Share your field storages

Good afternoon everyone, I have created this thread so that you can share your stacks of fields that have been stored and in the same way explain what they are for and how they work

So, if your idea works for someone else, they can apply it and if it works for you, you can take the idea

Excuse my English, I’m using a translator hehe I hope you understood the idea.


Stack 1 - for DNA healing and harmonization

  • Maitreya Quantum Booster
  • Torsion
  • Plasma Blueprint
  • Grounding & Earthing

Stack 2 - Anti aging, energy

  • Maitreya Quantum Booster
  • Torsion
  • Sapien Jing, Chi, Shen
  • Grounding & Earthing

Stack 3 - body healing

  • Maitreya Quantum Booster
  • Blueprint
  • Advanced Healing Volts
  • Stemcells
  • Grounding & Earthing

Stack 4 - wealth, loa

  • Maitreya Quantum Booster
  • Abundance Mindset
  • Million Dollar Mindset
  • Maitreya wealth and beliefs 200 field
  • Grounding & Earthing

Today I am trying this combo:

  • Ayahuasca
  • Release All Negative Emotions and Energy
  • Become the Best Version of Yourself

you guys are going to end up in the padded room singing loonie tunes and merry melodies :sweat_smile:

carry on brave pioneers…


Physical fields in storage creator is a bad idea right?
I put maitreya height increase and male enhancement. Now it seems my gains from previous listening vanished.


Ask here Fields Storage Creator - #369 by danro82

Now then I want to share some of the fields that I have in the storage items.
The chain that keeps my Divine Balance Day I loaded with the 3 fields BuddhaCounsciouness from Maitrya, Conceptual Realizations from Sapien and The Essence of Mantras also Sapien.
A pendant who is still attached to the chain mentioned above contains the fields: “Heal those around you”, “Uplift yourself and People you meet”, both from Sapien. As well as “Send Unconditional Love to Who You Think” by Maitreya

A ring contains the fields all of the Spiritual Zone: Gayatrimantra, Hanauman Mantra and Raise your Vibrations all in the Advanced Version.
Another ring includes: Womens Golden Face Ratio, Inner Beauty relected outwards, and Estrogen booster.
That’s all 30 days of field items. I will also make a ring with the 3 new fields. Selflove and Acceptance, Compassion and the field archetype of parental love by Sapien.
Unfortunately, the ring has to be delivered first.
Ahja then there are two rings in addition, 36 hour version which I equip with changing fields. But to list them all would go beyond the scope.
So 30 fields in storage items plus 7 dog tags at the moment and 2 items from TwistedSage. Well, and about a dozen mandalas.
And in principle, I’m pretty comfortable with it. :smile:


I don’t want to spread negativity but I hope I can believe on field storage

I’m going to test S.M’s “The air revitalizer” field on an object :grin:.

imagine the neguentropy effect + the smell of rosemary and eucalyptus on you … :slightly_smiling_face:


I will do that too

Hi, do you think the spirituality zone fields in the device are working ? Shiva suggested to use his fields one after the other, not simultaneously. Thanks.

Hi Nick,

well as far as I can tell it seems to be working. I had one of the fields in it, I think about 7x in the 36 hour items before my pendulum said that it would no longer be helpful for me. However, I have to say that I have the audios in my playlist but only hear them once a day.
Well for most of them, what I’m doing is probably too much. And that would overwhelm them energetically. I don’t know why I have no problems there. Even if the latest fields from Sapien are released and everyone writes in the description what they notice and how strong they are, I hardly notice it. Either I am so insensitive to energy that it doesn’t burden me to hear so many fields. Or it’s because I have extraterrestrial roots. It is said that left-handed people with a negative Rhesus blood factor would be aliens. :wink:
So in short for me it seems to be working. Although I wouldn’t necessarily put all audio from Spiritual Zone in one storage item.


@Sahiela, thank you for the information and very useful tips. I am listening to 5 spirituality zone fields one or twice each per day in addtion to using two storage devices. I had difficulty sleeping at night.

Sapien has a new audio “The deep sleeper” (sleep inducer) maybe this will help you sleep through the night. Can be found on Youtube and Patron.


@Sahiela, i will try it tonight. Seems to be a strong field from Sapien. Thank you.

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why are you using Maitreya Quantum Booster for every metal? did you see boosted results from it ?

No, for some reason, direct listening seems to work better for me and not the storage creator.

Stack 1 :

  • Bulk Agent
    -Spiritually Zone Androgen Receptors
    -Flow of Jing

Stack 2 :
-Male Enhancement (.flac file from Sapien)
-Experimental Male Enhancement (Sapien too)
-MEF Dynamics Androgen Receptors

Stack 3 :
-Weight Gain (Maitreya)
-Brahmacarya God
-Demi God Hercules

Is this too big stack :thinking: ?


With Bulk Agent and two different AR videos on storage i get 3kgs in one week…Insane…


In 12 hours version :open_mouth: ?