Reality Shifting

Here I’ll be keeping a record of my goals achieved with the use of the reality shifter mandala I just bought. I’ll be combining the fast manifestations audio with its use to see what results that combo breeds and will adjust accordingly with different combos if they’re needed. I won’t say what my goals are until they’re achieved, but I will document changes I see in accordance with them.

This morning I awoke completely unsure of what I wanted in life and felt empty. I started playing the fast manifestations audio and it skyrocketed my vibration. I finally decided to go ahead and purchase the reality shifter mandala shortly after.

The reality shifter truly has a feel of omnipotence in the energies it emits. The power I felt surging through my entire being as soon as I activated it for the first time was godly. As of now, I can also tell that it feels like the energetic components I need to meet my first goal with this mandala have already begun to be installed and grounded into my energy system.


Its an amazing mandala, enjoy it!