30 Days Fields Storage Creator

Put a metal object in front of the speaker so the field can find it and know where to store the energy. This audio will create one big energy field in the object with which you can storage 3 fields at the same time for 30 days. When you go out of your house and you don’t have time to listen to the fields, you put the metal object in your pocket and and it will keep working while you are out and about. The big field will restart after 30 days and you can put other fields in it without the need of doing anything else.


You put a metal object in front of speakers with this audio ON + the other fields you want to be in the object. You can make that simultaneously, not one by one.

Audio can store only energy types of structures: fields, morphic fields, frequencies, reiki asmr, etc. It won’t work with affirmations or subliminals.

When you do this be the only one in the room so the field to work only on you the next hours.


please excuse my question, but does it work with silent audio fields (which contain energy but not have no audible sounds)?

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It catches energy, not sound so yes.


just 3 fields??? i thought it would hold 20 audios for 30 days then the price would seem close to fair

Grr the price.

Time to abandon spirituality and get earthly lmao.

wheres that lottery ticket field…?


Can you release the normal one with 30min length so it covers audios from other creators?

Patreon and Gumroad.

I want to buy the Gumroad one but not sure if it would work for audios above 15 min of other creators.


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It will.

Most fields are the same 1 second or last second.


I only use dream’s audios apart from maitreya.

So that will work?

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Yeah should be.

What fields you wanna store?

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Slow down perception time
Million Dollar Empire Mindset

Plus a few others that are longer than 15 mins

It’s 32 minutes.

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The latest ones especially mindset ones would be better if you just listen once or twice.

It directly penetrates the subconscious and forces the changes, so im not sure if having it on all day would be wise.

Slow down time is the same field every second.


Not this one.

The previous one you released.

That’s 14:58

Are You who I think you are? lol


Send me mail.

Will do

Yes, absolutely.

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Just sent the mail

Subject line: Field Storage Creator 30 min request

Sent by: Action Guy

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I got the idea for the audios that are longer than 15 minutes to simply restart the storage field in another tab before the first one expires.This should actually work because the audio repeats itself over time as I read out. Longer audio files should also be safely stored in the item then.


You got it