Storage Field ideas for Physical Changes

I am trying to re-visit the storage field and create some storage objects. I think I will stick to only Maitreya’s fields because MD/Sapien fields seem to be hit or miss on the storage object.

Any combos you have tried successfully for physique, healing, male beauty, charisma etc. ?

Please share some ideas. :pray:

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With the body scanner i have been feeling great results, the yt version, maybe because needs time to work, using the 48h storage, im planning to buy the 30 day asap


For general healing: Tong Ren, Body Scanner, Healing Chamber
Body: Greek Series, God of God Body
Charisma - Attraction Magnetic Bundle

This is what I am thinking…

Just bough yesterday tong ren but i read mayt say that is better use during the day because gives energy and healing chamber in the night bcs uses delta waves

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I have been using it for physical changes and protection, Also l forgot to write this in the other thread, but I always put Subconsciousness Beliefs Clearing on every item every time.

I do the Full Spine Regeneration, Skeletal System and Joints Regeneraton

Psychic Protection, Magnificent Presence + Empathic synchronization and Bomb of Love

Mimick Braces and Male Golden Face


Not for me.

Keep in mind, more complex field don’t work well on a smaller speaker like from laptop or phone.

Also don’t recommend at all to use physical substances on a storage. (sometimes there are limiters in the field but before you do not know this for 100% i wouldn’t risk it)

This is good for the storage:


And don’t forget that you also shouldn’t play sapien’s field on the two same output source.

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Do you mean stereo?

I wonder who d.b. is from the Sapien forum… I shall figure it out I always do muhahahaha

I asked to delete my acc. there.

Snap! Lol might be tough then hahaha.


I just pop in daily since it is habit at this account either

Oh yea it happens to me too but i always try to avoid it recently since it can cost sometimes some seriously amount of time.

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Rife frequencies work very well with the storage fiels converter.
They are mainly for healing but there are some interesting such as weight loss, vitamins or oxigen.


Rife frequencies are not meant to listen just trough speakers.

Listening to harmonious classical music would do much more than just a rife frequency.

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I got result putting Sapien’s auto-mewing on an item. I combined it with the teeth whitening from Maitreya, but I couldn’t really track how white is white before and after hahah. I used the 48-h version btw


what results did u see
am going to starting thinking about putting it on a metal item did u have the gumroad version?

Auto-mewing is not on Gumroad. You can find it on Patreon or YouTube.

I noticed that I have a more defined jawline. I rarely took photos of myself. One day, I had an online meeting with photo session at the end of the event. When I saw the photo, I could see my nicer jawline. I also kept checking it in the mirror for a while.


sorry if i never made it clear i meant. did u have the storage field on gumroad?
and also when u set up this coin did u loop the mewing field untill the storage field was done or did u play both of them only once