wealth: wealth rsb, attract wealth, sbr series, trading fury, entrepreneur/ attract customers/ attract job
Love Relationships: the date, flirt radar, loving series
Looks: body sculpt and face sculpt


Mind Guard
Mind Master
Subconscious Connector
New Earth Series (especially Divine Unions)
Reality Shifter

And your inner work.

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For Inner work I don’t know where to start and also I have mind master

Choose one subject first. Then, ask yourself what is blocking you from achieving that.
When you want to cook 4 different dinners at the same time, your kitchen is a mess, you mess up with ingredients, hurry, stressed. Cook one dish and desert, will be more tasty, you’ll enjoy the process and you’ll not have so much to clean.


Okay I hear you and understand one meal at a time but I meant it in a different way. I saw them as a whole like how all the areas intertwine… The health fields will improve the looks, better looks make it easier to attract love, more love in life facilitates a stronger mindset, a stronger mindset accomplishes goals, more goals completed equals more wealth, more wealth means a more stable life, etc etc

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  • book of health

  • healing continer

  • restore all bodies

  • alycon belt
    they are great togheter :3

  • soul fragment dm for deep healing

for relationships i would say :

  • wholness and fulness
  • relationship blocks
  • the self autonomus/ remove from ai realationships

  • divine invecation
    litterly the most benefital for every aspect.

  • raise light quton
    its a must dm if you use many fields at once !

advice that helped me alot

if you go to maitreya shop , scrolling and you have a " call" to some mandala , it may be a one for you , try to feel your body reaction when you thinking about to buy that one.
and you know inside what is nesscery for you ,it goes beyond that .

it can work with every aspect in life actually, food procuts in the supermarket, a place that you wanna go , etc.

short story when i picked dm without a call or intention to it :slight_smile:
: Leadership Gene dm

i became super carismatic and felt no fear , but i felt at the same time how im not suppost to be like that,
its not right to me for now
it was made by the ego’s choice
that was telling me i am not complate as i am :slight_smile:

i asked maitreya to delete the effect from me*

carrying these such strong energy’ by ego’s choice may not serving the real you .

but i can say that the leadrship gene is VERY effective in case you find it intresting for your needs .


Thank you they are great recommendations for sure. :+1:

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