Reason why the Storage field creator doesn’t work still

I’ve made a few posts over the past couple months since I bought the 44 hour version and needless to say I’m extremely frustrated and disappointed with having no results to speak of. If ANY of you fine folks have ANY tips of success or notes to add PLEASE don’t hesitate because I’m at wits end. To be more specific, I mainly used joint regeneration and fat burning fields/energy audios because my joints are all a wreck and I’ve put on quite a bit of fat because I simply can’t workout like I used to. Also I’m 35 so metabolism isn’t perfect either. If you’ve read my prior posts your tired of hearing this lol For lack of directions I have to speculate as to what I’m supposed to be doing when applying the field/fields so I read all I can in the thread but still… I woke up today with the chains i use still on me and wore them most of yesterday but felt as achy and looked as fat as the day prior so what must I have done wrong? I may be wrong but if you can only listen to a standard field a few times a day before it stops working then surely a field meant to be infused with metal you wear for 44 hours would just keep you in perpetual state of the field you hope to benefit from. I sometimes take the chains off for an hour or two if I just need to refresh my energy or whatever… :man_shrugging: No difference though so what else can I do? Am I not close enough to both my phone and the tv when they are playing or not letting my aura tune in properly?:confused:


If I were like you the few things I will do (and you may have already done) are :

  • Cleanse my energy system with chakra audios and the like, so that the audios do not encounter energy blockages.

  • I will use subconscious reprogrammer audios whenever possible in order to reprogram (remove and install new beliefs) my subconscious. I could also use negative subconscious and militant subconscious belief removal audios from several approved manufacturers and verify.

  • The reality note or the reality shift can also bring their benefits. But it is not obligatory.

  • Finally I will try again with the field storage creator audio and the audios that I want to get results from.

  • If possible, before using the field storage creator, I could use only the audios in loops, in order to see if they already give me sensations, or improvements,So judge how effective they are by themselves.


It’s 48 hours


You could also try drinking tons of water, afformations (how did it happen that energies work so well on me? why energies work so well on me?), maybe FLFE - I saw it in @RockedIt’s post.


Place 1 field at a time in storage.

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Yes you are right. Combine fields for more than one in a storage, is not good as we know Sapien field can’t be played simultaneously (if use Sapien fields).


Not only Sapiens, but in fact any creator, Maitreya’s fields are stronger if they are placed 1 at a time in an item.


@Unicornssuck if you have done all the step correctly and even feel the energy for “a moment”. I think you have done the step correctly. Energy takes time,and it also depends on your belief system.If you keep resisting it won’t work, of course it would not work.You have seriously to change your mindset and belief system first.

Do you expect you can heal your joint and become skinny just for a couple of days?Energy takes time The worst your conditions,the longer it takes times to heal it.

When i first use the storage field,i just test the youtube version first.And i am sceptic as hell.I even say to myself this could not possibly work.I put about skin and just forget about it(maybe because i do not think it would work.But i still keep putting the skin energy every 12 hours for testing purposes).

Several days later,my workmate ask me why my face is brighter.She ask me what product did i use?And i just silently shocked because i did not use any face product at ALL!!

So if you want tips from me you can use this tips:

-Put only one field on your item for experiment.Do not put field that you want desperately because your mind will keep thinking about the result.Put any field that you want to test,and you will not desperate about it.Maybe you can try the mental one.Cause mental result is faster than phsyical one.

  • Then FORGET about it.This is called detachment.Then repeat put the same energy for maybe 8 days ,to see if you got the result.(Recommended you test with mental energy rather than physical one)

So it’s like listening to subliminals… You focus/obsess on what you desire and somehow you screw your self out of it. I must relax and be casual about it I guess.

By one at a time do you mean charge each item individually? Like take a single coin and run the whole time of a single field until it’s done playing and just repeat the process over n over?

Yes, but you don’t need to leave all the entire audio playing, 20 seconds is enough for the energy to be recognized, is the time I usually leave.

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Noted. Thanks :pray: