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As some people tell us that they find it difficult to manifest, we designed this radically new concept, which is not using neutral energy, but the matrix of illusion that created the Maya. When you wear it, it will create a bubble of light with all possible illusions, or to put it differently, all possible realities within Maya, in it.

How to use the field: When you are ready to manifest you need to activate it, using the word “Activate” and then visualize from the third eye or heart center a sphere with your new reality, the manifestation you want in your life. Try to hold that new reality in your mind for about 30 seconds. After you are ready, imagine that you send this information out to the whole Universe. When you are done, it is important that you deactivate it using the word “Deactivate”."

“Whoever understands illusions, understands life”.


Dang that’s actually a really clever idea.


Oh Maya!


Maya Ruler + Atomic Tap + Reality Note + Reality Shifter =
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Wow really wanna try… But first i need to train my mind to hold that 30 seconds pure thought

and then…

awesome magic GIF


Can we please have a more clear description on how this works please?

What do you mean by the matrix of illussion?
We are in the matrix and it is an illusion. Yes. So what?
I do not understand this sentence at all.
Isn’t “Maya” just a synonym for “illusion”?

From my understanding this is already happening all the time with everyone. Everyone walks through the matrix with their own “reality bubble”. So what is the field doing that is not already happening automatically anyways?

Can the description please be adjusted to make it clear what it actually does and to what the added benefit value of the field is compared to what is already happening anyways? Thanks in advance.


Field is using the egregor that holds all illusions into place, and also all possibilities. When its used in such a way, with this power of source, manifestations are quicker just because everything here is already one illusion.


Thank you, Maitreya.
Can you please tell us more about this?
Unfortunantely it is not clearer yet.

It sounds like “egregor” is used here as a synonym for the overall matrix game mechanics. And thus I see no difference between what is already happening.

All the planes (physical, etheric, astral, mental) etc. are part of the matrix in my understanding so it is all ruled by the same mechanic/egregor that everyone already uses for manifestations anyway!?!?
Sorry, but I still do not understand what this field does different?

Are you referring to specific type of illusions?
For me everything except conciousness is an illusion because it can all be changed through consciousness.

What is the difference between “neutral energy” and the other type (which I don’t understand where it is supposedly coming from)?
For me telling the “egregor” what to manifest and using neutral energy sounds like doing the same process :thinking:.

And if the egregor holds up the illusion for all the different planes and universes, then why should it make an exception from the matrix game rules for a player on physical earth?


What is the difference between this field and the reality shifter?

@JAAJ Maya is the Buddhist term for all that exists in this world. It appears real here, but in fact it’s illusory. There is a filed in the universe, that Maitreya has termed egregor of the illusion itself. This field is different than the Creator’s divine energy. It is created by the Creator too, but it is a creation and not the pure source energy. Usually Maitreya uses the neutral, pure source energy but in this case, she used the field of illusion to help you manifest reality in this illusory world. To create reality you use this field. Since all is illusion illusion is used to create what we see as real here. Does that explain the concept?


@Jhalak.limbu This field uses another type of energy that may be easier to use for those that have trouble manifesting via Reality Shifter.


Only RS or reality note too?


Rs or Note doesn’t matter. They both use neutral energy, but if you have a big blockage in your subconscious like you are working for wealth, but in your subconscious you have that to have wealth is dangerous - it will manifest harder or slower, or it won’t manifest at all. There are not many cases RS to don’t work for some people, but there are.

This field doesn’t care for your subconscious, it uses the egregor of illusions and creates what you had ordered. That’s the difference. Like the “little door” for success when nothing else has worked.


Thanks :hugs:


That part!


What is Egregor? Seen this term in a English movie called Hereditary


Thank you read it a little and understood it.

Intelligent thought forms, similar to Servitors…

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Once you figure out egregores your reality will change. This place ain’t what you were taught lol


Thank you Vega. I am trying to understand but am not there full yet :confused:

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