Reality Shifting list

This is a list of Reality Shifting that people have done

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List so far:




Shift your conciousness to the 5th Dimension:


“I choose to shift to the 5th Dimension” ( imagine an energetic gateway open and you can see the layer of the 5th dimension reality.)

Jump in

“I am shifting to the 5th Dimension now” (feel how the denser 3d/4d energies leave you while the lighter more expansive energies of 5d fill your being)


“I have shifted to the 5th Dimension” ( feel and recognize the intense unconditional love that exists here. Become aware of how expansive your mind has become. Your Higher self can now very easily slip and integrate into your concious awareness for far much greater knowledge and wisdom. Here now you can also invite benevolent 5th Dimension beings to share experiences and further develop on your spiritual journey.


If you wish you can stay in this floating feeling for a little bit and then ground yourself. I use the grounding mandala After shifting.

What you will notice is that your reality reflection is different. Its more loving, lighter, less/no resistance, more being in the flow and abundance just becomes a normal thing.

Welcome to the 5th Dimension :blush:


does the reality note count?

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Yeah you can put reality note stuff here. Just put Reality Note before your text


Reality Note: I’m fearless, not afraid to fail or make mistakes I;m a multimillionaire, I have a milliondollar mindset and an abundance mindset, and I always improve. I have conquered and befriended my mind. I’m healthy I’m wealthy and im the embodiment of luck. End the suffering of all beings


While i play the shadow integration i use: My shadow is completely integrated, all blockages are released

Later i plan to program my mitochondria to nourish directly from infinite organic source.






I tried this out on my elderly mother’s moderately painful buttock, right leg and sometimes electric currents running thru them for several months now. She just underwent PT sessions for 2 months due to her sciatica. This really works to help others.

So, with the DM infront of me, I said: “Activate. I have shifted to a reality where my mother is free of lower back pains permanently” . ( Intention I said 3x) I just visualized her marching in place for just a minute or so and said: “Stop”. The following day, she was surprised that the pain in her leg and electrical currents are suddenly gone. Then, 4 days after, her buttock pain is completely gone. I told her I did something, just once for over a minute with a product I bought online. She asked if I would do it again to make the effects last longer and I replied: No, there is no need to repeat that intention. It’s already 6 days now and the pains did not return much to our relief. What is even amazing is that I said the wrong location of the pain in my intent. It should have been “pains in her right buttock” (main source). However, since this great mandala is intelligent, it adjusted the location automatically IMO. Thanks a lot @Maitreya @Luciano!


Start…I’ve changed to the reality where…i have the power to create or manifest all I want effortlessly and super fast, I don’t need to follow any special protocol but my own way which I love to do, I’m truly who I want to be enjoying myself as a creator in all things of my life with peace and pure joy, always I get the results I want and if not I get even better things so much faster because I am fully detached and happy in every way…STOP


When you shift your reality, then you will shift also other people behavior, but you can’t make changes with your will for others.


I try it. Though I may not completely successful to shift my consciousness to the 5th Dimension yet, some temperature cooling feels continually come to the top of my head (I guess it’s crown chakra).

Don’t know what the feels are but seems amazing.


If I wish to use a reality note to make a toxic person stay away from me, how should I phrase it? Would writing “someone leave my life” suffice?

I live in a timeline and reality where all the people I am connected with have come to me with the energy of Love, Truth, and Wisdom.

It can be said in other words that you like and find appealing, but it must be in a positive form. This will repel all others who are not included in this intention.