DM: The Reality Shifter

The purpose of this field is to shift you into a timeline when you get your desired outcome by shifting your reality. We all know about manifestation. But most of the time it’s a drag and you need to maintain many things to make it happen depending on what you desire. BUT what of you existed into a timeline where you just got the outcome naturally without even lifting a finger? For example you don’t have to think about being hungry because it comes to you naturally when you need food because it’s a natural thing for us. So we don’t have to even bother for things that are natural for us. In the same way this field shifts you to a reality where you have your desired outcome naturally without even trying as you were born in it based on the multi-universal concept. Because we have heard more or less about alternate reality. For example if you’re a good person in this reality then you’re bad at another one. How does this work? Well let’s say you want a job but you failed. However in a different timeline or reality you succeeded. So this field will manifest that reality into your current one so that you can have your desired outcome naturally. The field is intelligent and will determine itself how it’s going to work based on your needs and situation. It puts you in a place or timeline where you can obtain your desire effortlessly based on your intention. This will make changes in you - to start acting instantly with your new version of yourself, as you need to resonate with the new reality you wanted.

Note: This won’t work for making someone go against theirwill or do anything evil

Will work only if you have proper nice intentions

It will not work to influences other people

Very important note:We made it with a protection and activation process so you don’t mess up with your life from some negative thoughts.When you want to make a shift say ACTIVATE and when you stop working with it say STOP.



One question tho I don’t need to keep it with me 24/7 to make the shift isn’t it?
Also this should have protection since it’s expensive isn’t it? Or did you forget to write in description?

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No need, thats why are the commands.
Yeah, mandalas are protected from BM.


Nice. But I suggest to add in description so that people won’t be fooled and won’t waste money lol perhaps bloodline protrction should be added like frequency imo since this might go viral sooner or later when people starts getting result…but this one is so cheap like what it’s even better than the frequency one lol

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I really enjoyed testing this one tho…I think my lucid dreaming exp is somewhat related to this


this will be great combo also with DM: Master Strategist


Hi there
I am interested for

But I don’t get this please?

“Very important note:We made it with a protection and activation process so you don’t mess up with your life from some negative thoughts.When you want to make a shift say ACTIVATE and when you stop working with it say STOP.”

So we can mess up it with some negative thoughts? Sorry didn’t get

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No, there is protection to don’t affect other people’s life and their free will. (first)


Most people have negative thoughts (some more, some less), this protection is made so you can use it only when you want to make a shift… so the field doesn’t catch some negative thoughts and make a mess with your life. When you finish using the mandala you say STOP.


What is the actual process or protocol while working with this tool? If I say activate will the Mandala just shift me to some timeline on its own or do I have to sit with it and focus on my desired reality?

Do I have to command it to shift me into a specific reality?

Can I do more than one per day?


Yeah, when you activate it, you have to say what reality you want to be shifted. It will be great if people take the time to visualize as the field is very intelligent and works even better with pictures than words.

Yes, you can use it as much as you want.
You will notice the working process in 1-2 days if it’s made properly as it will change automatically your behaviour.


So is this more something to manifest from a different timeline here not to switch with the physical body to another timeline, right?


That’s right.


hey @anon21115996 what did you try to manifest while experimenting?

I don’t wanna mention it but definitely not materialistic stuff. So far working so well and still the work is ongoing


Keep in mind that material and materialistic is different.

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is this example correct?

Currently i hate my job and i want to switch job.In my other reality,for sure i have another job that i love.So i just think i want a job that i love and say ACTIVATE?What should i do after i say activate?


Say this

Activate… “I have shifted to a reality where …”
Then fill in the blank.
My desired job
My desired mate
I am able to lucid dream
I am a multi millionaire
And so in and so on.

Sit for a moment and see the quantum jump to that timeline and give it a little visualization if you can to boost the feeling.


It will be very noticeable after you do this but change will come later. I go big on most things so my changes happen In the mind first.


okay thanks for the explanation…
please keep updating your result kay?

i really want to buy this badly hahaha