Use the Field storage version of your choice. Get a copy of Sapiens slow down perception of time. Get a copy of Maitreya’s fields booster. Make a field of these two on a metal object and carry it around with you for a few days. I have personally noticed that there is more time. I do not look at the clock as much as a result of time being less important. Very interesting indeed.


Great I like when people share their experiences with fields especially this storage field …

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I used Fields Storage Creator for 9 field, and downloaded to a metal: Energetic Field Converter, Subconscious Reprogramm + 7 Subliminals. Let’s see what happens … I’m curious, I think it will work

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In theory I’d say yes

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I just did something similar to this

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who knows what Maitreya thinks …

Maitreya does. Not sure what you are asking lol

After 30 minutes I think I feel peace in my self when I check the twin flame affirmations there’s peace affirmations …
I was near my computer when I did the storage … but I played all 8 subliminals at once …
And I use intention Repeater…

I just hope 1month version hold more than 3 fields.

Just takes more time with the 30 day. In the long run it is very beneficial. I use both 36h as well as the 30 day

Can you explain how it takes more time?

9 fields one object
3 fields one object

Ok how u can be not greedy lol

Put in a little more time upfront and do not have to worry about making more for 30 days! Boom value

My left brain hurt me I didn’t listen for anything just wear the storage

Great … can I make 10 storages?

Ummmm… Why not? I make that many this morning hahahaha


Can I hold them in one pocket?

I carry some in my pocket and some in a pouch around my neck. I use nickels and put little round stickers on them with label so I k ow what it is

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U inspired me I will make my wishes come true lol I just order 20 metal items

I thought about ordering a set of dog tags but decided hey I have all this change sitting around… Why not!
I can tell you this whichever version you have and use it will up your game many times being able to carry physical forms of these fields.