Tips and tricks with Fields

This thread is intended to share ideas that may not necessarily come up, but which may also be useful for others. And that’s where I want to start.
Because my father has been to the hospital twice recently and has a catheter each. He was released every 3 days but still complained about pain and wanted to lie down to die. So I made him a storage item with Pain Control from Sapien, Nociceptor from Maitreya and Accelerate Healing from Programmed_Intention. Well, there is no longer any talk of dying.
Well, we’re not dying, what else could you use such a combination for? Now a few things come to mind. Anyone who waxes or epilates their legs knows that this is not exactly a pleasant activity because this combination could make this a lot more bearable. Or visits to the dentist could be a lot more pleasant. Or those who like to be tattooed could experience this process much more painlessly.


@Nytor Is my go to for anything I have an issue putting the pieces together.
@NotFrank has some very good insight as well.
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damn, I have a lot of tattoos and this could be super interesting to try for my next one

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Have used it a few times and works like a charm!

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Yes, the storage field in all its versions can be a game changer. Especially if you don’t have the time to listen to audios too intensely. Another example is Sapien’s Concetual Realizations. It is one of the most expensive that Sapien has. And so far I’ve heard it over 200 times and would be disappointed with the result and would probably have thought I had thrown the money out the window. Well, I packed it in a 30 day storage item 25 days ago. And now I finally get what the field should bring me. Without the storage field, I would have been able to listen to audio for half a year to achieve the result. As I have already written, it is as if you could make your own DogTag wish with it and it is flexible you do not have to constantly buy a new one and you have endless possibilities. You want an eternity Dogtag make yourself one. Everything you dream of you can do yourself. There are enough audios to choose from.


I have the 39$ version from gumroad. Do you guys think its more effective to store fewer fields in an item?

What does Conceptual Realisation do, I still don’t understand?

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Try Samurai’s new tip, I tried it today and i felt an insane energy surge from all the fields I used.

Use quantum booster mandala while listening to fields, I have it as a background for my wallpaper


Would playing the Quantum Booster along with other audios do the same trick?

What would your eternity dog tag have?


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Very True the possibilities are endless especially with the 30 Days storage field.
can we put Sapiens soul restoration, vibration series audio in the Field storage? can we club or it should be single per field /tag.

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I’m trying to find a way of replicating the same image multiple times without changing the dimensions of the picture. If I do find a way of doing this, I will share it here. But if not, people are welcome to give their suggestions

Edit: With Maitreya’s it’s not too bad as one can open a Word file and repeat the pictures over and over, as they are the same size. Then zoom out so that you can get the effect of multiple mandalas on different pages

Yes, I feared that, I should have chosen another dogtag as an example. Since I own the Eternity Tag myself, I haven’t really looked at alternatives. You would have to invest some research work. Because Dream has now created so many fields that deal with longevity. And it always depends on the person who would use the item. Someone older like me would need different audios than someone in their mid-20s and in perfect health. One approach would be to alternate the fields in turn with the 36 hour field. And to use the fields as needed, appropriate to health and physical well-being.
For the younger generations that shouldn’t be a problem anyway, as long as they have money to afford it. One of the leading age researchers Prof. Dr. David A. Sinclair is already assuming that it will take less than twenty years and that people will live to be around 150 years old and, despite everything, remain physically fit with a body that looks like 40-50 years. There is already speculation from 300-400 years that should be feasible.

The link should lead to the description of the field if it works. Although I also find the description of Dream quite vague because it doesn’t really say what the field really does.
Part of the field can also be found in the IPF Dogtag as well as in the Audio Animal Telepathy. What struck me personally is that I understand things faster, especially at work. Where the answer to a problem is obvious but no one else sees it. So that I sometimes ask myself have everyone else got stupid or I just got smarter. Or that I suddenly see more than others. It’s just hard to describe. And the field is still helpful to me so the development is still ongoing

Of course why not. If the ones you mentioned were still helpful to me, I would put them all in one item at the same time. However, I would see how I feel about it. You can test for an hour and if it gets too much you put it away and take a break. It doesn’t mean that you have to wear it all the time.

Meanwhile I would say that you can achieve faster results with fewer fields. Because the body and the energy field do not have to work on too many construction sites at the same time. But there I just go a different way because I couldn’t decide to concentrate on only a few fields.


I have one.
For any goal you want to achieve, use Sapien’s Medicine Unstoppable will to get things done.
If you want to pass an exam, then listen to Unstoppable will and then study with Maitreya’s Download Knowledge Book or Speed Learning audio.
If you want to lose weight, then listen to Unstoppable Will, then any weight loss audio and make the effort to excersice and to have a healthier lifestyle.


The channel High Silent Energy has an audio “Unconditional Love” which should have a range of 500 meters around you. What would be possible if this audio were packed in a storage item. Unconditional love should continue to flow nonstop until the storage field goes out. How would that affect if you distribute a dozen items loaded with this field in an area where there is a lot of struggle, hatred and violence. I think Beltloop mentioned having problems with the KKK. Wouldn’t such people feel incredibly uncomfortable if they suddenly lived in such a field. Either they would be transformed or they would leave the area because they no longer feel comfortable. Your vibration would no longer match.
There have been a few studies where larger groups of people always meditated using the TM method, which then led to a significant decrease in crime. This should also be possible with this field if it has such a large range. Simply place a few metal objects with this field charged in the area and wait to see what happens. If I find the time I’ll try it out on myself to see if the crime statistics in my city are going down, at least in my part of town.


I will do it in my work place :sparkling_heart:


Unfortunately, I was a bit euphoric with my idea. That it will work that way with simply loading items with an unconditional love field that has a range of 500 meters and then simply placing them in an area across the board. Since it looks like the items only work for you. In order not to influence others with all the fields that you carry around, if you disregard the fields that have been specially programmed for this.

But maybe you could program a storage field so that you can only transfer a field with unconditioned love to an item. But that then affects everyone who comes into the area of ​​the field. It would also have to be a 30 day field because otherwise it would be too much work to have to replace them all in turn within 36 hours. As inexpensive as possible that people who live in poorer countries could also afford it, maybe YouTube so that people in war zones could also use it to spread unconditional love and create peace on earth.


Hey sahiela, could you talk in more detail about your results if you wish? I also have this field, but since I acquired it I haven’t used it yet.

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There is an audio similar to unconditional love in the sapiens channel, but is it an audio that spreads in the environment, if it were added to the storage field it would not propagate in the environment? I refer to this audio: Uplift Yourself, People you meet and the world. (energetic/psychic programmed audio) ver2.0 - YouTube